Congressman Russ Fulcher Offers Solutions

It only took Democrats 2 years to destroy our economy and our dollar! This cannot continue, and there are solutions. Here’s what we do…

If we all work together, we can put Idaho and our country back on a path to security, prosperity, and freedom! Thank you for doing your part.

4 replies on “Congressman Russ Fulcher Offers Solutions”

Thanks, Russ, for being a guiding conservative light in Idaho and thanks for your endorsement of Raul Labrador on the Kevin Miller Show this AM. The two of you are conservative superstars and by working together you can help overcome the progressive Republican wing of our party. I understand the concept of “riding for the brand”, though sometimes “the brand becomes tainted and sclerotic”. Now we must get the endorsement of our Governor for Raul. Does Little “ride for the brand” or does he follow the lead of “the hand that feeds him”? We live in interesting political times.

Fred Martin (RHINO-ID) was whinging about the fact that the Republican Party is recommending candidates for the CWI board on Sugarburg’s site. Some wag posted the Little Anthony song, I’m on the Outside Looking In as a reply. Classic riposte.

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