A Modern Story of Heroes in the Fight for Freedom

Many of us will be celebrating Memorial Day this weekend. Perhaps a visit to the tombstones of the fallen heroes, followed by a barbecue with family and friends. Few will pay any attention to the story of Christopher Ahn, a US citizen from naturalized North Korean parents, and a former US Marine.

Ahn loves his country, the United States of America. He also despises communist North Korea. So, when Ahn was approached by a group called Free Joseon (formerly the Cheollima) to help free diplomats of the hermit dictator country, Ahn accepted the call.

The mission was to infiltrate the North Korean embassy in Spain and retrieve a defecting ambassador. It was supposed to be a pre-arranged event. Unfortunately, things did not go as planned. The ambassador changed his mind at the last minute, deciding not to defect. Ahn and his group ended up escaping empty-handed.

Nobody was hurt. No harm, no foul? Not quite.

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North Korea complained to Spain of a “kidnapping attempt,” and Spain requested the extradition of Christopher Ahn, who had returned to his home in California. Amazingly, Fox News has now reported that the Biden Administration is trying to extradite the former marine to Spain, knowing full well that, should he be handed over, there will be assassination attempts made by the North Korean regime. An extradition of this nature could be seen as an admittance of treason… committed by Ahn.

I am currently teaching a weekly class on the U.S. Constitution. I recall a recent discussion regarding the supremacy of International Law vs. the Constitution (Federalist 64). Americans ought to believe that the Constitution is the supreme law of the land. But, some believe our Constitution should be subordinated to international law. This belief is typically held by those who promote a “New World Order.”

Ahn, for his part, may not have been strictly operating in the legal realm, but his actions were noble. If asked, I, too, would do all I could to free those trapped in a brutal communist regime. We recall stories, during WWII, where regular citizens sheltered and hid Jews from the persecution of Nazi Germany. The story of Anne Frank is one of the most well-known.

The brave mission undertaken by Christopher Ahn is one such story. In his case, though, the one placing himself at risk to save others has not been lauded for his heroism. Instead, he faces potentially grave harm from our own government, which should stand boldly for freedom.

I continue to believe the Constitution is the supreme law in America. On this Memorial Day, please remember that patriots are still fighting for our freedoms, and the freedom of others.

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