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Who is running the State of Idaho?

This past week Kevin Miller had Dr. Cole on his show to present the real facts about Covid 19 and the emergency use of vaccines. He appears to be the only voice of reason in a sea of confusion when it comes to this virus, vaccines and immunity. After listening to him I certainly would not want to chance taking any of these EUA vaccines. He is 100% correct about the medical community throwing out the VARS numbers or just not talking about them at all when they have been so important in the past. So many have been injured by this vaccine and no one wants to talk about it. The mass media have completely ignored the possibility that these vaccines could be harmful and have not been fully tested to get full approval. Vaccines take years of study and testing before they are released by the FDA.

Our President is telling us that the FDA has approved the Pfizer vaccine but indeed this is no more than a bait and switch. The vaccine that has been approved is not even in production and will not be available for years. What the FDA did was reissue another EUA for the Pfizer vaccine. The public is being out and out lied to about these vaccines and the number of adverse reactions about them. Less than 1% of adverse reactions are actually reported and we already have more deaths reported from these vaccines than from all the vaccines in past history. This situation we have currently with St. Luke’s, St. Al’s and Primary Care is asking their employees to put themselves in harm’s way by requiring this shot which is not I repeat NOT a vaccine with full FDA approval it only has Emergency Use approval.

A spokesperson for the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare, said no Idaho law even addresses required immunizations in adults. So if there is no law requiring a worker to take this shot under the duress of losing their job and they die from this vaccine, would this be considered Medical Malpractice on the part of the hospitals knowing that this vaccine is not fully approved? There are lots of questions but not very many answers. The biggest question is when not if a class action suit will be filed against these healthcare providers.

Idahoans need to wake up and rebel as these hospitals and corporations are mandating that you either take the shot or lose your job. These hospitals are members of IACI and they are the ones calling the shots (no pun intended) when it comes to forcing employees to take these vaccines. Did you know that the chairman of IACI is the head of St. Al’s hospital? Did you know that it was because of IACI along with the hospitals, insurance companies, and medical associations that Idaho has a Healthcare Exchange (Obamacare)? These are the same people who are throwing campaign money at candidates that will do their bidding once in office. If you want to know who they are you need only look at their voting records which you can find at the Idaho Freedom Foundation’s Freedom Index Website.

It is time for all Idahoans to stand up and recognize what is happening here. We have corporate entities telling employees that they have to take a vaccine that could kill, or cause severe harm to them but they don’t want to accept the responsibility for any adverse effects. Instead they want to make Idaho’s Workmen’s Compensation responsible for any liability from taking these vaccines.

The citizens of Idaho need to understand that many of the legislators that they voted for are not the ones running our state. It is the corporate elite and the RINOs who they control through their huge campaign donations that are the cause of all of our problems. Please understand that our Governor Brad Little was a former Chairman of IACI and in 2020/21 the Prosperity Fund controlled by IACI has contributed $10,000 to Little’s reelection campaign along with Blue Cross of Idaho donating $5,000 and Magellan Health’s $3,000. If you want to know why Little and his “Side Kick” Scott Bedke won’t recall the legislature to resolve the problem with vaccine mandates you only have to look at the money behind them. If you look at Bedke’s campaign contributions you will find similar contributions by health insurance and health group companies.

Just take a look at how healthcare in our state has changed in the past 20 years. Idahoans have fewer health care options as the two major hospitals have bought out most of the private medical clinics and now employ the doctors who run them. They would go in and make these independent clinics offers they could not refuse with huge bonuses for signing on with them and then, guess what happened next? They would raise the prices for those services that were now being supplied by hospital staff. Does anyone remember when St. Luke’s took over the Saltzer Clinic? The combination of these two entities caught the attention of the Federal Trade Commission and St. Luke’s was accused of violating the Clayton Act. This forced St. Luke’s to divest the Saltzer Clinic back to a separate independent entity. I remember 4 or 5 years ago asking what it would cost for a hernia operation at the Independent Treasure Valley Hospital. I was told about $2,000 while that same operation at St. Luke’s cost about $8,000. Both St. Al’s and St. Luke’s sit on some of the most valuable property in Idaho and don’t pay one cent in taxes because they are Non Profits. You wouldn’t think that they were non-profits if you took a good look at how much they pay their administrators.

We have been trying to warn Idahoans about these problems for years but until now they have not seen the ugly head of this political beast that has been plaguing our state for 20 years. It is time to cut the head off of this beast by taking away their power in our political system. Only the voters of Idaho have the power to change their future by eliminating those who are not holding up their oath to serve the people and support the constitution. What these elite carpetbaggers have done to Idahoans is as much a crime as robbing you on the steps of our capital building in broad daylight with no fear of being punished. These elitists are now threatening to take your jobs if you don’t do as they tell you and take a vaccine that is known to cause serious problems once injected into our bodies and only has Emergency use approval by the FDA.

Many of our legislators have stood by quietly while the elite are taking over our state and they need to be primaried next year and voted out of office. Idahoans have been disengaged from the political arena for years and they are finally realizing that they no longer have control of what happens in their state. Idahoans need to unite and say “NO MORE” while we have an opportunity to take our state back in the primary elections next year. You can only do that by being an informed voter who knows the background and voting record of the candidates on the ballot. If you need help just go to this website to see the voting records of the legislators in your district. The Idaho Freedom Foundation takes a lot of time and effort to grade the voting records of these politicians and you would do well to keep an eye on these voting records to see if they are worthy of your vote. You can take our state and put it back in the hands of the people by simply voting out of office those who are working for the corporate elite and voting in those who actually care about the citizens of Idaho.

Both governor Little and Speaker Scott Bedke need to be retired from politics in this next election but only you, the voters of Idaho can make this happen. You only need to do a little homework and open your eyes to see that Idaho has been taken over by these elitists and it is time we took it back.

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I’m afraid there are too many Idahoans who have accepted the propaganda that vaccines are good and needed, and will not discharge any candidate that supports it or who is aligned with corporations.

Per the Idaho SoS office, Idaho is a 100% paper ballot state, creating a paper record which can be used to verify the optical scanning tabulators. Now look back at the emergency measures Governor Little signed for mail-in and absentee voting last year. Now consider that he and his Speaker have refused to bow to thousands and thousands of letters demanding they call the Senate back into season.
Time to verify those tabulators, AZ style.

Everyone who can needs to take a stand and share this article &/or the information it brings forward. We have been following the issue concerning these vaccines and fully support Dr. Cole’s analysis. We are being suppressed on all fronts and must fight back however & where ever the opportunity presents itself.

Elite…we don’t have an elite. America is to be governed by the people, not a ruling class. Politics, as with culture, is an extension of the people. The morality, standards, virtue or vice of people becomes society. Obviously churches have failed to hold the line, as once the Black Robe Regiment taught from the pulpit then lived on the battlefield. Simply, you cannot embrace depravity and purity at the same time.
“And then I will declare to them, ‘I never knew you; depart from Me, you who practice lawlessness!’
“And because lawlessness will abound, the love of many will grow cold.
Whoever commits sin also commits lawlessness, and sin is lawlessness”

Those are not elite, they are lawless, and their end is determined.
When anyone sets out to destroy the laws that protect rights (granted to the people by their God) are lawless.

Yes, the church has failed as evidences by the number of turn-coat denominations that are embracing “social justice” and those that decided to shut down during the plandemic.

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