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Idaho Politicians Who Call Themselves Conservative

Let’s start with the big lie about Rank Choice Voting being promoted by “conservatives” like former Governor Butch Otter and Former AG Jim Jones. Ranked choice voting is wrong for Idaho’s elections. To start off, it is a complex election process where voters can rank multiple candidates for a single office. If one candidate receives a majority of first-place votes, it works like any other election. If no candidate receives a majority of first-place votes, then the candidate with the fewest first-place votes is eliminated. Ballots that ranked the eliminated candidate first are “adjusted” in one of two ways: First If they ranked other candidates, their next-ranked candidate is moved up to get their first-place vote. Second If they did not rank other candidates, their ballot is eliminated as if they had not voted at all. This process is repeated until one candidate has a majority of the remaining votes.

If you still don’t understand, what Rank Choice Voting is you are amongst the majority of voters. This is what I call Rank Choice Confusion and it is not something that will help voters to better understand who the candidates are, what they stand for, or if they are conservative. This is purely a ploy by Rino Republicans to confuse you and help them continue to keep their crony lapdog politicians in office. If you’re really interested in being more confused, please go to this website as it will attempt to explain all about why RCV is bad.

I would like you to think about all of the lies that have been told to us by our so-called conservative republican legislators who have done virtually nothing to fix the absurd property tax problem or the grocery tax that hurts the lower income levels in our state. Or let’s all remember the referendum for Medicaid Expansion that was supposed to cost $50 million and add 50,000 more Idahoans to the rolls. In fact, Today we have over 300 thousand on the rolls 150 who aren’t even eligible, and it is costing us over $300 million a year. It is interesting that recently the head of Idaho’s Department of Health and Welfare Dave Jepperson retired rather abruptly, and we must ask ourselves the question, was this because of the Chapter 11 Bankruptcy of the Idaho Health and Data Exchange which he ran?

On another note, we have recently learned that our (Conservative) Senator Pro Tempore Chuck Winder is removing certain legislators from their prominent positions on several committees. The reasons for their removal don’t make much sense except to the RINOs who abhor having any conservatives in charge of any committees. Then again, our Gem State writer Karen Schumacher has done some real homework on this matter and some digging into Senator Winder’s extracurricular activities to see WHAT’S UP.

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Corporate influence on our legislators has been a pet peeve with me for years. It seems the more digging we do the more we find how the corporate element in Idaho has taken over control of our lives by spending millions of campaign dollars for politicians who Cater to their every whim and fancy. We found that Senator Winder is right there at center stage with the corporate world as a member of the Pacific Northwest Economic Region (PNWER), while taking money from many others. I urge you to read Karen Schumacher’s article in this issue and watch the video featuring Conservative Chuck pontificating about Idahoans’ lack of understanding of the cost of clean energy.

While many of you believe that your representatives like Winder are conservative, they are quietly working behind your back to undermine our economy by working with the left on promoting Climate Change.

The problem is not just with our state Rino representatives but also our federal phonies like Simpson, Crapo, and Risch. It was 2021 when our not-so-conservative congressman Simpson pitched a $34 billion plan to breach all four Lower Snake River dams. To say the least, he got a rousing “No Way” from most Idahoans especially those on the western side of the state who would be severely affected economically if those dams were removed. Fortunately, Governor Little was not pleased with this idea, but one has to remember that our governor wasn’t aware of any federal compensation to the state if this were to happen. Remember the Billion-plus dollars Little grabbed during the Covid Pandemic from the feds with all kinds of Memorandums of Understanding attached. If there was federal money involved for the state, you can bet Little would be jumping up and down praising the breaching of these dams. So for over a year, this was just a pie-in-the-sky proposal by Simpson “Or Was It”? This past week it was announced that the Biden Administration has been working on a secret $1 billion-plus plan with 4 Native Tribes, Washington State, and Oregon to breach the Snake River dams. Does anyone think for a minute that Simpson wasn’t working with the Biden administration on this project??? There are no coincidences in politics.

Then, of course, we have our two favorite non-Conservative Senators who both voted for the $1 trillion-plus “PORK FILLED” infrastructure bill along with 17 other republican RINOs that our grandchildren will be paying for till they retire. Now how much of this 1 trillion will Idaho get? Here is a breakdown but remember that along with federal funds 90% of the time come federal Memorandums of Understanding as the Feds are never going to give you something for nothing. When you hear that saying “We’re from the Government and were here to help you. RUN for your lives. Below is a breakdown of how much Idaho will get.

Investment in clean drinking water ($355 million) – ($2.25 billion) for roads and bridges. – ($1.92 million) for Public Transportation. – ($30 million) for Electric vehicle charging. – ($100 million) for broadband connectivity. – ($24 million) for Wildfire prevention. – Then there is another ($7 billion) that will be available through competitive grant processes.

In essence, Idaho will supposedly get $2,951,000,000 out of 1+ Trillion in new debt. The problem is many of the programs established by the legislation will take time to arrive in Idaho. How much time? Well, no one seems to know the answer to that. We need to ask the question did our two supposedly astute (Conservative) senators even ask the question as to when any of these funds were going to become available? Our guess is no they didn’t, and they still don’t know but in the meantime, we as a country are saddled with another $ 1 trillion in debt.

I ask you for those Idahoans who voted for any of these politicians we have mentioned who call themselves conservative, do you really think they are conservative?

Next time elections come around like in 2024 you might want to do a little more homework before you go to the polls and vote these (conservatives) in again. Remember the quote: Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result is the definition of INSANITY but in this case, it could be the definition of INSOLVENCY.

Remember “We Get the Government We Deserve”.

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5 replies on “Idaho Politicians Who Call Themselves Conservative”

Get America first (Idaho), true conservatives known and available to the citizens of the different precincts before the elections so we are not confused and tricked into voting for “RINO’s”!

The problem is getting people to go! My district held several forums and very few people show up, and it’s usually the same people over and over.

There’s only One with the authority to determine what constitutes conservatism. Thus, anything left of His right is left, liberal, and ungodly.

With this being true, the bulk of today’s alleged conservatives are merely right-leaning liberals – barely.

For more, see blog article “Right, Left, and Center: Who Gets to Decide?” at

Listen to “What’s Your Paradigm?,” beginning at

I suspect many of the “conservatives” who are lining their pockets with questionable funds will be removed in the very near future. Less by the voters and more by the Navy Judge Advocate Tribunals which have been quietly happening since 2017. This is NOT a conspiracy theory, but is factual and will be made public in the very near future.

An important article.
The problem is that Idaho has been infiltrated and corrupted for some time. It is one thing to tell people to do their research on candidates and to not vote for RINOs, but it is another problem altogether when your only choices are between a global fascist climate moron like a McClean and a RINO.

This is how they take over. It isn’t about voting against a McClean-it’s about not even giving us an opportunity to vote for a good, patriotic candidate in the first place. We’re stuck voting for someone who is ostensibly Pro 2A (for example) yet is every bit the Democrat enabler in every other way. I would love to get rid of Simpson, et al., But the state GOP doesn’t seem to be very interested in making that happen, nor in getting patriotic Americans on the ballot at any level.

Getting President Trump back in D.C. will be huge, but people need to remember that every single state has this same problem and every single state is going to have to keep fighting to clean out these rats nests we are suffering with.

We need to crush and rebuild state GOPs period.

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