Enough Already! Stop the Recall in West Ada School District

Why does KBOI News make such a big deal about the cost of the recall elections and says nothing about the 40% cost overrun on the new middle school south of highway 84? What could there possibly be in past records of this past Board that everyone is so afraid will be brought out into the open if the new Board keeps digging? One has to think that with this much fur flying around there must be some really bad secrets yet to be uncovered as the new Board takes the reins. Can you imagine if the former Board had to keep their e-mails for more than 90 days what would be uncovered?

The liberal media has come down squarely in the former Board’s court with hit pieces by Bill Roberts of the Statesman and the obvious one-sided slant given by the local TV news stations. We on the other hand are willing to wait for this high stakes hand to be played out, now that the former superintendent has been officially fired from her position on grounds of ethical violations. The basis for these violations was for the use of institutional privileges for the promotion of political candidates and or for political activities. There are also questions of a conflict of interest with her new post as a member of the State Board something that was brought out in Chris Pentico’s article in our last newsletter. Will there be any more surprises to come as this battle heats up and the attorneys get involved?

Once again we have to applaud the new Board for standing up for the taxpayers of the West Ada district by their efforts to be more transparent and accountable. The past Board and Mr. Vuittonet, a current Board member and former chairman, had many years of tenure with little transparency or accountability to the public and now they would like to see all of their past history go away by hoping for a recall of the current Board. Like we have said before, the West Ada School District Board has control of over $400 million of our tax dollars so we need to make sure that there is no cronyism taking place as it is in so many of our other state bureaucracies.

We say STOP all of this recall nonsense and let the duly elected Board get back to the business of running the district. It’s time the former superintendent and Mr. Vuittonet stopped their rabble rousing and allow the Board to do their job, or could it be they are worried the new Board is doing too good of a job?

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