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Will Idaho continue to move “Left”?

We would like to thank Ammon Bundy for making this important run for governor as it takes a lot of courage and faith to go up against a political machine as powerful as the one, we have in Idaho. The media will never acknowledge that Ammon has done something very important for the independent voters of Idaho but to us, he was a gladiator in an arena of hungry lions. There is only one other election in Idaho’s history where an Independent received a larger percentage of votes than Ammon Bundy and that was in 1920 when Sherman D. Fairchild ran as an independent and garnered 28,752 votes for 20.11% of the vote. Ammon’s final total was 101,568 or 17.17% with a total of 591,528 votes. This was quite a showing for someone who was as controversial as he was and only three quarters of a million dollars to run his campaign.

The Democratic candidate only received 18,515 votes more than Mr. Bundy which tells us that there were probably many Democrats that crossed over and voted for Brad Little just as they did in the primary when 31,000 democrats crossed party lines. It is also interesting to note that in the 2018 election 231,081 votes were cast for democratic gubernatorial candidate Paulette Jordan so where did the other 111,000 votes go this year. Well if we look at the number of registered unaffiliated there are 280,000 which is double the total number of registered democrats (130,000) and half the number of republicans (580,000) There are 1 million registered voters in Idaho yet only 600,000 came out to vote in this election. It is clear to us that many democrats but even more unaffiliated registered voters cast their vote for Little as they realize the democratic candidate never had a chance and Little is the closest thing to a democrat that they were going to get.

We also believe that a good many of the 150,000 newly registered republicans since 2018 were more likely to vote for Little. These new residents knew little about Bundy except what they read in the liberal media, so we have to believe they went for the candidate with an R next to his name as bad habits are hard to break. It is pretty easy to see why Brad won this race, but it is also clear to us that his shift to the left gained him some strong democratic and unaffiliated support and that along with the power of IACI he was handed this election on a silver platter.

Brad did very little campaigning and didn’t put out any TV ads till the last two weeks before the election as he and his elitist buddies were confident that this election was “in the bag” and so it was. Many of the newbie voters said they were concerned that if they voted for Bundy that it would give the Democrats an opportunity to steal the election but as we have said it would have been impossible for the democrats to win even if there was an even split of republicans for Bundy and Little as the democrats still wouldn’t have enough votes to win the election with out a strong participation from the unaffiliated.

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It is so important for citizens to be informed about what is happening in their state but unfortunately, too many of them are influenced by the liberal media and the influence of big tech like Google and Social Media sites. A recent Forbes article discusses the influence that big tech and social media have on elections.

Forbes pointed out that According to new research from NordVPN, seven in ten Americans (70%) surveyed said they fear Twitter bots could sway or influence the election, while 62% of respondents believe voter misinformation/disinformation is even undermining democracy. What was surprising in this election is that Governor Little refused to debate any of the opposing candidates. Why did he refuse to debate? He did not want to chance opening any doors that might be critical of his handling of the Covid crisis which is one of the primary reasons that we saw Ammon Bundy take 17% of the vote. In any case, we now will have 4 more years of big government with IACI steering the governor where they want to go. That will mean more wasted money on government programs for those who don’t qualify to receive them, and more money spent on education with no promise of any real improvement in our children’s education. To be sure it will also mean higher taxes and continued bad infrastructure as our cities become more congested than ever before.

There were a couple of bright spots in this election as we elected many new senators most of whom we believe will give a conservative majority to the senate although we still have too many RINOs feeding at the government trough. The election of Raul Labrador will definitely be a positive as this is a man who cannot be bribed by the IACI cabal and a man who does not take goodies from the lobbyists. Maybe he will start holding our many state agencies accountable for their actions and spending habits. A good start would be a forensic audit of the Dept. of Health and Welfare and the Dept. of Education whose budgets have taken off like Hot Air Balloons in a windstorm.

All in all, I think that with the new conservatives elected to our senate and Raul Labrador at the helm of the AG’s office along with the passing of SJR102 we should feel somewhat comfortable that there will be no radical changes in Idaho for the next 4 years although I doubt that the RINOs will be able to contain themselves after winning the governor’s seat by such a large margin. Like I always say, “We Get the Government We Deserve”

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8 replies on “Will Idaho continue to move “Left”?”

Thank you for the excellent article. It is unfortunate that so many voters did not take the time or make the effort to listen and learn about the truly good man and patriot that is Ammon Bundy. We Idahoans have given away a priceless opportunity to elect a man who would have put Idaho’s future at the forefront. Now, it is up to Raul Labrador to save a sinking ship. I can only hope, damn the torpedos, full speed ahead.

It’s a shame the results confirmed what little thought– that he didn’t have to work at it to win. It’s a shame people so soon forget the many businesses and jobs that were lost due directly to little’s, ” state of emergency” that allowed him to blame “health” departments for those tragic losses.It’s a shame people forget little’s 2018 campaign promised grocery tax repeal; his excuse for not enacting is that it’s a way to collect tax from illegals (who don’t PAY grocery tax because they get food stamps. There’s no tax on food stamp purchases!)
I looked at a list of governors, attorneys general and secretaries of state in Idaho since 1986:evans, andrus, batt, kempthorne(who went to work for billygoat clinton’s dpt of the interior), risch, otter, little; cenarrusa,ysursa,denney; jones,echohawk, lance,wasden
See any stellar statesmen among them? I don’t, either. Is Idaho just an average state?
In 36 years, we’ll have one: Labrador. Let us pray he’ll deliver great things!

Sheila If taxes are not paid by the recipients, then the taxpayers will pay instead as governments have no money, They don’t generate “income” according to a well functioning business model. There are better ways to feed the starving. But here is an article on taxing and food stamps.

Nice tribute to Ammon Bundy. Unfortunately, no one corrected the misinformation in the article at (see the comment on this article for an explanation).

Here is a letter that I sent to Mr. Bundy just a few days ago. though you probably won’t allow it on your site because it says Too Much of the Truth, I thought I’d try anyway:

Mr. Bundy;
I can appreciate your fine contribution to the common public knowledge of the state of affairs in our world. I think you represented yourself well and also the cause of Freedom.
Like Col. Bo Gritz tried to do in 1992. I worked hard for him here in Utah, and we got 30,000 votes for him here. 10,000 of those votes came from Weber County, right where my signs were concentrated the most. I think my signs had something to do with that. After the Church turned against him, it was hard to get any Mormons to vote for him.
These people of the Establishment are all the same wherever they are. They have the ‘Power’ and they won’t relinquish it any time soon. As I have said many times, if Jesus came again tomorrow in the same manner he first came in, They, The Establishment, and especially those Business Men in SLC would crucify him all over again. They aren’t about to turn over Thousands of acres of land and Billions of dollars’ worth of equipment and buildings to a guy in a white robe and beard who walks into Church HQ off the street and says, “Hi I am Jesus Christ, I am here to take over.”
Jesus will have to come with Earth crushing power to get the attention of The Establishment, and especially those guys in SLC!
I applaud you for doing your best to get the job done. Thank You! I wish there were more men and women out there just like YOU! People like you who are; Tough as nails, smart as a whip and willing to put ALL on the line to make a better future for your country and for all of humanity. You are to be commended Mr. Bundy!
Utah is a Cheap copy of California, (complete with its own amusement park), and now with the eager help of the Republican Establishment in Idaho, Idaho will now slide into being just like Socialist Utah, (the Shit Hole of the west), and soon enough, if we are not nuked beforehand, slide into full communism, as the church has always wanted anyway.
The Russians and the Chinese will not have to fire a single shot, and AmeriKa will become a Communist nation.
Perhaps an EMP, setting AmeriKa back 200 years, would be the Best Thing that could ever happen to us right about now!
Some sort of earth shattering event is the only thing that will Wake People Up.
I remember that just a few years ago, it was Orrin Hatch who said; “We need another Pearl Harbor!” And he got his wish and now AmeriKa has been at war ever since 9/11. And again Only an earth shattering event can put a stop to it all. It’s a Really Good time right now for Jesus to come with that kind of power that he’s supposed to have.
I look forward to such a day when The Establishment will be completely destroyed from off the earth! The Great (for some), and Dreadful (for others), Day of the Lord, is the only solution just now.
I wish you and your fine family well Mr. Bundy, with a big Thank You for all your efforts on behalf of your countrymen. I hope that someday I personally can make it up to you for all my weaknesses.
Steve Nelson
*I am NO Relation to That Man in SLC!!!

As a new Idaho voter I was very happy to vote for Ammon Bundy. I knew about him from all the big scary things he did but since I’m not a brain dead yokel, I saw what he was really about. He’s about freedom and he’s proven he’s willing to put himself at risk for it. I checked out Brad Little’s covid policies and I knew he wasn’t the guy for me (that’s one of my main criteria since it shows how gullible and ready to give up freedom the candidate is). I guess he’s better than the democrat though.

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