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Guns are not the Problem

Every time we have one of these shootings everyone points their finger at the gun and not the person who pulled the trigger. We don’t have a gun problem we have a people problem and no one wants to admit that we have failed at helping those who have mental instabilities. I would be happy to hear a discussion about guns when we first address the real problems which are Mental Illness, Drugs, and School Security. It would appear that as a nation we have lost our respect for life which I believe is at the root of these senseless school shootings. The liberal progressives have facilitated a drug culture and a culture of tolerance to drugs and violence along with a lack of respect for Christian values. There are 25,000 homicides every year with less than 1,200 by long guns. More homicides are committed by Knives and blunt objects than long guns every year and don’t forget the 50,000 motor vehicle deaths which are up 20% for states that have legalized THC. I don’t hear and cries from the left to ban Hammers, Knives or Motor Vehicles.

We put signs around our schools that say No Guns Permitted on School Grounds which is an open invitation to anyone who wants to go on a shooting spree. We have created soft targets everywhere we put up these useless signs when what we should be doing is putting up signs that say This School Protected by Armed Personnel. What amazes me is the teachers and administrators who refuse to be trained in the use of firearms to protect themselves and the children they are responsible for. These are the same people who took an experimental vaccine and forced our children to wear masks to protect themselves from the invisible Covid bug. Tell me does this make any sense?

The politicians who would disarm America are the same ones who live in gated communities and are protected around the clock by armed body guards every place they go. These arrogant political hacks realize if they want to take total control of our country they have to get the guns. So every time we have a shooting like this one in Texas they are all screaming at the top of their lungs to take all assault weapons. The problem is if you ask them what an assault weapon is they will tell you everything from a 9mm pistol to a semi-automatic shot gun. Most of these people have never been in the military and most have never shot a firearm in their entire lives.

For those who say that we do not need a gun to protect ourselves and can walk around foot loose and fancy free and never worry about being attacked let me tell you my friends you must live charmed lives. I lived 30 years in N.Y.C. and was shot at in the back of a cab and had guns shoved in my face 3 other times. Today if you don’t carry a weapon you leave yourself open to attack. You need only to look at our big cities where these gangs are hijacking cars and looting businesses with no fear of being caught with liberal prosecutors releasing violent offenders as fast as they can be arrested. I say if you don’t carry a firearm you are in jeopardy and not being responsible. The gun grabbers now are looking to blame the Firearm manufacturing companies for these mass shooting hoping to drive them out of business by allowing them to be sued. Most people buy guns to protect themselves and their families or they are worried that at some point in time the libs will get enough votes to collect our guns like they did in Australia or stop the sales like they are doing in Canada. The second amendment is the only thing protecting us from anarchy and a government that wants to control our lives. We have seen it happen in too many countries like Germany, Russia Venezuela. If they ever get our guns you can be sure we will lose all of our constitutional rights and the freedoms that have made our nation great for over two centuries. I ask you to consider this question: Why do you think we have never been invaded by a foreign enemy? Could it be because Americans are so well armed it would be foolish to attempt such an invasion?

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One last point. The NRA has saved more lives with their gun safety and tactical training courses than all the laws Congress has ever passed.

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3 replies on “Guns are not the Problem”

Goood point! One never hears references to obvious violations of the constitution, particularly the 1st,2nd,fourth, and tenth amendments.

It’s darker than that. When one mass shooting happens in a gun free zone, it’s horrible, but then again, “stuff” happens. When the second mass shooting takes place in short order in a gun free zone, it’s one of those terrible “coincidences”…probably a copy cat thing. But when the third mass shooting takes place in a gun free zone in short order, we have an Operation.

Riddle me this Riddler: how can an 18-year old with no visible means of ability to do so, acquire $8000 worth (conservative estimate) of equipment to pull off the Uvalde shootings with near perfect timing? Why were so many federal authorities in the area when this happened? Why is the timeline not checking out? Why is there now a reported lack of cooperation on the part of the Uvalde police? And who benefits by these “operations”, if they are such, where the Second Amendment is concerned?

If you know someone in Australia or New Zealand, ask them how their gun confiscation went for them in the last couple of decades. Remember, when seconds count, your police force is only minutes away.

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