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Assault from Within

In the past week, we have seen the ugliness of politics and how they are used to grab power and hold on to it for long periods of time. Just this past week several prominent independent journalists Matt Taibbi, Michael Shellenberger, and Alex Gutentag have released information that should shake the very foundation of our faith in our government-run intelligence and law enforcement agencies. They exposed these agencies from several credible sources that there is a file that Trump declassified showing that our CIA spied on 26 Trump associates prior to the 2016 presidential election. This was Obama’s CIA which John Brennan headed that was responsible for this spying on Trump. To top it off they even enlisted the help of the 5 eyes countries the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand in this spy operation.

If this file exists it would potentially prove that multiple U.S. intelligence agencies have broken U.S. laws against spying and election interference. This spying is what triggered the “Russia Collusion Hoax” causing the investigation by special counsel Durham. I have said many times that we are turning into a 3rd world nation and this is proof that these agencies are a clear and present danger to the future of our freedoms under the constitution. It is time to get Brennan, Obama, Durham, and Barr in front of Congress for this egregious witch hunt staged by our own intelligence community with the knowledge of a sitting president. You are going to hear nothing but denials from the liberal propaganda machine as this would throw a very large monkey wrench into the 2024 presidential election.

If this is not enough to turn your stomach, think about what is currently happening to our country as the Biden administration has unleashed what is becoming a calamity of events because of our open border. It is estimated that we have over 10 million illegals who have crossed into our country with the help of NGO’s “Non-Government Agencies” financed with our tax dollars. Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas recently admitted that more than 85% of illegal aliens are being released at the border while more than a thousand got-aways escape our border patrol every day. It is impossible to speculate the number of potential terrorists that are entering our country. Who is the largest contingent of foreign nationals entering the U.S. well if we take a look at the numbers from FAIR which will be disputed by the liberal media Mexicans are by far the largest contingent of immigrants but running a close second is Venezuelans which since 2021 thru 2024 have numbered nearly 600,000 and growing.

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Helping immigrants cross our border has become a huge business garnering the cartels literally billions in cash which they are using to further their ventures into sex trafficking and drug distribution. It is estimated that just the fentanyl that is crossing our border is causing over 70,000 deaths a year and yet our incompetent president does nothing to stem the tide as this is his creation and he should be held responsible for all the repercussions. We are a nation under siege and make no bones about it, this is being done on purpose to change our country. Biden and the democrats do not care how much turmoil is caused by this invasion and in fact they have put out the welcome mat and will continue to encourage more illegals to come here.

When you see what is happening in our major sanctuary cities it should make you shudder what will happen as the summer approaches and these cities are unable to feed, shelter and provide medical care for these people.

I can tell you it will not be a pretty site as tempers flare and we find that our police are unable to control the huge numbers of illegals who will be demanding services. Most of these immigrants have court dates that are 2 to 4 years out and can’t get working papers till they appear so how will they and their families survive? This is where the real problem lies as housing becomes scares and the NGO’S who were handsomely paid by the Biden administration can’t provide the necessary services. I will tell you that there will be crime in the streets like we have never seen before in our history. If you think for a minute that we won’t see riots in the streets of our major cities like we saw in 2020 where we had 100 days of violence and destruction you will be sadly mistaken. Crime in these cities has already reached a point where the criminals are running wild doing smash-and-grabs at retail stores and carjackings in broad daylight. Americans are now a danger just by driving down a city street or shopping in a mall.

While crime in our streets is growing the larger problem is and has always been how do we find and apprehend the potential terrorists that have already settled in our country. We know that there are many potential terrorists that have already entered the U.S. but we have no idea where they are or if and when they might strike. As Christopher Wray head of the FBI has said, “we have a 100% chance of a terror attack,” yet no one seems to care. While our conservative Idaho appears to be weathering all of these problems quite well for the moment It might be a good idea to use a bit more caution when walking the streets of our larger metropolitan areas. You also might want to make sure your homes are secured at night and when you leave on vacation as you may come back to find some new house guests like many homeowners found in Atlanta.

Our state has already been the subject of an invasion of the drug cartel gangs as the deaths from the use of drugs like fentanyl continue to grow. Idaho is not immune from this invasion of illegals, and it would be nice if our governor would at least give us an idea of how many of them have already settled in our state.

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