Idaho’s Administrative Rules

Administrative Rules are rules (or Idaho Code) written by bureaucrats and government agencies (Executive Departments) throughout the year that will be presented, reviewed and approved by the Idaho Legislature at the beginning of every session. Once approved, these Administrative Rules will have the full force of law. Administrative Rules are a big part of how state bureaucracies govern themselves and citizens. Last January 1508 pages of Administrative Rules were approved in about 3 weeks!

Administrative Rules affect all aspects of our lives including taxes, health and welfare, business operations, certifications, agriculture, recreation, courts, education, and the list goes on. Here’s the good news: the Administrative Rule development process allows for public input.

You can read more about the rules and how to have input at

In August, eight counties exercised their citizen’s power and requested hearings in their counties on a rule concerning testing in public schools. October rules brought a national science curriculum into Idaho public schools –Next Generation Science Standards NGSS. Five counties requested public hearings, but 4 of the counties were denied a hearing in their community. Residents of Canyon County were told to drive over 8 hours north to a hearing on Veteran’s day. Despite a poor choice of days by the State Board of Education, lots of concerned citizens showed up to make their voices heard.

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Rules are released the first Wednesday of each month and can be viewed at

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