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Do We Know Who We Are?

I watched the Tucker Carlson—Vladimir Putin interview twice last night. Before I give my impressions of the interview, I want to note that there has been very little notice given to it by any in the mainstream media—including Breitbart and Fox. Could you imagine the “noise” if Bret Baier or Rachel Maddow had been able to “get” such an interview? The Washington Post gave cursory but critical coverage to the event. Professional, ideological jealousy may have inhibited the news media from commenting on a real news event that could end up over time having real consequences.

I would also like to note that I understand that Vladimir Putin, the former head of the KGB has himself a history of violence and has been connected to evil acts against his opponents in his own country. He has been described as being ruthless. I would also like to add I believe him to be calculating. Most of all what came out in the interview was that he is incredibly smart and understands how the fractured pieces of the world came to be fractured. He has a deeper understanding of history and of economics than those in leadership positions in our country today. This fact came across in the interview and may be why those in the media and in the “ruling elite” don’t want us to know about the interview.

He also understands our country better than the great majority of our politicians and those that lead our institutions and major corporations understand us. He noted that it had been a long time since he had talked to our President Joe Biden, but that didn’t really matter because he had been in contact with government operatives representing our government. He used the term “special services” to describe these operatives both on his side of the table and those representing Western European and American interests. Throughout the two-hour conversation I was impressed that he knew who the forces calling the shots in the West were and he recognized that our political leaders were supplicant to those in the “elite ruling class”—his words via an interpreter. I must wonder about the relationship of those in our country and the West in the corporate elite ruling class have with our own “special services—CIA and behind the scenes intelligent operatives”, and how they have manipulated the public through naive and uneducated sycophants in the media. Because of the indolent and relentless march toward a New World Order a corporate oligarchy has evolved in the West over the past 50 years that only now is being realized by WE THE PEOPLE. It behooves executives at Raytheon, Boeing and those companies that build tanks and supply ammunition to military campaigns throughout the world to “keep the fires burning”. Remember Eisenhower’s warning about the growing military industrial complex? The corporate interests are controlling our government in Washington DC just like they are doing in Idaho. Today it is not just the control that the military complex has over our government, but also other sectors of the economy like the health care and pharmaceutical industrial complex or the educational complex. Many of our legacy politicians are in on the game. Putin knows it and so should we.

I can’t imagine our own President sitting across the table from Mr. Putin. I can’t imagine anyone in a leadership position in our government doing so. Those that go to Washington or Boise to serve WE THE PEOPLE, who early on in their careers bring to the discussion an understanding of our country’s history, an understanding of economics, an understanding of our people’s deep religious faith which is the basis of our culture, have many times—maybe more than many, succumbed to the leverage of the corporate lobbyists who in fact don’t represent WE THE PEOPLE, but rather those who believe in THE NEW WORLD ORDER of corporate rule. Can we all say “oligarchy”? If anyone know would know about coercive oligarchies it should be Mr. Putin.

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In the end I was left with the impression that Mr. Putin understands our country and the West better than we do ourselves. He knows the difference between the puppet master and the puppet. He certainly understands his position and the historical and cultural relevance of his actions better than we do. American arrogance is the antithesis of the concept of “American Exceptionalism” that is grounded in humility, reverence for God, a respect for our foundations of hard work and justice and most of all an understanding of who we are and where we came from. Mr. Putin understands American Exceptionalism. He understands and has a disdain for American and Western European Arrogance.

Sun Tzu in his ART OF WAR admonishes us to first know ourselves. Only then must we strive to know our enemy. I am more afraid for our future because we as a people have lost site of who we are and where we came from, than I am of any of our enemies. The fact that at least one of our adversaries seems to know us better than we know ourselves gives me extra concern.


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2 replies on “Do We Know Who We Are?”

Good observations, there, Doc.
I’ve watched Putin very closely over the years and made these same conclusions years ago.
The ‘old world’, including Russia, are EONS old cultures and populations. They have a Centuries old history and most who live there are deeply aware of that history.
America, the U.S.A., is a single grain of sand compared to the massive desert full of sand of Russia’s background.
When America was fresh and new, the new ‘western’ inhabitants came here with that centuries old history still coursing through their veins.
Over time that has completely disappeared, taken over by manipulated upbringing and education. No wonder Putin know U.S. better than we do ourselves………..

Interestingly, Putin left out that he joined the World Economic Forum 4th Industrial Revolution just prior to the Ukraine invasion, with an emphasis on AI, IoT, and technology. His war has helped with the global disruption of the economy, reduction of energy, and supply disruption which have all been goals of the WEF. Per the WEF, “The main purpose of the Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution Moscow is to grow awareness of Russia’s role as part of the global expert community.”

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