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A Pincer Maneuver

A “PINCER MANEUVER” in battle occurs when two forces meet each other and one deploys the strength of force toward both flanks of the enemy, hoping to envelop and surround the enemy cutting off supply and logistical support.

It can be dangerous if the enemy being enveloped can rapidly break through the middle of the line and divide the enveloping force, or retreat and redeploy forces in a more efficacious fashion one flank at a time. Sun Tzu in the Art of War describes such maneuvers in China, Hannibal at the battle of Cannae between Cart hedge and the Romans described by Polybus deployed a similar maneuver. We today are watching a “political pincer maneuver’ against the Donald Trump wing of the Republican party by the political left including the Democratic Party and the media, and the RINO Republicans led by the Paul Ryan’s, John Boehner’s, John Kasich’s, Liz Cherney’s—old guard neocons, and the likes of the National Review and Wall Street Journal.

For over 5 years, they have been trying to envelop our President in a way that would marginalize his agenda. But what we have failed to realize is that their target is mostly us—Trump supporters. They have tried to marginalize our ideas by identifying us with the fringe elements of society like the KKK. This is what is happening today as the left, the RINOs and the media are taking the tragic events of yesterday’s storming of the capital by a very small minority of protestors—less than 1000 when compared to the hundreds of thousands of other protestors who were demonstrating peacefully, and then blaming all conservatives for these acts. Did they do this when Portland and Seattle and Minneapolis were burning? Did they blame far left rhetoric or lack of rhetoric on the so-called peaceful demonstrations when homes and businesses were burning or being looted, or when families are being confronted by mobs in front of their homes? Did Joe or Camilla ever denounce ANTIFA or BLM—in fact, they helped facilitate bail for many of the looters and rioters. Did people on the left denounce these actions?—NO. They put up virtue signaling signs in their front yards that accomplished absolutely nothing for those on the margins, yet it made them feel good about themselves. What is needed in our world is compassion—not feel-good marketing social justice slogans. Here is a sign I would recommend putting up in your front yard if you really care—”I work at the food bank”, or “I work at The Salvation Army and the Free Kitchen”. Empathy and sympathy aren’t actions—compassion is—look at the story of Jesus and Lazarus in Luke’s Gospel to understand the difference.

But since the election the left has realized that the President and the 72 million Americans who supported him are stronger than ever. They see that even though he is out of office, this large faction of Patriots also needs to be marginalized. Attacking us individually hasn’t worked, limiting our access to social media hasn’t worked, controlling the mainstream media narrative hasn’t worked. What is left to do as we continue to grow in strength and resolve?—”Cut off the head of the snake”—Donald Trump. With two weeks left unconfirmed sources are telling us that the 25 Amendment is going to be deployed to remove our President and AOC has asked for Articles of Impeachment to be drawn up even with only two weeks left until the President hands over power to the Harris-Biden regime. They want to put Trump in a “Political casket” and walk him around the country saying—”obey or this could happen to you”. They want to destroy our movement by destroying our leader—even if he is no longer in office. They really have no idea how deep our bench is or how smart “We the People” really are.

We will know in the weeks to come who was at the front of the charge on our Capital. It will be interesting to see if elements and operatives of the left infiltrated themselves into the demonstrations that for several hours had been peaceful. Why was access to both the outer and inner perimeters of The Capital so easily breeched? Will the DOJ and FBI come clean under a Harris-Biden administration?

Isn’t it interesting that Republicans and conservatives, our President, and even demonstrators immediately denounced the violence yesterday? The anarchy of the past 8 months in American cities has yet to be denounced by most on the left. Is there a double moral standard being invoked? Will this new moral standard become a legal standard with the new administration? And isn’t it interesting that only when confronted with violence before their own eyes do our political leaders become enraged. I bet the thousands of businesses and homeowners in the hinterland wished they had a police force available to secure their persons and property the way our politicians have. Good thing the Capital police were funded. Good thing our President made the National Guard available and had them on standby—the Mayor of DC didn’t act in a prospective fashion.

Let’s hope that an elite governing establishment and their crony friends on Wall Street and Silicon Valley will over play their hand in the next two years. One thing everyday people should know—policies from the top will benefit those at the top. Everyday Americans will feel the most pain because they will be wage earners or salaried. The Globalist investor class—those owning things including equities will benefit. “THE RESET” yet to come will hurt main street and help Wall Street and even Pennsylvania Ave. Taxes on wages and salaries hurt because you never have a chance to make up the loss. Taxes on property and securities—corporate taxes for sure, are realized before values are reconciled and dividends are paid. The rich will find a way to transfer capital gain liabilities —think carried interest, from one accounting entry or entity onto another. The average person doesn’t have the ability to hire the accountants and lawyers to participate in such activities.

This is the exact opposite of what happened under Mr. Trump, and if they can destroy his legacy The ELITE can secure their positions of wealth and security in perpetuity.

It is us they hate, and this will soon become obvious. Destroying the Trump legacy is only a means to an end.

Time to “suck it up and stick together”

For all his faults and there are many at least Donald Trump was willing to fight for us. You can’t say that about many Dems or RINOs.

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