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Cruzin’ at the Convention – It’s all about Winning in November

Tea Party Bob’s Comments on the Thursday morning Kevin Miller Show 580KIDO

I have enormous respect for Senator Cruz, and it is unfortunate that he did not endorse Donald Trump after making a pledge to do so before the primary. As you know, I had thought all along that Cruz would have made a great running mate for Trump. Cruz is still very young, and I hope he hasn’t ended his career in politics. Right now his attitude appears to be there is no room for compromise, and it’s either my way or the highway which is not a good philosophy if you’re going to run a diversified country and unify it. Unfortunately his speech gave the Democrats and the liberal media fodder to show that there is disunity within the Republican Party.

When you think back to the first debate and all of the hub-bub about Trump signing the pledge to support the nominee whoever it might be and then seeing that those who pushed the hardest for this pledge are the ones who reneged, it is very disheartening. Because in the end too many of them didn’t stand all up to their word, and from my point of view it begs the question, would these candidates have kept their promises to the American people? Campaigns are rough and in many cases turn into a blood sport, this one was no different. This primary race has been filled with animosity from the beginning; however, if all the candidates are supposed to be playing on the same team they should stand up and support that team. America is fighting for its life and what happened last night did not help the Republican effort to unite the party.

When you look at the 1976 Republican primary where it was Regan vs Ford it was also a very bitter race, and I believe they were only separated by a 43 delegates when Reagan graciously endorsed Ford. Cruz and Trump were nowhere near that close, and in-fact were separated by almost 1,200 votes. One of the things you need to learn in politics is that when the race is over and you have lost, you need to concede gracefully.

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The fact that Trump knew what Cruz was going to say in his speech tells me that he was comfortable strategically speaking and thought the Cruz speech would help unify the party. Donald Trump didn’t get to where he is today by not anticipating his opponents moves, and I think that is the reason he survived 16 opponents. Trump may not be the with all to end all, but if his children are any reflection of who he is, I will be perfectly comfortable with him as president and his choice for vice president has made me even more comfortable. We need a street fighter to beat the Clinton machine, and if anyone can beat Hillary, it is Donald Trump.

Senator Cruz has said time and time again the country is in trouble, and we cannot allow Hillary to become president. With that in mind you have to think, does he really care about the country or just about himself by not endorsing Trump? He did say he would be a contender in 2020. The question is how much credibility will he have lost because of his actions last night. I think Terry’s comments were worth heeding. “If you can’t vote for Trump vote for America, but make sure you vote.” We don’t want a repeat of the 2012 election where millions stayed home, and we wound up with Obama for another four years. Allowing Hillary to get elected is not an option as it will be the end of this country as we know it, and tyranny will reign once she changes the Supreme Court.

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