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Gem State Patriot Newsletter – Volume 53

Welcome to Volume 53 of the Gem State Patriot newsletter. This interactive newsletter allows comments and discussion and can be easily shared via social media. Please enjoy the following articles included in this edition of the Gem State Patriot.

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  1. Who is IACI? Part I by Bob “Nugie” Neugebauer
    IACI stands for the Idaho Association of Commerce and Industry, or as we like to call it the Idaho Association of Cronyism and Influence.
  2. Legislators Trapped by their Voting Record by Bob “Nugie” Neugebauer
    Kelley Packer’s voting record is something to be proud of if you’re a Democrat running for another term.
  3. Ahh… One World Government, No More Wars, No More Politics… Pure Socialism — Utopia by Rich Loudenback
    Can socialism be a good thing? Just about everybody in Washington DC are socialists already, no matter what they say.
  4. Christ Troupis Book
  5. Who the ‘Establishment’ Really Is by Rich Loudenback
    It now appears Marco Rubio is the new ‘Establishment’ pick.
  6. Syd Albright to Speak to Hayden Area Tea Party on Wed. Mar. 16th at Hayden Library by Rich Loudenback
    In his career he’s been a producer, college teacher, scuba instructor, press secretary, vice president and manager. A writer, editor and biographer his informative writings are in the Coeur d’Alene Press weekly.
  7. The Apple Dumpling Gang’s End of Liberty by Darr Moon
    There seems to have always been reason for one to give government some quotient of security for the protection of property and civil liberty.

    Dear Gem State Patriot Reader:

    In order to make our newsletter a little more diverse for you we are adding a new section called “HEALTHY CONCLUSIONS.” This new section will attempt to focus on how to keep you healthy through proper nutrition and exercise. We intend to expand this section to articles on alternative healthcare in the future as it appears that more of our society are becoming a bit worn with our current healthcare prospects with allopathic medicine and prescribing a different drug for whatever ails you. Our first article comes from a young lady that I have known for a number of years that is an Integrative Health Coach in Denver Co. We hope you enjoy this first article and would appreciate any comments you might have on this new venture.

  9. HEALTHY CONCLUSIONS: Small Steps to Big Health by Amy Weasler
    With the tremendous amount of confusing information out there on nutrition, many are stuck on what to do and what works. Here are some ideas that few should disagree with. Incorporating these into your life over time can lead to huge improvements in health.
  10. Apple and the Third Amendment by Brent Regan
    My reasoning on why Apple should not comply with the court order to hack its own product.
  11. An open letter to members of the Idaho Legislature and the Congress of the United States by Craig Campbell
    I am a citizen of the sovereign state of Idaho and of the United States of America. I love and respect ALL people as having been created in the image of God.
  12. Destruction of Western Civilization – Depopulation by Darrell Castle
    Hello! Today I’m continuing our discussion of Western civilization, how it met its demise, and what that means for us today.
  13. Reply to Jim Caswell’s Article by Jim Chmelik by Jim Chmelik, Idaho County Commissioner
    Mr. Caswell’s comments in the Hill Magazine lack any understanding of our founding principal or any basis in economic reality or evidence to support his statements.
  14. Is There Liberty In Socialism? by Douglas Jones
    While talking to people on the opposite end of the political spectrum, I am constantly reminded that we think of “liberty” in two different ways.
  15. PRESS RELEASE: Committee considers Labrador Bill Piloting State and Local Control of Federal Forests by Rep. Raul Labrador
    The bill aims to improve forest health and provide a long-term solution for struggling rural areas.
  16. Organ Harvesting Ban May be in Trouble by David Ripley, Director, Idaho Chooses Life
    Our legislation – the Idaho Unborn Infants Dignity Act – may be in trouble at the Legislature.
  17. Oil and Gas arrogations likened to Stalinist Russia by Bob Leake
    In 1927, the “committee” which ratified Stalin’s consolidation of power in Russia still had a problem with the peasants who wanted to own their own land.
  18. The Constitution Was Created To Govern the Government by John Birch Society
    Personal morality and limited Government; it’s the combination that characterized America and made it the envy of the world.
  19. Trump, Trade, and the Fed by Charles Scaliger
    Trump’s opposition to the TPP and also to longer-standing “free trade” agreements such as NAFTA has garnered him considerable popularity, much to the dismay of elites in both major parties…
  20. Register now for the NW Liberty Academy 2016 Liberty Symposium! by Elizabeth Allan Hodge
    NORTHWEST LIBERTY ACADEMY … teaching the moral and ethical principles of a Free Society and Free Enterprise
  21. The Schemes for Replacing National Sovereignty With World Government by Stephen Dunham
    In 1921 The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and the Royal Institute of International Affairs (RIIA) were founded to promote world government and their efforts lead to the founding of the United Nations in 1945.
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