How Important is That Republican Majority?

Now that we are in full swing of the 2016 Presidential election, most candidates actually sound like constitutionalists. However, this rhetoric will quickly be shed after the election. Yet, those of us who work toward limited government are constantly bombarded by what is told to us as the importance of having Republican majorities. But time and again, we are reminded that this is no solution to restoring lost liberties and shrinking the federal government to within its constitutional limitations.

Another reminder of this occurred just yesterday. The Senate was debating a highway funding bill and top Republican Senator Mitch McConnell limited the amendments to the bill to two: one for repealing ObamaCare and another to reauthorize the Export-Import Bank that had recently expired.

However, Senator Mike Lee wanted to add an amendment to defund Planned Parenthood, but McConnell gavelled that this was not germane to the bill. And how is it that the ObamaCare and the Export-Import Bank are? Is it that the ObamaCare vote was simply for political theater and the Ex-Im Bank was for his corporate cronies?

So tell us again about those important Republican majorities. Or perhaps why they are so crucial for the appointment of judges. How’s that worked out?

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This is precisely why no one should get excited over the 2016 Presidential elections. What will change if a Republican gains the office? Instead, take the resources and energy you would normally expend on the elections and work on educating and organizing those around you.

If you’re not familiar with The John Birch Society’s long range plan to create informed electorates, view The Power of 500.” It’s time to get involved and do something different. Informed electorates raise candidates for office that abide by their oath to the Constitution. It’s time to get back to the Constitution. If you haven’t already, join The John Birch Society. And if you are a member who is not part of a regularly meeting Chapter, contact your Coordinator today to discuss options.

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