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Will the Winner Please Make America Great Again

This new flap about gun owner’s support for Trump is about as low as you can go. They know they can’t attack the principles that Trump stands for so they attack him personally. Hillary’s policies will be four more years of Obama’s policies which means we will never dig ourselves out of the hole they put us in.

It’s the Economy Stupid:

Trump needs to stay on message about the economy since his plan is bold enough to bring us out of this 8 year recession we have been in. Cutting taxes for everyone including the corporations and small businesses is the key to jumpstarting our economy. Holding foreign countries feet to the fire on trade agreements and renegotiating the ones that have hurt our economy is critical to improving employment and bringing manufacturing back home.

A logical person with even the least bit of understanding on how the economy works has to vote for Trump because a vote for Hillary is a vote for their own economic demise. Democrats say trickle-down economics don’t work, well that argument doesn’t hold water as we all saw what happened during Ronald Reagan’s eight years as President. The economy was booming and GDP went from -0.3% in 1980 to 4.1% in 1988 with economic policies similar to Trump’s.

Christ Troupis Book

The bad wrap they give Reaganomics for raising the national debt was not his fault but the fault of former President Carter and Fed Chairman Volcker trying to bring down inflation and 20% interest rates which increased our cost to carry and issue Government Bonds. This higher cost to carry debt caused our national debt to skyrocket. Reagan’s tax cuts and spending did increase deficits somewhat, but not nearly as much as interest payments did, and without that high interest the budget would have been into surplus by the end of his term.

If you stop taking people’s hard earned money in taxes and stop imposing onerous regulations on corporations they have more to spend. What the Obama administration has been doing for the past 7 plus years is inhibiting corporate spending for expansion in America and forcing these corporations to look for friendly foreign countries to expand and open new operations with lower wages and a lot less regulation. Trump wants to reverse Obama’s policies and deregulate and lower corporate taxes to encourage them to bring their manufacturing jobs back to America.

Media Muppets sing Hillary’s praises while ignoring past history.

It’s time we stopped being critical of what the candidates are saying because as Hillary says “Words Mean Something”. Well they certainly do but deeds are what count. The Democrats have been talking a good game but haven’t produced what they have promised in the past 7 ½ years. Obama started his term with $760 billion dollars of stimulus money to rebuild our infrastructure and what happened. Our roads and bridges are in worse shape now and our airports are falling apart.  He has virtually halted any drilling for oil on government land leases and killed coal production. So tell me for all of the talk that Obama and Hillary do that is politically correct, what do Americas taxpayers have to show for it?

Here is what Obama and Hillary have done for the American people during their tenure:

Interest rates so low that older retired investors can’t make any money, but banks are making a fortune. Wages have been falling steadily for the middle class earners, increased regulations like Obamacare, with rules that most people don’t want to start or expand their business and have been cutting employee hours to 30 or less per week. Skyrocketing health insurance premiums along with huge deductibles which are expanding government intrusion in every aspect of our lives. Onerous EPA regulations that are even infringing on states water rights. Doubled the national debt to $19 trillion with bad management and bigger government. Allowed ISIS to form a caliphate and helped destabilize the Middle East. Need I go on?

I don’t care what the politicians have to say politically correct or not. I believe in what they have done before in their history and if they can do that for America. Obama and Hillary have built little or nothing in their lives except careers to lie to the taxpayers and receive government compensation. Obama a former community organizer and constitutional attorney turned politician, and Hillary, another community organizer and crooked attorney that we can trace back to the “White Water Scandal”. Hillary helped herself to everything she could grab by using both her and husband’s government influence to garner contributions for the Clinton Foundation and huge speaking fees. Obama has dragged our country down with his radical social agendas, foolish economic and foreign policies.

Donald J. Trump Entrepreneur:

On the other hand Donald Trump has built an empire of companies in his career as an entrepreneur and amassed a net worth of $10 billion. He has changed the skylines of cities and provided jobs for thousands of hard working employees. They say he manufacturers many of his products overseas and not in America. I would call him a smart man for doing that as with all of the U.S. government regulations imposed by this administration and others he would be foolish to not take advantage of foreign production as so many other companies have done to make a profit. Yes he has had his setbacks with some bankruptcies in the past but so has anyone in his position. How many home builders went bankrupt during the 2008 housing debacle due to eased government regulations on qualifications required to purchase a home?

A little less talk and a lot more action:

As I always say if you want to criticize someone you should first walk a mile ion their shoes. I assure you that neither Obama nor Hillary could fit into those shoes but they are good at scamming the taxpayers of this country buy giving our money to companies like Solyndra that lost $535 million of our money from the stimulus package.

Let’s take a look at the Stimulus Package of 2009. The original plan was to initiate 15,000 transportation projects, which would improve 42,000 miles of roadway, mend or replace over 2,700 bridges, and provide funds for over 12,200 transit vehicles, plus improve 6,000 miles of rail. This is what happened when this money was placed into the hands of the inept Obama political machine. If you look toward the back of the report on how much of the stimulus plan went to these infrastructure projects in the back of the report (Table 8 on P. 24) there’s a chart that gives the number: $30 billion or a little more than 3 percent of the total stimulus plan. Now that you know the figures are you willing to give Hillary Clinton another $275 billion she says are needed to use on infrastructure projects? Wake up America or you are about to be fleeced one more time by the Democrats under Hillary’s leadership.

Why you shouldn’t look at the polls.

I wish people would stop looking at the polls as this is not a normal election. Keep in mind only 57.5% of eligible Americans voted in 2012. They don’t poll unregistered voters of which there are about 72 million. This is the silent majority that I have been talking about. Many of these people have been participating in the overflowing attendance at Trump rallies. The highest number of votes cast in the past 60 years was in 1960 in the Nixon vs Kennedy race where 62.8% of U.S. citizens eligible voted.

Voting Statistics – Statistic Brain

Voter Registration Statistics Data
Total number of Americans eligible to vote 218,959,000
Total number of Americans registered to vote 146,311,000
Total number of Americans who voted in the 2012 Presidential election 126,144,000
Percent of Americans who voted in the 2012 Presidential election 57.5 %
2012 election results: Votes: Percentage:
Democratic: 65,915,796 51.1%
Republican: 60,933,500 47.2%
Other: 1,918,776 1.8%

What can we expect in 2016?

So in 2012 over 20 million voters never participated in the presidential election that were registered to vote. Add that to the 72 million who are unregistered and you have 92 million potential voters that could go to the polls this November that were not involved in 2012. I would say with all of the controversy in this election and the discontent with establishment Washington D.C., we may well see a large portion of not only those who were registered and did not participate but also a good many of those who are not registered but eligible come out in this election and give Trump the presidency. Just one man’s opinion. Hope to see you all at the polls in November.

Remember “We Get the Government We Deserve.”

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