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Fast Freddie and Fake News

FAST FREDDIE FARREL was a fraternity brother of mine. He was a genius. A double major in physics and chemistry he went on to teach at MIT. Freddie only had to read or hear something once and it was committed to his memory forever. Freddie also thought he was a great basketball player. He was not. He tried out for the basketball team 4 years in a row and got cut the first round each year. Freddie spent more time practicing basketball than he did studying chemistry or physics. He also was a terrible singer before Karaoke was popular. When concerts came to campus he was always the one to jump on stage and sing with the artist. His rendition of “If we only had love” with Aretha Franklin was sinful.

I have been thinking about Freddie a lot lately. There are many people who think they are “experts” when what they are really doing is jumping on a political or social bandwagon without ever stopping to reason through their arguments. An expert is someone who knows a lot about one little sliver of life, and unusually nothing about anything else. Freddie was an excellent chemist, mathematician, and physicist. He was an awful singer and basketball player. Was Freddie acting on some form of self-denial? Was he living in an unreal world when it came to singing and basketball?

What about our news media and their propagation of “fake news”. I listen to Fox in the morning and RED EYE—a trucking show on at 1 PM – 4 AM some mornings. They present the same material with the same bullet points and act like they are “experts”. Do they believe that their legal or political analysis is original or worthy of being called an expert? Do they understand that smart intelligent people not only disagree with what they’re saying, but also don’t buy into their own self-perceptions of being relevant and important or even talented?

I truly believe that the answer is NO!

I believe they are an example of what in psychology is called the THE DUNNING- KRONER AFFECT. Simply stated: “Unskilled people lack the skill necessary to evaluate their own skill” Stated a little differently the skills necessary to be competent at a specific task are the exact skills necessary to assess the performance of the task” This is the basis of the cognitive bias we see at a Presidential Press conference or every Sunday when Mike Wallace asks a cabinet member to refer to the (alleged) President-elect as the President-Elect.

What is the basis of this bias? Is it hubris, conceit and disdain? Is it hate for those who are different than themselves? Is it a combination or all of the above? Is it 30 years of indoctrination from grade school to college? Is it the insertion of situational ethics into a culture that for 2000 years has been guided by Natural Law Principles?

This lack of self-awareness and the inability to think critically has led the American people to become lazy—almost not understanding that the leaders we elect should represent our values and aspirations. But if we don’t even know ourselves what these values are we will be subject to the media telling us what they should be and how we should act. We could become more accepting of stay in place orders, and shutting down our businesses. We could become dependent on our leaders telling us what our values should be instead of the other way around.

And more and more we are being asked to “obey”. Each time we do so it becomes easier for government to ask and unfortunately easier for us to comply. Physical coercion becomes less necessary. I am reminded of a letter I once read from Adolphus Huxley to George Orwell:

The policy of the boot in the face cannot go on indefinitely,.but can just as easily be satisfied by suggesting that people should love their servitude” Do our elite, the media, most college educated people even know who these two intellectual giants even are?

Four generations ago my father and his family had to survive the “dust bowl” in Mohall North Dakota. In Tipton Kansas my Father in Law—the 12th of 12 children had to be taken to a Catholic Orphanage at the age of 4 because his family couldn’t feed him, and he was there raised by Catholic Sisters till he was 15 and he became a “roust about” working on odd jobs on ranches and farms and many times living off the land. 5 years later these two young men joined 4 million others and fought a World War on two fronts storming beaches from Normandy to the Islands in the Pacific. Did the depression and the difficulties they experienced just living growing up, prepare them for the task of fighting in WWII? What and how are this generation of young people being conditioned to do? Could we today have the moral, physical, and spiritual courage do what our grandfathers did. If you were a patient and devious enemy—an enemy from within or without (within is worse) would it be worth your while to condition this generation of children to terms of servitude, or would you emphasize a curriculum in our schools that teaches moral, physical and intellectual courage? Would you teach Western History that begins with Thermophiles, runs through Athens and Jerusalem, Hastings—Magna Carta—The Enlightenment the American Founding, or would you teach American History with an eye to “representation” changing the narrative to present a political philosophy that judges past historical events by today’s standards knowing that only 1st principles and Natural Law standards are the principles that are timeless—how does the killing of 80million little baby boys and girls by abortion square with the atrocious acts of torture, killing and slavery? How will our generation that allowed for the killing of babies be judged by future historians compared to how we judge past generations that tolerated indenture hood and slavery over the past 15,000 years? Most importantly how will we be judged by our Creator if we allow the atrocity of random killing of children and slavery to be continued or reintroduced into the future? Even now we are told there are over 100 million people living under terms of forced labor and slavery and 4 times that number who are political prisoners—mostly in China. And how will the captains of industry in the WEST be judged when they turn a knowing eye to their bottom lines by leveraging cheap Chinese labor—What does Colin Kaepernick have to say about that—Mr. Nike or Adidas, or any number of companies with headquarters in the USA? And in our own country and State what about the over 1500 young boys and girls who are involved in the sex trafficking trade?

Fast Freddie thinking he could sing or play basketball had consequences that would only impact his future. The FAKE NEWS and THE SWAMP only use the naive to further their own lust for power. They know exactly what they are doing and what they are trying to accomplish. It goes beyond cognitive bias because it is purposeful.

Obey or get lost in the New World Order. Obey or get lost in the Reset. The choice is ours.

“Any man’s greatest glory is lying on the field of battle victorious—or defeated (never beaten) —exhausted.

Rolling over is UNAMERICAN

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