FDA Should Suspend COVID-19 “Vaccine” EUA Licensing & Approval

Japan has wisely pulled distribution of 1.6 million vials of the Moderna COVID injection after a visible “contaminant” was observed in numerous vials at several distribution sites.  The “contaminant” was then determined to have magnetic properties. (See

Why would they assume the substance is a contaminant?  It could be an INGREDIENT that has precipitated out of solution.  If it is an ingredient, millions of persons have been exposed to an undisclosed substance with magnetic properties without their informed consent.

Online professional expert videos assert that one or more of the COVID injections contain graphene oxide, a toxin to humans. Testimony videos demonstrate that COVID injection-recipients now have magnetic fields on the injection site and elsewhere on their bodies (such as the forehead – next to the brain!).  A quick internet search confirms graphene oxide has magnetic properties.

In response to this discovery in Japan, the FDA and U.S. Congress should err on the side of caution and immediately do the following:

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  • suspend all FDA emergency use authorizations (EUA) for Moderna, Pfizer, and Johnson and Johnson COVID injections and licensing approval for the Comirnaty vaccine
  • suspend all COVID injection mandates issued by the Dept. of Defense, private companies, etc.
  • withdraw all COVID injection supplies from distribution and use
  • conduct random sample investigation by no less than five independent laboratories (unaffiliated with the pharmaceutical industry or recipients of government funding) to determine if graphene oxide is an ingredient of the Moderna, Pfizer, or J and J COVID injections

The VAERS adverse reactions reporting system indicates an extraordinary number of serious adverse reactions to the shots have been documented since mid-December 2020.  (See  The VAERS site reports 6,985 deaths and 34,065 serious injuries (including injuries to children) such as heart inflammation, nervous system disorders, miscarriage, and blood clotting disorders.

Isn’t it time to follow Japan’s lead and halt further use of these products in the U.S.?   Nearly 7,000 people KILLED by an emergency use authorization (EUA) injection no longer have a voice to object to the CDC’s assertion that the “benefits” of the COVID injections outweigh the “risk.”  Over 34,000 could proclaim that this is a failed, harmful “vaccine” experiment.  If a toxin is present in the ingredients (or as a contaminant), the risks far outweigh the benefits.

The U.S. government has a moral and ethical obligation to immediately end the pharmaceutical companies’ COVID-19 emergency use authorization “vaccine” experiments and withdraw licensing approval for the Pfizer-BionTech Comirnaty vaccine.

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