Fighting on Two Fronts

Despite what the frustrated leftists say, Hillary’s scandals are factual. As more and more of hers and beloved Bill Clinton’s 1% lifestyles are exposed, not even their friends in the liberal mainstream media can cover up their international lobbying crimes. You can be assured all the left leaning media minions will be scurrying the web, pressers, and all media to find something the right has said or done to cover up and get the attention off of Hillary’s campaign. They will blame Republicans or The Tea Party as conspiracy theorist, so we will just let the New York Times, Reuters, and the Washington Post report it instead.

As a leader in the grassroots Tea Party movement, I meet many people with misconceptions about our cause, so for this article and others to come, I want to start each article no matter what the topic, with a Know the Tea Party Movement fact. This will help people navigate through the false labels and depictions about the movement itself. Today’s fact: The Tea Party is not nor does it want to be a third party. Why? Because, it is not a party like the Democrats or Republicans it is simply a title taken from the spirit of American history’s Boston Tea Party. The Tea Parties are grassroots organizations. We The People, that are made up of male and female folk from the Republican Party, Democrat Party (Mostly from JFK’s era.) Libertarians, Constitutionalist, Objectivists, Conservatives, Blacks, Whites, Latinos, Asians, Gay, Straight, Rich, Poor, etcetera. People from all walks of life are part of the Tea Party movement, joining forces to fight against big government.

In my conversations with activists across the country, I like to use the analogy of the two metal poles to describe how we the people’s grassroots movement are fighting on two fronts, the progressive left and the GOP establishment RINOs (Republican in name only). If you have two poles and one pole is pristine and shiny new and the other full of decay and rust, and you take the two poles and lean them against one another for four years, what happens to the nice pole? It too, starts to be infected by the decay from where it is leaning on the other, from the top, and works its way down; within four years the situation is even worse. This pole rust is all too common in today’s politics, with the myth of “leaning to the middle” as the path to electoral victory. The labels of “left” and “right,” which date back to the French Revolution, are inaccurate for today, as the principles of liberty did not exist on their spectrum. Ignoring your principles when voting is just like a police officer letting the bank robber take a little change, and not all the cash in the bank.

This focus on the middle is why the left will tell you that a Jeb Bush or a Chris Christie are the best candidates that the Republicans have to offer, and Tea Party champions are to be ignored. The truth is, the GOP leadership has done little for its constituency of real conservatives, as they have caved to the influences of the left and America’s ongoing progressive decay is having a devastating effect on our country.

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The Tea Party movement is responsible for Republicans gaining 811 state legislature seats nationwide from 2010-2014, and why the Democrats have lost 743 during the same time. Popular sovereignty is beginning to gain its original place in our government, and the establishment, on both sides of the aisle, are worried that we the people are now gaining power and influence on the national stage and threatening to take the power away from big government. In 2016, individual liberty and state sovereignty will be the most important issues, while focusing on developing real solutions without having to divide the country, as the current administration has proven expertise in during the last 7 years.
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