Will Billionaire Bloomberg be the Democratic Presidential Nominee?

If you’re going to war, it is best that you know your opponent’s strengths and weaknesses “Sun Tsu”. Let me lay out a scenario that could put Mike Bloomberg in the driver’s seat at the Democratic National Convention. If there is no real leader before the convention the democrats will have a brokered convention meaning just about anyone could be nominated. I’m suggesting that in such a convention the candidate with the most money will win and that would be Mike Bloomberg. There will be a lot of gnashing of teeth and Bernie’s followers are not likely to be happy but the fact is the Democrats know that none of their current candidates are capable of winning this election. The DNC has already seen the handwriting on the wall and will bite the Bloomberg bullet to have a chance of beating Trump.

Mike Bloomberg was a competitor of mine in my Wall Street days when he worked as the head trader for Solomon Bros. He is an excellent businessman with creative management skills and has the credentials and long record of success to prove it. You don’t attain the kind of wealth he has by making a lot of mistakes. His current campaign strategy is a bit unusual for good reason and so far he has been able to avoid the muckraking that takes place in primaries like Iowa and New Hampshire. When you look at what is currently happening in the Iowa caucus it tells a tale of a very disorganized Democratic Party. It took them a week just to figure out how to count the votes in one state. This is why Bloomberg has avoided these types of trial runs as the DNC looks for someone who can possibly compete against Trump this year. The democrats are in serious trouble and there appears to be no real leadership either in the DNC or in the presidential race.

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Bloomberg is the democrats’ dream candidate who has been strategically setting up a nationwide organization opening up offices in potential swing areas of the country where he thinks he can make an impact with progressives. He is working to bring out voters in November’s election in places like Tucson and Boise. These are the up and coming liberal progressive bastions that would probably not have voted if someone like Biden or Bernie were running. So far he has spent $350 million on his campaign advertising on TV, radio, and newspapers around the country and is polling the high single digits. He doesn’t have to worry about campaign contributions with $58 billion in assets as he will be self-funding and contributing heavily to other needy democrats in tough races. The question is how much is he willing to spend to win the election?

Although he is not well-liked by many in the Democratic Party, his extreme wealth and willingness to spend it to win is well known as he bought all of his elections in N.Y.C. spending in excess of $70 million in each of his three campaigns for mayor. This is why the DNC would be willing to bite their tongues give him the nomination and fill their empty election coffers at the convention. He ran as a republican the first two terms and as an independent for his third and final term in N.Y.C. His record as Mayor is not all that bad and he has a record of being a law and order mayor. During his 12 years in office, homicide rates dropped by 65% and shootings dropped by 55%. The city’s overall crime rate was reduced by 32%.

He favors free trade is pro-business and considers himself a fiscal conservative because he balanced N.Y.C. budget by raising taxes. He is regarded as socially liberal or progressive on multiple issues, supporting abortion rights, same-sex marriage, strict gun control measures, environmentalism and a pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants. He is a strong anti-gun advocate who thinks any gun in public hands should hold no more than three bullets. He has spent hundreds of millions of his own money supporting gun control. He is also against the execution of criminals regardless of the crime and would prefer to lock them up for life and throw away the key. He called execution murder by the state while being a staunch supporter of abortion. Bloomberg replaced New York City’s school board set up by the state of New York with a setup providing direct mayoral control over public education. A huge proponent of climate change he has already committed over $500 million of his own money to reduce greenhouse gases.

Bloomberg is in favor of lower taxes for large corporations for the good of the community and even offered Goldman Sachs $1.65 billion in tax breaks to establish its headquarters across the street from ground zero. He places strong emphasis on public health and has been an avid supporter of the New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation – the largest urban healthcare agency in the United States – serving over 1.3 million New Yorkers.

Bloomberg is in many ways a pseudo-dictator and he runs his company very much the way he ran the city of N.Y. While he had to deal with a city council and the state he pretty much did whatever he wanted because of his wealth and would not be above running our country by executive order. If you liked the way Obama ran the country you will love Bloomberg because while he is not an apologetic person for America like Obama was he is certainly as narcissistic but with 58 billion dollars at his command. Do not think that this man is not a viable candidate because he is and also the most dangerous to another four years of Donald John Trump. He will do whatever and spend whatever is necessary to win the presidency in 2020 should the democrats nominate him. Keep in mind he is already in for $350 million which is just a drop in the bucket for a man of his wealth. While Trump has got everything going for him we must be vigilant of this N.Y.C. huckster who will stop at nothing to beat Trump in 2020. If Bloomberg is the candidate It will up to us the American people to make sure we have President Trump for another four years so make sure you get your butts off that couch, go to the polls and vote this November.

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