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Are we at the Tipping Point?

Our Church was one of the first in our community to institute security measures for the protection of our members, and we have offered our protocols to other churches in the area that felt the need to secure their own places of worship. I’m not quite sure why the Church of Jesus Christ Latter-Day Saints has taken the position they have on the restriction of firearms in their places of worship. They have just put their entire congregations in harm’s way by taking away their option to carry a firearm to church.

With this announcement, they have just held their temples and churches up as soft targets and this sets a dangerous precedent when we look at all of the shootings that have taken place in the so-called soft target zones. This, to me, is like hanging a sign on the church doors and inviting some mentally ill person to come in and create another horrible incident. In this country, we all have the right to religious freedom only as long as we can protect that right with the second amendment. I believe the same is true when it comes to the protection of those practicing their religious beliefs in their houses of worship.

Look at the situation that occurred in Sandpoint at a festival where the venue refused to allow entry to anyone who was carrying a firearm. This is just one more shot across the bow of our second amendments rights that are being challenged daily by the left. We are on the verge of losing our right to bear arms in this country as the progressives continue to educate our children that guns are bad. This is how so many other countries have lost their right to protect themselves from rogue governments and armed villains who would disarm the populace to do them harm.

If you wonder why changes like this new policy by the Mormon Church are taking place, you need to look no further than our educational system. It is at the root of these changes and we are the cause as we allow them to continue by not getting involved in the education of our children—not just at the grammar and high school level but also at the college level.

We have lost two or three generations of our children who have never been taught civics, ethics, or moral responsibilities because of the progressive changes in our educational system. They are being taught that guns are bad, immigration of illegals is good, everyone is entitled to free healthcare, abortion and killing babies is ok, and we need to stop using carbon fuels if we want to stop climate change. I don’t even necessarily blame Taylor Swift for her attitude as she and many others her age have been affected by our progressive education system.

We have so many misinformed citizens in our country that we are at a tipping point and I’m not sure we can turn it around. Idaho is no exception—as the state continues to grow, our values have been changing. You can see it affecting us at the ballot box every election year as we continue to elect the same crony politicians whose only goal is to help themselves to our tax dollars and take more of our freedoms away through their onerous bureaucratic regulatory process.

Our rural towns, which have been our conservative strongholds, are shrinking as they are invaded by more liberal-thinking folks and their natural resource jobs are lost to more government rules and regulations. It is indeed a sad situation, my friends, to see this great country turned upside down because we have allowed our children to be influenced by these progressive values which have encroached on our liberties so slowly we have not, in many cases, noticed they have taken place.

When we see our places of worship restricting the freedoms recognized by our forefathers, it is time to start looking not only at the officials we have elected to office but also to those who are leading our schools and churches.

“We Get the Government We Deserve”

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