Deep State Exposed

If anyone disputes that “Crooked Hillary” deserves such a title and/or that a “Deep State” shadow government headed by Barack Obama exists, this five-minute video published on December 15, 2020, should dispel all doubt:

At great personal risk, Patrick Byrne explains his role in working with the FBI to facilitate an $18 million bribe of Hillary Clinton on January 14, 2016. It appears the bribe was a “sting” operation intended to make Hillary Clinton beholden to do Barack Obama’s political bidding during an eight-year Clinton presidency that was “assured to happen,” but was unexpectedly thwarted by an electoral vote win for Donald Trump.

Byrne’s brief video exposes this information: Hillary’s corruption in accepting a $20 million bribe from Turkey; anticipated use of the $18-million bribe from an un-named “government” source to compromise the decisions of Clinton’s entire eight-year presidency (i.e., blackmail her had she won); Barack Obama’s intent that Michelle [Obama] would succeed Hillary as President; the 2016 election was rigged for a Hillary Clinton victory, but Trump won by a “fluke”; and Byrne expected the 2020 elections to be fraudulent.

Questions raised by the video include the following: Who was the other “government” supplying the $18 million bribe? What was the extent of fraud in the 2016 election (did Hillary really win the popular vote)? Were all the House and Senate races lawfully conducted in 2018, or was that election’s “blue wave” the result of election fraud?

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Far more is at stake in the 2020 federal election than the President, Vice-president, House and Senate outcomes. Will the Deep State be dismantled, setting our Republic free from the vast web of corruption in all branches of government? It is time for honest, courageous and loyal patriots in all states to reject the corrupt oligarchy and rise up to demand truth, justice and constitutional self-governance.

Congress must lead the way on January 6, 2021 by objecting to the Biden slate of Electoral College votes from the seven states with documented unlawful election processes and voter fraud implemented to benefit Joe Biden (Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan and Georgia). Fortunately, all seven states also submitted slates of electors for President Trump, so Congress can right this wrong by awarding those states’ electors to the aggrieved candidates (President Trump and Vice-president Pence).

The work of Congress should not stop there. If necessary, the entire next session of the lawfully elected members of Congress should be devoted to uncovering and dismantling the Deep State and prosecuting its participants. Maybe they should start with the leads in this article which came out just before the election:

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