Op Ed: Will You Get Involved?

Do the Constitution and the principles contained therein really matter to you? As our legislators consider matters concerning 2nd Amendment rights, limiting or prohibiting abortion, notifying parents about sex education, or vaccine exemptions—how do these and a myriad of other issues affect your personal life?

Many wars, blood, and tears have been shed in order for us to enjoy our comfortable lives along with our freedom of religion, speech, the right to bear arms and so forth. When is the last time you read the Bill of Rights? Do you know where the phrase “separation of church and state” originated (hint: not in the Constitution)?  How is it our Founding Father relied heavily on God’s guidance, and yet reference to God has been removed from government as well as classrooms and other facets of our lives? What kind of country and society are we passing on to our children and grandchildren?

These are a few questions each of us needs to ponder as we complain that our politicians are not responsive, or we notice another law was enacted that we don’t like.

What will it take for you to become involved in the cause of freedom? Is it a lack of desire, being “too busy,” or are you just not sure how to get involved? Our freedoms are being chipped away. I recently heard a good analogy about a friend who dropped her cup in a sink and noticed several small pieces had chipped off. She thought she could still use the cup until she saw a crack in the bottom. She knew the cup would no longer hold liquids. As our rights have been chipped away, we will come to the point where our God-given rights will have drained away.

Venezuela is a recent example of an oil-rich country whose leaders expanded government intrusion into the economy and has brought starvation and a collapse of this once great country.

Do you see any parallels in the U.S., through increased control of our healthcare system, control of student and other loans, education, and the increased spending and taxing in general? Our Founding Fathers believed in minimal central government with most of the power delegated to the states (Amendment X) or the people at the local level.

What is the remedy? Read and study the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence and other classic writings, such as The Law by Frederic Bastiat. Seek out people who are involved in state and local issues, and observe how their views compare with the principles of liberty and the Constitution. Choose wisely books and media from which to learn. I believe that by studying our founding documents and writings of present-day patriots, we will be informed and more able to engage in the issues which will either free us or lead us downward into more socialism and ultimately communism; or in other words, total control of our lives.

Karey Hanks is a former Idaho State Representative for District 35. During her term, she worked alongside Fremont county officials, local law enforcement and the Island Park Preservation Coalition to ensure a safe, cost-effective solution as improvements were needed on this stretch of Highway 20, which connects to Montana and the west entrance of Yellowstone National Park. She has recently taken on a position with the Madison Liberty Institute as the Fremont County coordinator for their civic engagement project – BrushFires. The project aims to establish modern-day committees of correspondence, in each county throughout the state of Idaho as they seek to spark the flames of freedom. Karey and her husband, Burke, currently reside on their farm in the Egin area.

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