Corporations Begin The Takeover

It is the World Economic Forum (WEF) goal to fully implement the United Nations (UN) 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) as outlined in Agenda 2030. Through its global corporate partnerships, the WEF is on the fast track for implementation, mobilizing corporations to initiate the Great Reset.

Established in 1995, just shortly after the signing of Agenda 21, the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) was created. Aside from corporations, partners also include educational institutions, governments, and foundations. WBCSD members include familiar corporate names along with others not so familiar. Describing themselves as a “global organization” and “preferred partner of governments”, it has become blatantly clear that the corporate takeover has begun.

Initially, the WBCSD created the Vision 2050 plan in 2010, basically for corporations to take control over the future world. In 2014 a new plan, Action 2020, was created “to take action on sustainable development to 2020 and beyond”. Vision 2050 is now being reviewed, called Vision 2050 Refresh, to “move society that is more human-centric”. So began the strategic planning for the refresh in 2019. It was decided an “Action Agenda for business 2020 to 2030” was needed for system transformation so now it goes from Vision 2050 to Action 2020.

Oh heck, forget all this gobbledygook, it doesn’t matter what flipping name they call it. Just know that this plot, “Time to Transform was launched in March 2021″. Included in this link are videos of these despots discussing their plans. Just the first session video alone is malicious. Covered topics include destroying capitalism, changing consumer behavior, dictating wages, punishing businesses that don’t comply, addressing racial inequality, changing government policies and regulations to force changes, changing diets by shifting to plant-based food, regionalism, and Covid being the catalyst for all of it. This “transformation” will cost Americans a fortune. If you want to know what your child’s future will be, it is outlined in this video. It is also a complete destruction of our Republic, freedom, and our Constitution.

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There are nine ‘transformation pathways” being targeted that include how we live, transportation, the internet and economy, and health. It is the global corporate world that has the force and power to make these changes, and the WEF knows it. “Multinational businesses have unparalleled reach”, “we can influence transformation globally through our innovations, our investments and our relationships with customers, communities, partners and policymakers”. Multinational companies are able to influence…which it can use to fulfill and drive transformations.

Under its health & welfare transformation emphasis is placed on disease prevention. Corporations will re-balance and innovate product portfolios to promote healthier lifestyles. Addictive and unhealthy products will be eradicated along with negative mental health products, including social media. Corporate power will make these decisions. Marketing that promotes healthy choices will be the new methodology. Global education on hygiene, health, and reproductive health, what corporations think you should know and believe, will be provided. Activities already happening, “Governments and businesses invest in building systems for rapid development, approval and delivery of safe and effective vaccines and treatments to tackle fast-moving pathogens.”, disease surveillance, and establishment of global databases. This is just a skimming of their plans for our healthcare and technologies are included. With universal health care being a forefront agenda, these corporations collaborate with governments to create a national health system with international networks. Universal healthcare will be established by the time they are done with us.

What we eat is also on the docket. As already seen cattle are on the chopping block. For the future, banning long-haul transportation of live animals and mandates for the humane slaughter of all farmed species will come while advancing “animal welfare”. Diets will shift to plant based with minimal red and processed meat. Product portfolios will be adjusted to make it “attractive” for healthy choices. Corporations will also develop an array of healthy plant-based protein sources, including fungi and insects, and “lab-cultured meat”. This shift is already happening. In its deceptive state, corporations believe they will shift consumer and employee behavior toward more healthy food choices through marketing and education campaigns.

A full section on policy and legislation covers how these corporations work with government officials, at all levels, to incorporate this transformation into policy. Public-private partnerships (P3) as brought to the government by Agenda 21, is corporatism, the influence of business in government. It is part of the destruction of capitalism so desired by the WEF. To further its control, global corporations engage in Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) criteria which requires integration of those attributes into every product and service. Smaller businesses are unable to afford or accommodate these absurdities and will be economically forced out.

Sneakily, these corporations have figured out that “nudging people” to these changes are more appealing when linked to values such as “family, community, and security”. Indeed, it was pointed out that “Psychological research has shown that social and moral rewards are more effective at changing behavior than financial incentives.” Don’t fall for the propaganda. These oppressors don’t miss a beat for psychological manipulation.

This launch includes a multitude of little booklets with tips and advise for businesses. Aside from all of these booklets being written with circumlocutions, they discuss the nine pathways in more detail. Collaboration is mentioned in the launch video and these “experts” are already gathering together to connive the plans for world transformation. The Great Reset is underway. Listening to the videos, reading the website and booklet information gives a clear picture of what has been implemented and what is left to do. The plan to accomplish this within the next nine years is outlined in its Innovations that could shape and transform 2020-2030 Vision 2050 issue brief,

WBCSD openly admits this transformation will bring “superior financial returns” and “better profits” for corporations. It isn’t about helping anyone live better.

One bright light, disruptions to this agenda were highlighted, and one of those disruptions included more frequent and severe protests, even popular uprisings. While identifying these protests as being against the status quo for change there is no reason protests against its agenda would not provide the same disruptive problem for them.

Anyone can see it is happening, only a few snippets were covered here. Governor Little and his Western Governors Association pals are all in on it with H.R. 2503, the Social Determinants Accelerator Act of 2021, which will bring in the federal government to address all needs of current Medicaid recipient victims. Every pathway item is covered in this bill, housing, access to healthy food, transportation, social connections, safety and environmental exposure. The American Hospital Association (AHA) also loves it as it supports both the WEF and UN. As the governor and many state legislators sell their souls for corporate donations, listening to those who elected them will continue to diminish. Integrating corporate objectives into legislation as defined by the WEF is advancing this societal transformation.

Organize protests, support local businesses and refuse to buy from these global corporations, scrutinize your elected officials and their acceptance of contributions from these global and globally connected corporations. The Great Reset is in motion. This is not a traditional war with weaponry, it is an economic and psychological war to force compliance, such as those who refuse a vaccination or lose their job. If not, in just a short nine years the WEF, WBCSD, UN, and all of their crony partners will be in full control over how everyone lives.

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