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Can You Buy a Supreme Court Seat?

A message from David Ripley of Idaho Chooses Life

We are deeply troubled after reading the candidates finance report for Robyn Brody who in a very short period of time has amassed a political war chest of some $175,000 in her bid to win a seat on the Supreme Court. The real surprise was seeing that most of that money had come from a large number (29) law firms suggesting that the Trial Lawyers have been planning this campaign for some time. What worries us is that Ms. Brody’s supporters are a long list of liberal, pro-choice attorneys like Rory Jones, the lead attorney for Planned Parenthood in its current lawsuit against the state of Idaho. Could it be that Ms. Brody a rather obscure attorney from Rupert is a dyed in the wool liberal who will render decisions that could harm our Pro-Life cause?

We have seen how our legislature has been affected by the money men from IACI where they tell us they are conservative and then once in office they do an about face and vote for the liberal causes against their constituents wishes. Looking closely at Ms. Brody’s list of supporters should give Idahoans tremendous cause for concern. Also of concern is the speed at which Ms. Brody has raised this huge sum of money as if this were planned by the dozens of criminal defense and plaintiff attorneys who desperately want a friendly face on the state’s highest court.

We have seen what the wrong appointments to our high courts can do to conservative values with the many recent liberal rulings and we should have genuine concern for this candidate’s election. The real question is will the voters of Idaho allow this to happen when they go to the polls on May 17th.

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