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Defund the Police?

The cries in recent days to do away with funding for local and municipal police departments shows a conceit and ignorance of human nature and a fundamental misunderstanding and disdain for our Federal and State Constitutions. Who is going to maintain order on the streets? ANTIFIA, The BLM, Al Sharpton with spurs wearing a mask and a big cowboy hat? Will he deputize Nancy Pelosi and AOC or maybe Adam Schiff to help keep order?

Local law and order was a concern of our Founding Fathers. In Article IX of the US Constitution, the office of Sheriff in the Counties is established and the roles of Sheriff are again defined in the various State Constitutions—each with unique rules regarding Sheriffs. But all conforming to the aforementioned Article IX US Constitution. The office of Sheriff in most States has power—exclusive or incorporated, power in all the counties. It is always an elected office and is never subject to the dictates of local governing bodies though Governor Desantis did remove Scott Israel as Sheriff of Broward County Fla. I believe a unique application of a law unique to Florida.

The point is that County Sheriffs have lots of power. The only way they can be administratively removed is by the County Coroner for cause or health, or themselves be indicted for a crime. They can also be subject to recall like any elected official.

Over the last 2 weeks, County Sheriffs in Idaho, Washington State, and Oregon have taken the lead along with individual citizens in protecting the lives and property of citizens under their purview. In Snohomish County Washington (40 mins east of Seattle) upon hearing of busloads of Antifa thugs coming over from Seattle local citizens with weapons including AK-47s and AR-15s lined their streets and the shopping center and other businesses in a show of determination and unity. When the buses came and started to unload the “brave mob “couldn’t retreat back to the vehicles and buses fast enough. The scene was repeated in Coeur d’Alene and Spokane.

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So we have heard about “Community policing” or the embedding of police in the community. I think our Founding Fathers had a different idea. The citizens voting for the people that will protect them and provide security to them were known to them. Because they relinquish a portion of their sovereignty claim to government, it doesn’t mean they still don’t possess and have a claim to that piece of sovereignty if the government doesn’t live up to their part of the deal. And finally, I would rather sit in front of my home or business or property knowing that standing right beside me is the Sheriff, who is my friend and neighbor. That to me is “community policing.”

I still live in a place like that, but if I lived in a big city like Seattle or Portland I would not feel secure going to bed knowing that law enforcement, may not even know who I am and their connection to me through the ballot box may not be a factor when it comes to their commitment to protect me. Furthermore, if the Boise City Council or Mayor decide to not ever confront the evil of the mob and protect me, I will join forces with my neighbors, just like the Founding Fathers envisioned. No thanks. I chose to live in Idaho where I can protect my own family and I know my Sheriff and my local police. Lots of guns being sold the past two weeks.

Be ready for a new onslaught of responsible families moving to Idaho from big cities. They want to protect themselves and their families just like we do. Local government and our State Constitutional Officers also should know the unique privilege and responsibility we have entrusted to them. Seems like lots of Blue State governors and mayors have forgotten about that.


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