Why All the Hate?

You may be wondering why all the hate. It seems everyone is at each other’s throats. So why? I don’t hate people, I hope that we could all live in peace and prosperity according to the ideals our nation was founded upon. Peace, prosperity and open exchange of ideas are now encumbered by political correctness, opportunity held hostage by political rhetoric and peace once a function of strategic geographic location now a minor inconvenience of global governance. How could the American experience have gone so wrong upwelling so much hate?

Today the American nose is in everyone’s business. A justifiable right granted by virtue of power, keeping the peace by holding the reins of military might around the globe. The nose is in every citizen’s business too. It seems everything touched by this nation is failing. No wonder. We have strayed far from the ideals of liberty that once held our pursuit of happiness together. Those of us who began our lives in a free nation see little semblance to the command and control authority that dogs our every action today. Generations of chowder heads now challenge the foundations upon which our lives were built and they are in control. They no longer live in a world where a directional compass holds the course toward the blessings of liberty. They have no clue. We will suffer.

Lessons learned from centuries of human enslavement by self-professed masters have fallen to the deaf, the uneducated, and the horrid throngs of dependents. We have lost our liberty to those who cherish their security and the freebies they now deserve. A warning flag clearly expressed at our founding waving briskly in the breeze of fuming air.

Our President is no longer the Chief Executive Officer of a Congressional body representative of the States and the People. A long chain of abuses have followed the first action that gave someone something they didn’t earn at the expense of those who do. The imbalance of power first sown has neutered the prime objective of our Republic, separate and equal branches of power with checks and balances. Today our leaders surge headlong into international agreements without consent, spearheaded by a mad man with a pen and telephone unshackled by a Constitution written to prevent these very actions. But who knows and who cares.

The sleight of hand redefinition of all that was formerly held sacred is lost. Marriage, free association, and equality of people are all terms subject to modification in this era of compassionate enlightenment. Compassion that comes with burning sympathies fanned by the flames of a narrowing view for those things that have traditionally inspired tranquility.

There are new attacks on the virtues of traditional America each day it seems, over-reaches of powers not granted and legislative mandates passed to keep the powerless pitifully dependent and unaware. Today the issue of refugees has washed upon our shores. Same as those many issues that have come and gone. Government does as it pleases each and every time with no consideration for the States or the People. These abuses will continue until the resultant putrefaction is so intolerable that the system collapses. Then who will be the compassionate ones?