Trump Tells Truth: Dems Want to ‘Infest Our Country’ With Illegal Voters

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Once again President Trump has made waves — by telling the truth — in just the way a regular guy would. After defending our now somewhat saner migration policies in a Tuesday speech, he sent a Wednesday morning tweet stating, “Democrats are the problem. They don’t care about crime and want illegal immigrants, no matter how bad they may be, to pour into and infest our Country, like MS-13. They can’t win on their terrible policies, so they view them as potential voters!”

Unsurprisingly, leftists complained about this description, with CNN writing that “Trump used language evoking images of pests, not human beings, when describing migrants approaching the US border.” This is reminiscent of the MS-13 controversy, in which liberals bristled when the president characterized the gang’s violent members as “animals”; the idea was that Trump was denying the dignity of the human person.

One of those condemning him was CNN commentator Ana Navarro, who herself had characterized Trump as an animal just two years ago; she furthermore said he “should drop out of the human race.” Of course, this pales in comparison to Democrats’ regular use of “fightin’ words,” where they continually call opponents “racists,” “sexists,” “bigots,” “homophobes,” “fascists,” and one particularly popular at the moment, “Nazis.” Yet now they exhibit a situational sense of civility (subject to change without notice).

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All this virtue-signaling and faux outrage can, however, obscure a simple but significant truth contained in Trump’s tweet. As I wrote last year in “DACA: Demanding Amnesty for Cultural Annihilation”:

People warn of the fiscal consequences of absorbing poor migrants; libertarians say the solution is nixing the welfare state. People complain about “pressing one” for English and say we must insist newcomers learn English. Then there’s illegal-alien crime, which requires a strict law-and-order approach. The problem? Importing waves of socialists and giving them the vote ensures none of these solutions will ever happen.

Since 1965, 85 percent of our immigrants have hailed from the Third World; 70 to 90 percent of them vote for leftist Democrats upon naturalization. The demographic/cultural/electoral changes this causes are a major reason California, once a Reagan red state, is now devolving into a one-party, Democrat dystopia. And it’s a reason why the whole country is following suit.

This, not “compassion,” is why statists are immigrationists: They’re importing voters and using aliens to make Americanism alien to America. The result? As statism-oriented newcomers help empower thinly veiled socialists, fiscal irresponsibility, the welfare state, soft-on-crime approaches, our culture’s destruction (e.g., the statue wars), and the rest of the leftist program increasingly become the norm. Demographics is destiny — especially when voting is ensured.

This principle, “If the people won’t change the government, change the people,” is the long-term motivation behind the current “separating children from their parents”/child-abuse narrative; the short-term goal is to buttress Democrats’ flagging poll numbers and find a winning issue for the November midterms.

But the issue is a lie. Ten-thousand of the 12,000 illegal-alien children in custody came here without their parents, who chose to separate themselves from their kids to game our system; they know that our law prevents us from deporting unaccompanied minors arriving from non-contiguous countries. And back when the media could be slightly more honest about this issue (when Barack Obama reigned), MSNBC reported on this phenomenon.

In fact, Obama spoke of the aforementioned during his presidency, with the below 2014 interview being an example:

But now Trump-derangement Syndrome carries the day. For simply enforcing laws on the books, the administration has been accused of “child abuse,” and of being “Nazis” for placing kids in what propagandists call “child internment camps.” Ex-CIA chief Michael Hayden sang this devilish tune, tweeting a photo of Auschwitz on Saturday, prompting Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz to say that the Nazi comparison was a form of “holocaust denial.”

In reality, the child detention centers are more like boarding schools. Even left-wing CNN reported last week, after touring such a facility, that the kids were enjoying recreation such as watching soccer on TV and engaging in tai chi, pool, and foosball, and that their rooms were “antiseptically clean” (a quality not common in their native countries). Yeah, that’s just what was happening at Dachau.

But Trump-derangement Syndrome has caused the Left to go off the rails. Driven by the notion that “the enemy of my enemy is my friend,” its minions have defended MS-13 and spoken glowingly of accomplishments in the porn industry (relating to Stormy Daniels). But most comically, Hillary Clinton, a pooh-bah of prenatal infanticide posing as a latter-day St. Thomas Aquinas, cited the Bible to justify Democrat voter-importation efforts, saying “Jesus said suffer the little children unto me. He did not say let the children suffer.” (Below is a good video on her migration hypocrisy.)

All this posturing, mind you, comes from people who don’t bat an eye over American children separated permanently from their parents after being killed by illegals or kids separated permanently from this world via intrauterine murder.

This, not to mention that whenever American citizens commit serious crimes — tax evasion, embezzlement, theft, etc. — and are imprisoned, they’re separated from their children. Should we just stop enforcing the law?

Actually, leftists just want situational lawlessness, with law enforcement suspended only in a certain area — the one that will get them more future voters.

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