Better Late Than Never on SBAC Test

Educators are rethinking the SBAC test. Is it because of the lawsuit challenge by Attorney Chirst Troupis and the grass roots groups, or have administrators finally come to their senses?

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It’s amazing to me that soon after Christ Troupis brings a constitutional lawsuit to rid our state of the SBAC test we actually see some movement among teachers and administrators questioning the validity of this one size fits all test. Maybe they are finally figuring out that it is the teachers that are the ones who can turn our graduation rate around and not some stupid eight hour test.

If we want better graduation rates, we need the parents to reengage with the education process of their children and participate at school board meetings. Education had been a local process for many years until the U.S. Department of Education decided that they knew better than parents what was best for their children. They pushed new programs with more federal grants which were used to manipulate our state legislators and educators to do what the federal government dictated or the grant money would stop.

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When the legislators and educators we elect and hire stop listening to the people who pay their salaries, it is time to find replacements that will do the bidding of the parents who are the real stakeholders in the education process. We tried to get our legislators to listen to us last session, but Reed De Mordant, chairman of the house education committee would not hold a hearing on this important topic. Now we have administrators rethinking the SBAC test because of the time it takes away from regular curriculum time and the eight hour length of the test.

Neither the legislature nor the Governor should have had any say in bringing a new educational process into our state. They are not educators and don’t have to deal each and every day with the children in a classroom and the same is true for our State Board of Education. This serious change in how our children should be educated needs to be decided by the teachers on the front line, and the parents whose job it is to see that they are doing their daily studies.

Most parents don’t understand Common Core methods and this takes them out of the education equation for their children. Has anyone ever thought that the reason for lower graduation rates was less parental participation in their children’s day to day education process? Why is it that home schooled children have overall better scores then those in public schools?

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