Does Governor Little Deserve Four More Years?

Before you make up your mind, please watch this video as it is very telling about how our Governor Brad Little treated the citizens of Idaho during the Covid Crisis.

After watching this video, please think hard about whether you want this man to lead our state for 4 more years.

Idaho Needs a Constitutional Governor, Not a King!


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11 replies on “Does Governor Little Deserve Four More Years?”

Little was not balanced on his approach but was dictorial. “We’re just following the science” echoes “we were just following orders” by Nazis on trial at Nuremberg. Left leaning g Republican is a dangerous thing. We need an independent thinker!
He runs Idaho like Biden runs the country. He controls the sway of the majority in the legislature when he’s not bypassing them. No more!

Thank you for sharing this video. Everyone must see it. So many are new to Idaho (including me), so they may not know how many people were hurt by Governor Little’s policies.

People like candidate for Governor Ammon Bundy and others who support liberty fought for everyone’s freedom in Idaho — often at great risk to their own lives and liberty. Otherwise, we’d all be masked, fearful, and locked down.

Governor Little, like many governors in the country, took federal money in exchange for violating citizen rights and freedoms. This must NEVER happen again in Idaho — or America!

Agreed ! I am so thankful for Ammon Bundy.
Voting for Little and expecting a different out come is the definition of insanity.

Unfortunately we are now forced to vote for AH Little. This video should have been blasted on the internet before the primaries. To vote for Bundy, is a splitting vote and will benefit the Dems.

Little is a democrat anyway so what is the difference? We should not reward him for his lies.I see Bundy signs EVERYWHERE, but if people are too scared to vote for him we won’t save this state.

It is statistically not possible for the votes to be split and get someone with a D by their name. There are 136,000.00 registered Dems. What I find confusing is that anyone would vote for Little after what he has done to the state- because he has an R by his name ? Little handled the Plandemic the same as Newsum – why would you want more of the same. I encourage everyone to read the Keep Idaho Idaho Plan at Praying for Freedom over here !

No, I don’t see it that way. Little has behaved very much like the Democrat governors in how he handled the Covid scene. And then he had the audacity to lie about having closed down Idaho! How many people couldn’t see through that?! So we vote for Little, we get basically a Democrat: RINO stands for Republican in Name Only, which is like a wolf in sheep’s clothing, a Democrat. I won’t vote for anyone mediocre for fear of splitting the vote. Bundy deserves our vote, and that’s who I’ll vote for. If you vote for less, you deserve what you voted for.

Is Little going to apologize for his lockdown orders which saw 20% of the restaurant industry in Idaho – especially “mom & pop” restaurants- close permanently? Don’t bet on it. Is he going to apologize for closing down other small businesses – permanently – while allowing big businesses to remain open and reap the profits that come without competition? Probably not. Is he going to apologize to all the Idahoans who sought medical attention during the pandemic only to be turned away from cancer treatments and more because the governor ordered conversion of all hospitals to COVID treatment centers despite a total lack of danger? Get real. Is he going to apologize for the completely unscientific requirements for “social distancing” or masks or lockdowns? Don’t be absurd. Is he going to apologize for infringing on the rights of individuals to say “NO” to an experimental treatment which not only violates human rights but was totally ineffective? Again No.

And so I’m also going to be voting NO for Brad Chicken Little.

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