The Democratic Party’s History of Anarchy: Part 4

Whether it was the Southern Democrats donning the white hoods to intimidate minorities and enforce Jim Crow laws or turning a blind eye on union violence, the Democratic Party has not been shy about embracing violence to get what they want.

In the 1960’s, the majority of the Democratic Party’s leadership were still determined to stop the spread of communism, as demonstrated by the Cuban Missile Crisis under JFK and the escalation of U.S. involvement in Vietnam under LBJ. However, many young democrats had been influenced by the Cultural Marxist teachings of the Frankfurt School at Columbia University and adopted the radical ideas of communists, anarchists, and socialists. They would soon morph into the “New Left.” The two sides would violently clash during the 1968 Democratic Convention, while the “Old Left” would win the skirmish, they would ultimately lose the war.

One of the college outreaches of the “New Left” was the Students for a Democratic Society (SDS). Their first meeting was attended by fewer than 100 people in 1962, but by 1968 they numbered over 50,000 activists. They initially demonstrated on a wide range of leftist causes ranging from feminism to the US participation on Vietnam while using mainly non-violent methods. The SDS would break apart because of internal fighting due to the escalation of the war in Vietnam in 1969.

The more radical SDS members formed terrorist cells of 3-4 members, changed their name to the Weathermen, and in October, 1969, began a series of bombings, robberies, and riots that would rack the nation. Their reign of terror began with the October, 1969 bombing of the Chicago memorial for the police officers killed in the Haymarket bombing of 1886. A few days later, hundreds of members gathered in Chicago to riot in what would be later called the ‘Days of Rage’. The riots would last for three days leaving dozens of demonstrators and police injured, 287 Weathermen arrested and cost the city $183,000 in damages and wages. When this demonstration failed to generate the revolution the Weathermen expected, the now fugitive group went underground to “bring the (Vietnam) war home

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1970 would start out with a bang in February with the bombing of the Park Police Station in San Francisco which killed Sgt. Brian McDonnell. There is extensive evidence implicating Weathermen Bernardine Dohrn and Howard Machtinger as the main organizers of the attack. In March 1970 three Weathermen were killed when the nail bomb they were planning to use at a at a Fort Dix military base dance detonated prematurely. Six months later, one of the Weathermen cells robbed the National Guard armory in Newburyport, Massachusetts steeling weapons and ammunition then setting the building on fire causing some $125,000 in damages. Three days later, the same thugs used the stolen weapons to rob a bank and kill a guard.

Over the course of the next 12 years, the Weathermen would commit numerous acts of terrorism including the Brinks armored car robbery in Nyack, New York which led to a shootout with police, killing two police officers and one Brinks guard. Over-all they would kill at least four but probably five people and cause millions of dollars in damage. Few members would spend time in prison for their crimes because of police bungling, President Jimmy Carter’s amnesty for draft dodgers, the statute of limitations having run out on the majority of their crimes and lack of concern by their fellow liberals.

“In a revolution, some people have to die.” Bill Ayers

At the 1968 SDS Convention, Naomi Jaffe claimed to have shot down an American plane flying over Vietnam and assisted in the capture of an American pilot by the North Vietnamese.

At the Weather Underground National War Council on Dec. 4th, 1969, the following statements were recorded:

“It’s a wonderful feeling to hit a pig. “It must be a really wonderful feeling to kill a pig or blow up a building.” Mark Rudd

“We’re against everything that’s good and decent in honky America. We will burn
and loot and destroy. We are the incubation of your mother’s nightmare.”
 Jeff Jones

“Kill all the rich people. Break up their cars and apartments. Bring the revolution home; kill your parent, that’s where it’s really at.” Bill Ayers

“Everything was absolutely ideal on the day I bombed the Pentagon.” Bill Ayers

“The only path to the final defeat of imperialism and the building of socialism is revolutionary war. Bill Ayers

 “Killing a cop just because he’s a cop, that’ll happen. And that should happen. And there’s nothing inhuman about it at all. It’s survival. It’s the most human thing in the world.” Bernadine Dohrn

“Dig it: Offing those rich pigs with their own forks and knives, and then eating a meal in the same room. Far out! The Weathermen dig Charles Manson. Bernadine Dohrn

“It’s absurd to brand someone as “a violent terrorist” simply for throwing a little Molotov cocktail through the window of a bank that doesn’t hurt a fly.” Laura Whitehorn

“When you feel you have right on your side, you can do some pretty horrific things.” Brian Flanagan

Many of the Weathermen would become college professors, popular speakers, writers, heroes to today’s left and also, completely un-repentant for their actions. While Ayers, Dohrn and other former Weathermen have both claimed they never hurt anyone, the evidence, completely repudiates their lies:

According to Harvey Klehr, the Andrew W. Mellon professor of politics and history at Emory University in Atlanta: “the only reason they Dohrn and Ayers) were not guilty of mass murder was mere incompetence. I don’t know what sort of defense that is.”

Larry Grathwohl, an FBI informant planted in the Weather Underground, also exposes Ayers and Dohrn as would-be cold blooded murderers who were thwarted in their attack on a crowded Detroit police station by a timely call to Grathwohl’s FBI contact. In planning the attack on the police station, Ayers would say” We blast the [expletive deleted] building to hell. And we do it when the place is crowded. We wait for them to have a meeting, or a social event. Then we strike.

Guilty as hell, free as a bird—America is a great country.” Bill Ayers

”I don’t regret setting bombs; I feel we didn’t do enough.” Bill Ayers

October, 1981, David Gilbert, Kathy Boudin, and two other Weathermen along with six Black Liberation Army extremists robbed a Brinks armored car in Nyack, New York. The thieves seized $1.6 million in cash while killing one Brinks guard and two police officers (including one officer being killed in execution style) while seriously wounding several others. David Gilbert was sentenced to seventy-five five years to life and Kathy Boudin pled guilty to one count of murder and robbery making her eligible for parole in 2003.

In an interview from prison, David Gilbert would defend their actions: “To us it was a question of stopping the real violence,” as justified by U.S. involvement in the Vietnam War.

I wish I could take back some of the things I said and some of the things I did. But in the bigger picture, I don’t feel that it was violent and terrible. I feel like it was primarily–obviously not completely–moral, based on a vision that the government should be better, and that people could be better, and that democracy should be real. Bernadine Dohrn

“I just want these people to die. Simple as that. Every single one of them. And their parents.” Vulture writer Erik Abriss Tweeting about the Covington High School students

The Weathermen were part of a wave of leftist terrorism using bombings, bank robberies, murders and kidnappings in an attempt to violently overthrow the U.S. government. Other terrorist groups included the Black Panthers, Symbionese Liberation Army, Earth Liberation Front, and Armed Forces of National Liberation (FALN), but none had the sadistic appeal to democrats like the Weathermen did. They became the “rock stars” of domestic terrorists and their list of supporters includes Bill Clinton, Barack Obama and the Dark Emperor himself, George Soros.

Bill Clinton would pardon Susan L. Rosenberg and Linda Sue Evans, both members of the Nyack Brinks armored truck robbery/triple murder. Former President Barack Obama would serve with Bill Ayers on the board of directors of Woods Fund of Chicago and the Chicago Annenberg Challenge and in 1995, Ayers would host Obama’s first fundraiser for State Senator. In 1997, Bill Ayers, the man Obama would call “just a guy in my neighborhood,” would receive the Chicago “Citizen of the Year” award, not bad for a domestic terrorist.

The Soros/Weathermen connection is deep and started when Michael Kennedy from the National Lawyers Guild (NLG) defended Bernadine Dohrn in 1980. Bernadine would later become the NLG’s first national student organizer. The NLG has received massive funding from the Soros “Tides Foundation.” When the NLG gave Bernadine their “Kinoy” award in 2017, they would thank her for her “steadfast and decades long commitment to the struggle for justice and global equality.” Lynne Stewart, one of the most radical NLG lawyers would also defend two of the Weathermen involved in the Nyack armored car robbery, David J Gilbert, and Kathy Boudin. Ayers is also one of Soros puppets, as shown when Ayers became the first director of the Woods Fund of Chicago which is heavily funded by the Tides Foundation. In 2017, Ayers joined with ANTIFA to form the group “Refuse Fascism, another “Tides Foundation” supported group.

In 2002, Linda Evans received a George Soros criminal justice fellowship from the Open Society Institute for her to work to restore civil rights to felons. ”I’m trying to make things better in our society,” she said in a telephone interview. ”I just feel really strongly that the policies of our government are just anti-human at every level.”

The left’s love affair with murderers and bombers is well known. One only has to look at the number of leftists who idolize Charles Manson and Oscar Lopez Rivera. But the Weathermen seem to have taken a special place in the liberal heart. Perhaps because the majority of them are so unrepentant for what they did or how much they truly hate America. But the left’s present day love affair with them and refusal to see their campaign of bombing as terrorism, not heroism, should concern us. For instance, in 2013, Robert Redford directed and starred in a film depicting a fictional account of the Weathermen. The film cast Ayers and Dohrn in a very sympathetic light which was warmly reviewed by the New York Times and other media outlets.

While never shy about embracing violence and terrorism, the Democratic Party has gone all out to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the ’68 Democratic Convention riots as these articles show here, here and here.

We’re not trying to take wealth away from capitalists who got it honestly……….. April Fools,,,,,, No capitalist got wealth honestly. Kill the Rich. Joseph “Jose” Alcoff

Almost daily there is some new violent threat to President Trump, his family, his supporters and/or conservatives in general. The following are just a few of the legion of threats and violence of today’s democrats:

April, 2012: Weathermen David Gilbert released an autobiographical training manual for up and coming terrorists. To “celebrate” such a great event, several former Weathermen got together with members of the communist “Occupy” movement. Naomi Jaffe hosted the event. To the amusement of the audience, she calls the Nyack armored car robbery by Gilbert and Co. as “expropriations“, necessary because “revolutionary work is not funded by government.” She then goes on to label the Occupy movement as “resistance to an unjust system.”

August, 2012: Floyd Lee Corkins went to the Family Research Council’s (FRC) headquarters, shot an un-armed guard three times before the guard was able to subdue him. Corkins decided to attack the FRC based on a “hate report” from the liberal hate group, Southern Poverty Law Center. Corkins would tell authorities that he planned to kill as many people as possible and then to smear some Chic – Fill – A sandwiches on their faces as a political statement.”

May, 2017, Kathy Griffin posted a self-portrait of her holding a bloody severed Donald Trump head, then defended her actions by saying: “Stop acting like my little picture is more important than talking about the actual atrocities that the president of the United States is committing.”

June 2017: James Hodgkinson, a Bernie Sanders supporting democrat, severely wounded Rep. Steve Scalise R-LA and four other people when he opened fire on republican lawmakers practicing baseball. Hodgkinson was carrying a hit list of Congressmen he was stalking at the time of the shooting. Afterwards, numerous democrats defended Hodgkinson’s actions. One email sent to Claudia Tenney, R-N.Y., read: “Do you NOT expect this? When you take away ordinary peoples very lives in order to pay off the wealthiest among us, your own lives are forfeit. Certainly, your souls and morality were lost long before. Good riddance.”

Between May and June, 2017, some thirty US Congressmen had been attacked or threatened including Utah Rep. Jason Chaffetz, who was threatened over the telephone by a man shouting: “I suggest you prepare for the battle motherf**ker, and the apocalypse.” “Because we are going to hunt your ass down, wrap a rope around your neck, and hang you from a lamppost.”

August of 2017, State Senator Maria Chappelle-Nadal, D-MO, posted on Facebook that President Donald Trump should be “assassinated.”

June, 2018: Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Calif, at a press conference stated: “If you see anybody from that Cabinet in a restaurant, in a department store, at a gasoline station, you get out and you create a crowd and you push back on them, and you tell them they’re not welcome anymore, anywhere.” Later, she would joke about how “the lying president said that I had threatened all of his constituents. I did not threaten his constituents and supporters. I do that all the time, but I didn’t do that that time.”

June, 2018: New York Times writer Hamilton Nolan wrote a chilling opinion piece on the liberal website “Splinter” that sums up the Democrat Party philosophy: “Do you think that being asked to leave a restaurant, or having your meal interrupted, or being called by the public is bad? My fascism-enabling friends, this is only the beginning.”

June, 2018, USA Today, the extremely liberal national newspaper posted an opinion piece by Glenn Harlan Reynolds entitled “Is America headed towards a new Civil War?” When one considers the support amongst the left for murderous groups like ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter, One can clearly see that the potential is extremely high.

January 18, 2019 at the Washington DC March for Life, a group of students from Covington Catholic High School were waiting for a bus when they were verbally assaulted by a group of Black Hebrew Israelites. Their crime? They were white and wearing MAGA hats. Soon, Native American activist, Nathan Phillips, walked towards the teens beating a drum and stopped in front of Nick Sandmann, a white teenager. The amount of restraint Sandmann displayed was remarkable when faced with an extremely belligerent old man pounding a drum in his face.

The event was conveniently recorded and edited before being posted on social media to make it seem like Sandmann was blocking Phillips from moving forward. The edited video had cut out the racist taunts launched at the teens from the Black Hebrew Israelites and the approach of an extremely combative Phillips. The clip would unleash the dogs of war upon Sandmann and Covington

Media, political and Hollywood figures from every direction attacked Sandmann in the most evil and unbelievable of ways: Sarah Beattie, a writer for the show Saturday Night Live, offered oral sex to anyone who would punch Sandmann in the face; Jack Morrissey Tweeted a picture of a man pushing a foot into a wood-chipper with sprays of blood shooting out with the caption #MAGAkids go screaming, hats first, into the wood-chipper; Michael Buchanan, a hip-hop producer who goes by the stage name House Shoes, Tweeted “If you are a true fan of Shoes I want you to fire on any of these red hat bitches when you see them. On sight.”

Within a day however, more videos came out showing Nathan Phillips walking up to Sandmann and deliberately trying to stare him down while beating his drum. One video captured the taunts by the Black Hebrew Israelites being aimed at the teenagers. This caused some of those who attacked the youth to backtrack on their statements but many did not. Sandmann’s family has now retained a lawyer to sue those who will not retract their statements.

Can any imagine what the media/liberal reaction would have been had any of these outrageous statements been said about Stoneman Douglas High School shooting survivor David Hogg? David, unlike Nick has repeatedly sought the spotlight and has made numerous false statements to maintain his 5-minutes of fame while Nick was simply trying to diffuse a volatile situation. What we are seeing is the systematic efforts of totalitarians to stifle opposing opinions from the discussion.

“I don’t care what party you’re from — if you can’t say that it’s wrong to leave babies to die after birth, get the hell out of public office.” Senator Ben Sasse (R., Neb.)

In 2014, a Gallop poll called the Democratic Party, the “compassionate” party. Along with this supposed “compassion” we are told in the 2018 Democratic Party Platform that they are the party of “inclusion.” One only has to look back over the long history of the Democratic Party to find those they “include:” murderers, rapists, pedophiles, abusers, deviants, illegal aliens, and those that infanticide, but woe to those people who don’t swallow the blue pill.

Put simply, the Democratic Party has been the party of rebellion since Thomas Jefferson started it against the wishes of George Washington. Whether it was starting the Civil War, defying the conditions of Reconstruction, the revolt against the Civil Rights acts of the 1950’s and 1960’s, the pattern of vicious rhetoric leading to violence is part of their genetic make-up. The question now is whether history will repeat itself and this current trend of mutiny against the Donald Trump Presidency will escalate into a full blown civil war. After all, they have done it before.

 “Lest we forget at least an over-the-shoulder acknowledgment to the very first radical: from all our legends, mythology, and history (and who is to know where mythology leaves off and history begins — or which is which), the first radical known to man who rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively that he at least won his own kingdom — Lucifer.” Saul Alinsky, introduction to “Rules for Radicals

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