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Why I support Ammon Bundy

As most of my readers know I was raised in the early years of my life in the home of my Quaker grandparents in Philadelphia. Particularly my grandmother, but also my grandfather had a very strong influence upon my faith, my philosophy of life, and as I reflect in my later life—my politics. My grandparents having lived their entire lives in Philadelphia and Swarthmore Pa, were exposed during their childhoods to abolitionists, people who had participated in The Underground Railroad, and in the case of my grandmother who marched with her mother an early women’s suffragette, leaders who helped pass the 19th Amendment.

My grandfather was a proud member of The Union League. The Union League was a group of businessmen who early on supported Abraham Lincoln’s Senate and then Presidential Campaigns. There were “Union Leagues” in other cities most notably Chicago and San Francisco. Unlike in the other cities, the Union League of Philadelphia was made up mostly of Quaker businessmen and educators.

When my grandfather joined the Union League before the beginning of the twentieth century, one had to take an “Oath” that they had never voted for anyone other than a Republican unless a Republican’s name wasn’t on the ballot. Women were also not allowed to be members of The Union League and they were not allowed to go on the second floor to visit the “Lincoln Library” except on Thanksgiving Day and Easter. The Union League lost famous Supreme Court battles regarding both of those issues in the late 20th Century.

In my adult life I have voted for several Democrats in Virginia State legislative elections. All were leaders in the early days of the modern civil rights movement. All fought segregation and “Jim Crow”still present in the South, at great risk to the safety of themselves and their families. Not all Southern Conservative Democrats were racist segregationist—though some certainly were like Joe Biden’s “close friend” West Virginia Senator and Klan Grand Master Robert Byrd. One such man was John Mackenzie, who I voted for several times before President Nixon appointed him to a Federal Judgeship. His rulings in several significant civil rights cases indirectly played a role in ferreting out the civil and criminal case against Spiro Agnew.

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The point of my rather long preamble is that it has been hard for me this election cycle to not “ride for the brand” as my grandfather swore an oath that he had done in his life. In my own 16th District, I have voted for a Democrat twice because he was more conservative according to the IFF Freedom index than several Republicans in leadership positions. After the recent announcement of the “50” so called “mainstream Republicans” who are more in line with their political philosophies with Mitt Romney and the Bush brothers, in supporting Raul Labrador’s opponent, I have decided to support Ammon Bundy for Governor. Thanks to the “fifty” I have counted 23, for the inspiration.

I want to be very clear that I do not think Brad Little is a bad person. He is a good family man. He loves his wife and children and that is a plus today. He has risen from his father’s shoulders and built upon a family business and passed it on to his sons in better shape than he found it. I could probably say the same things about the head of a Chicago crime family, who like Brad Little have used the leverage of legacy to rise to power. Using legacy to build up a family business is very different than using legacy to build up political power because the currency of business is work and productivity. The currency of politics is favor and influence. Transactions in business are transparent to the buyer and the seller. Political transactions—particularly in Idaho are hidden many times behind a diaphanous veil of “faux virtue”.

Over the past 30 years Idaho has become known nationally as one of the most politically “corrupt” States in the country. Even though we have for almost all that time been governed by Republicans at all levels of government, those Republicans have created a “servo loop” of corruption and tribute where our politicians answer first to special interest lobbyists like IACI, IMA,IHA, IEA, and only at election time do they pretend to listen to WE THE PEOPLE. The proof of the “political pudding” is the lack of engagement and the disrespect for the political bargain that Mr. Little and several other Republicans—including conservatives who lost in Statewide primaries, had in refusing to publicly debate issues that are important to all Idahoans irrespective of party affiliation. That singular disrespect for process and for the people will always lead me not to vote for a politician exercising such political hubris and disdain for the very people whose vote they are asking for. The very least you can do Mr./Mrs./Ms. Politician is show some respect for the people you may be given the “duty” to represent. Duty is a two-way street.

Ammon Bundy has been fighting the political “head-winds” his entire campaign. The media, The Republican establishment—are they not joined at the hip(?), have been running a negative campaign against Mr. Bundy from the beginning. Mr. Bundy has been honest and open about his past dealings with the Federal Government. Few people even know today that he has been found not guilty of his Federal Crimes—all of them. I find it ironic that those who argue about his confrontations with law enforcement forget that every person who signed our Declaration of Independence was indicted for the crime of Treason. Like Ammon’s family several had their properties confiscated in the name of “The King” and for the reason of “civil justice”.

I have not agreed with several of the tactics that Mr. Bundy has deployed. He has been unable to walk away from confrontation, when sometimes the tactical situation demands a retreat, to fulfill a strategic objective. Retreat can often be an offensive maneuver—in politics and war. In every case he was supporting a person or cause who he perceived was being compromised and in need. He sometimes was punching up, and he let his opponents and their media sycophants punch down. His conservative principles and support for law enforcement and First and Second Amendment protections suffered because of needless confrontations with law enforcement—much to many in the law enforcement community’s dismay and disappointment.

Finally his allegiance to the Tenth Amendment Principles that for so many years were championed by Butch Otter, and that were thrown under the political bridge of corrupt cronyism during the “political pandemic” by Brad Little who closed down schools, businesses, and kept an ongoing Executive Order in place so large hospital systems and pharmaceutical companies who contributed to many political campaigns could realize large profits at the expense of patient care. In case anyone has forgotten what the 10th Amendment to Our Constitution states:

The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

Those words for me are why I am supporting Ammon Bundy. For all his faults and his several missteps, he has always respected and engaged the people whose vote he is asking for. He has run a brilliant campaign. He is not beholding to any special interest. He is not a legacy politician. Most importantly he is not ashamed to say that he loves God, loves his country, and loves The Constitution.

Go Ammon Bundy. As Winston Churchill once said: “Never-never give in!”

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As an old sailor I see that you have taken the CAPT Aubrey solution to the governorship.

Just call me “Lucky” Jack.
Fighting first.
Discipline second.
Humor and fun third.

“Teaching sailors” the discipline of ball room dancing doesn’t make them better fighters or sailors. Unlike today’s politicians where appearances trumps action. Teaching “wokeness” doesn’t make today’s sailors better fighters, nor does it make them more “woke”.

“… I do not think Brad Little is a bad person.”
I do. I think he has said one thing to get elected then done something else to please his major donors.
He overreacted to the Coronavirus but never made a course correction or acknowledged his overreach. People are still facing charges for taking their kids to the park or singing hymns outdoors.
He has overseen the importation of possibly tens of thousands of un-vetted illegal aliens who threaten our coffers and our safety, all to placate the shrieking lefties who are quickly taking over the state.
Brad Little should resign in disgrace, and failing hat he needs to be voted out. Another Brad Little term will see Idaho become Washington State.
Brad Little talks a good game, but he is not a good person.

Last Thursday, the town of Wallace was “Capital for a Day” from 9-3.
I arrived at 2:20 with my written questions & evidence in tow. I asked him why he failed to follow the state’s Emergency Plan regarding pandemics that he said he would in his March 13, 2020 emergency Proclamation (w/1 case in Idaho). The definition of a Moderate Pandemic was just recently met (after 2.5+ years), because all “probable” cases are considered “cases”. I asked him why he ignored the IDAPA regarding SARS-CoV (1) and the mandatory investigation of a case to a Confirmed status were ignored, citing over 115,000 unconfirmed cases to date (which are conveniently combined with Confirmed cases to create a total just above the “pandemic” definition).

I asked him what the percentage of deaths were from COVID only, COVID with underlying co-morbidities, and COVID after being fully vaccinated.

I asked him if he would handle the next pandemic: Monkeypox, Ebola, or Marburg, the same as he did COVID.

With a red face, he stood up to answer me. Never mentioning the state’s pandemic response plan & its definitions/quantifications, he said his actions were based on his worries about hospitalizations & deaths. He deferred to IDHW Dir. Jeppesen regarding IDAPAs (& Jeppesen declined comment on the state’s legal override of the IDAPA). He said that given another pandemic, he would definitely handle the situation differently…without stating how.
I gave Dir. Jeppesen my questions document & the documents backing up the comments, saying that the Governor failed to respond to many of my questions & I look forward to his responses to them, but am sure I will not receive.

I will vote for Ammon Bundy.

Thank you for your comments. The Composition of the Governor’s Covid advisory committee insured that the Idaho response would fail. Special interests being represented like the hospital industry without any input from clinicians or nurses who were at ground zero, made sure that revenues could be maximized at the expense of patient care. There will be no review of the State of Idaho Covid response by an independent committee, because they know how illegal the extension of the emergency order was, and how short sighted their advisors were in their recommendations. That is percisely why the Governor has failed to debate his opponents, or answer any questions publicly about his Covid response. Arrogance and hubris have replaced transparency and accountabilit in Idaho Government. The special interests win, and Idaho citizens lose

Post from doc@MJP in response to calls for amnesty from the teacher’s unions. Not my words but theirs:

“It’s too bad we shut the entire economy down & took on tyrannical powers that have never been used before in this country—looking back, you should have been able to go to church and use public parks while we let people riot in the streets—but it was a confusing time for everyone.”
Matthew J. Peterson
“Hey I’m sorry we scared the hell out of you & lied for years & persecuted & censored anyone who disagreed but there was an election going on & we really wanted to beat Donald Trump so it was important to radically politicize the science even if it destroyed your children’s lives.”
8:50 AM · Oct 31, 2022

Good for you! Governor Little has refused to answer important questions which further calls into question his ability to lead. A person in his position should have a boiler plate response to these commonly asked questions and each time he is stumbling over his words trying to talk his way out of it. Revisionist history won’t due. He must take account for his decisions. All the Californians that moved here from terrible liberal leadership demand that Idaho be the safe, freedom state we expect. We will hold him accountable. Voting Bundy here, too.

Thanks Sara. I recommend everyone watch this IPB interview with Ammon Bundy. Brad Little is asking for your vote and at the same time he is insulting you by not standing to answer questions or debate.


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