Indefinite Detention a Legitimate Threat for every American

Who is PANDA? We are not an institution, we are a people. We are not an organization, we are a movement. We are not a group, a tribe, a flock, or a crowd.

We are individuals, and city by city, county by county, state by state, and nation by nation, we are taking back our future. We are People Against the NDAA, and tyranny… stops… here.

The NDAA was actually declared unconstitutional by Federal Judge Katherine Forrest in Hedges v Obama.  Judge Katherine Forrest was appointed by the Obama administration, by the way…  The very next day, the Obama administration requested an emergency stay and it was granted by another judge. As a result, the NDAA is still in full swing today. This is just another example of how the courts have failed us and it is up to us locally to stop this.

Why is the NDAA is unconstitutional? Constitutional lawyer Krisanne Hall explains in her breakdown, because it was written so vague that it could be applied to anyone. Undefined terms such as “belligerent act” and “associated forces” leave all doors open for interpretation.

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The NDAA violates Article I, Section 9- suspension clause, Article III, Section 2- grand jury indictment, Article III, Section 3- Treason, 1st amendment-free speech , 2nd amendment -right to bear arms, 4th amendment -secure in persons and papers, 5th amendment- due process, 6th amendment- speedy trial , and 8th amendment- cruel and unusual punishment.

We didn’t stop the Patriot Act which said our stuff can be taken without due process, now we have the NDAA which says they can take us without due process. This is why we must stop this now.

The ironic part of all this is with the internet, we have videos out there such as: Hillary Clinton We Created Al Qaida and General McInerney Admitting We Helped Build ISIS. Now that these draconian laws have been passed under the guise of “brown people in the desert” coming to harm Americans, we have witnessed the tables turn and now the “potential terrorist” describes any one of us.

Also, don’t forget the CIA leaked white paper DOJ Memo stating our government claims the right to kill anyone they want without due process.  What more do you need to see before you say “enough is enough”?

Here’s how you can stop this locally: 10 Steps To Take Back Your Town From The NDAA

Locals wins: The first city in the state of Idaho to block indefinite detention and laws of war: Victory Emmett Emmett Victory, the first county in the country to block the same measures: Victory Gem County Gem County Victory, the first city to ever pass the Restoring Constitutional Governance Resolution in one meeting: Victory Middleton Middleton Victory .

I actually presented the Restoring Constitutional Governance Act it was called HB1349RESTORING CONSTITUTIONAL GOVERNANCE ACT OF IDAHO and it passed print hearing HB1349 Passes Print Hearing a big thank you to those who voted yes for this important bill.  However, our bill never received a public hearing and just died without any updates or notice.  It appears our state house is not much better than our court system, but the more cities and counties that pass the ‘Restoring Constitutional Governance Resolution‘, the worse the State will look and the less they will be able to continue ignoring this important issue.

We are calling on anyone and everyone to take action to stop this locally and peacefully while there is still time.  By the time they are rounding people up in mass, it will be too late.  This is a call to action and you don’t have to have experience or be a lawyer, I can attest to that personally as I am not a lawyer and had never even been to a city council meeting before going through this process.  If you care about our future, your future, and your children’s children’s future—you have a right and a duty to stand.  PANDA will help you take back your town.

PANDA has created all the tools for you to be able to take back your town. Sign up for your packet and PANDA will help you do so.

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men to do nothing.” –Edmund Burke

Join us.

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