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Family, Faith, and Politics

As the post-election out briefs and political autopsies begin following the presidential election of Nov. 3rd, there is one finding that neither side can refute: This most recent Presidential election has revealed an America drifting apart. We are living as the Wall Street Journal describes in a world of “blue and red bubbles” Democrats live in urban areas as do most blacks and are moving to the suburbs. The percentage of Blacks living in our inner cities is going up as more white people are moving out of cities.

Republicans live in rural areas and are moving to the “exburbs”. More whites without college degrees are voting Republican, but more blacks with college degrees are voting Republican. White women are increasingly voting Democratic—especially if they are College educated. White women with more than 2 children are increasingly voting Republican. Professional men and women with a degree above a bachelor’s are increasingly voting Democratic. Working class men and women with a bachelor’s degree or associate’s degree are increasingly voting Republican. Minorities are increasingly voting Republican—but Blacks overall only voted 9% for Donald Trump—almost 20% for Black men.

Hispanics Nationwide voted increasingly for Republicans. These demographic studies in my opinion don’t address the key differences in our country. From 1970 until today Democrats identifying themselves as being liberal have increased from 28%-59% and Republicans identifying themselves as Conservative have increased from 45%-76%. With the electorate being divided roughly 35% republican/Democrat and 30% independent—The Dem’s actually are about 5% over that number, we see little room for negotiation.

We can see an ever increasing polarization of political thought in our country. The Federalist party of Washington, Hamilton, Adams that grew into the Republican party of Lincoln, was originally the party of wealth, and finance and the politically elite. The Republican Party of Jefferson, Madison, and Monroe that was to grow into the modern Democratic Party was the party of rural interests and decentralization of government (States Rights). But more is happening in this realignment than competing factions evolving different political strategies. Today the constituencies represented within our political parties has been completely realigned. Conservatives should take advantage of this situation.

It is said that culture proceeds policy and politics and the central issue not being addressed today by conservatives is the question of the role of faith and family in our society. There are two questions that pollsters throw into any questionnaire that defines extremist positions. Questions of gun control and abortion serve as red flags for those trying to identify voters in the middle who may be able to be swayed one way or another for their vote. By taking over our schools and media progressives have changed our culture. Our most educated are ignorant about basic economics, civics, and our religious traditions. The progressives today are controlling our culture and our political philosophy.

I think the issue of family and Biblical belief should be considered more by conservative political strategists moving forward. Liberals avoid talking about God and family at all costs, but they are constantly telling us to “follow the science”. The march into the AGE OF ENLIGHTMENT that facilitated the modern advancements in science and technology was proceeded by an age of faith where most of the Fathers of the Scientific method were believers in God and Devine Providence—Galileo, Kepler, DaVinci, The Bernoulli brothers, and in more modern times Einstein.

Today on College campuses many of the most devout professors can be found in the disciplines of the hard sciences. As Herald Schroeder a Ph.D. Physicist from MIT and a Jewish Rabbi points out scientists very much understand that there are questions that science alone is not prepared to address. The existence or non-existence of a moral order, the validity of an idea like human freedom, and the need for society to move forward with shared moral values that create a social bond, are the questions that faith can best answer.

The late Rabbi Jonathan Sachs wrote that the embrace of secularism by atheistic, socialistic and progressive societies is always followed by that society’s refusal to have children. Western Europe is dying on the vine. Children are no longer a priority. Contemporary secularism, socialism, communism, are the greatest threat to not just people of faith alone, but to all of society.

Even though our President has not conceded the election, no matter who sits in the oval office the next 4 years—we must win at least one of the Georgia Senate special elections on Jan 5th, the future of Trumpian political philosophy seems to be rapidly accelerating in an upward direction. With the movement of families of all colors and nationalities away from the inner cities, with the recognition during the COVID-19 political pandemic that families can function perfectly fine living together and taking care of each other instead of relying on schools and government institutions to take care of them, and finally with the coming together of people with a common faith and common ideals like what happened in the Cuban American and Black Communities of southern Florida 10 days ago, we conservatives are finding that we have more in common with all Americans based on our shared faith, than we do with the political elites, the Academy, the media, and the big money donors to the liberal progressive establishment.

Faith and family should be the bases for the next political revolution in our country. The progressives have no idea how powerful we can be if these ideals are articulated and marketed properly.

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Ted…………. it’s called being a good Stuart of what God gave us. And influencing our culture for good to slow the degeneration of a world hostile to God. I’m mean YHWH. Believers are the salt and the light.
All it takes for evil to thrive is for good men to do nothing. Speaking of getting entangled why are you following gem state patriot news? And then spewing your holier than though condemning scewed biblical theology like a sledge hammer to smash people who don’t have there heads stuck in the sand.
You sir are a troll and a coward.

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