Boise liberals want to pass a $172.5 million school bond — Help us STOP them!

On Tuesday, March 14, 2017, the Boise School District will ask you to approve a $172.5 million bond to cover new and unnecessary spending. Fortunately, it is not too late to stop this irresponsible growth of government.

We have an incredible opportunity to convince voters in the Boise School District to REJECT this reckless increase in taxation, but we need your help! We need dedicated conservatives who are willing to knock on doors and to convince their neighbors to vote against this bond. We can provide you with a list of voters likely to be sympathetic to our argument—all we need from you is a few hours (or even one hour) dedicated to spreading awareness.

Don’t let the Boise School District borrow another $172.5 million on YOUR good credit. Give us a call at 208-820-2325, and let us empower you to fight back against this liberal attack on your pocketbook.

Please don’t delay! Election Day is less than two weeks away and we need your help to save thousands of Idahoans from millions of dollars in new taxes. Call us today at 208-820-2325. It’s not too late to stop Boise liberals from their latest scheme to raid your wallet.

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