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Ban Stupid Politicians not ‘Assault Weapons’

Instead of a ban on ‘assault weapons’ what we need to do is ban stupid politicians like President Obama and Mitch McConnell from running for office. All they need to do is to go to the studies that were done after the previous ban in 1994 to find out that a ban will not have any discernible impact on gun crime

The conclusion of those studies was quite profound in that the law banning these weapons did not have much of an impact on overall gun crime. For one, ‘assault weapons’ were used in only 2 percent of gun crimes before the ban out of approximately. 30,000 shootings per year, that’s shootings not deaths. And second, existing weapons were grandfathered, meaning there were an estimated 1.5 million pre-ban ‘assault weapons’ and 25 million to 50 million large-capacity magazines still in the U.S., and today there are probably twice as many out there. What are they going to do, confiscate all of those weapons and magazines?

Dr. Christopher Koper an associate professor in the Department of Criminology, Law and Society at George Mason University who did one of these studies said, “In general we found really, very, very little evidence, almost none, that gun violence was becoming any less lethal or any less injurious during this time frame. So on balance, we concluded that the ban had not had a discernible impact on gun crime during the years it was in effect.” He also said “a new ban on large capacity magazines and ‘assault weapons’ would certainly not be a panacea for gun crime”

Gun violence experts say “There is no compelling evidence that the previous ban saved lives,” Duke University public policy experts Philip Cook and Kristin Goss wrote in their book “The Gun Debate: What Everyone Needs to Know.”

You would think the lesson learned from banning alcohol, marijuana, and many other drugs and items is that it never works for anyone intent on obtaining any of these items, all it does is put it in the background and helps establish a flourishing black market. A ban of this type would greatly infringe on our second amendment rights, which of course is the current administration’s goal.

The preceding were Tea Party Bob’s comments on this morning’s Kevin Miller show on 580 KIDO.