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Which Idaho Legislators are the True Conservatives?

The Devil is in the Details

If we can’t fix the problems with our state, how do we expect to fix the problems confronting our country? It appears that the Idaho Association of Commerce and Industry (IACI) are starting early to secure House and Senate seats for their Crony RINOs who continue to infiltrate Idaho’s legislature with their liberal agendas turning Idaho Bluer by the year.

IACI just put out their list of their preferred candidates for the Idaho Legislature in 2024, which you can find here. IACI is the most powerful organization in Idaho’s political arena and is made up of the largest corporations in our state.

Idahoans should also look at the following link from the Idaho Freedom Foundation (IFF):, who actually rate hundreds of pieces of legislation and score legislators based on their votes. IFF ratings cover voting by legislators for Education, Freedom, and Spending, and it is the most comprehensive assessment of how our Idaho legislators voted in the last session.

We ask you to compare IFF ratings to how IACI has rated these same legislators, and you will clearly see the difference between the legislators who work for the people and those who work to get IACI’s approval. The difference is quite telling, and if you have a brain in your head, it will tell you how IACI is trying to influence our legislators in moving Idaho further to the left.

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You might want to take a look at this link posted by The Magic Valley Liberty Alliance and see what they have to say about IACI and what they support.

Included in this post, you will find an article written by Karen Schumacher, an avid conservative researcher and freelance writer for the Gem State Patriot and Redoubt News. We urge you to read this article as it tells you who IACI is and what organizations and policies they have been supporting. Idaho has been under attack by the corporate elite for the past two decades, and they continue to grow in power and influence using this organization and the money they contribute to legislative candidates through their Political PAC.

Remember that Gov. Brad Little was a member of IACI from 1981 through 2001, eventually being elected Chairman of this elite, highly politically-motivated business organization. It was our RINO Governor, Dirk Kempthorne, who—in our opinion, at the urging of IACI—chose to appoint Little to Idaho’s vacant senate seat in 2002, setting the stage for Little’s eventual rise to be Governor. It is no secret that Governor Little is the mouthpiece for IACI members and the reason he won his past two elections. Little is one of the elite good-old-boys whose families have run this state for decades, and he has done more to turn our state blue than any other governor in our history.

Idaho is under attack by these left-leaning corporate elitists who care only about their bottom lines and how much power they can wield. In my humble opinion, Idaho has always been more of a libertarian-leaning state with a heavy dose of conservatism, however; it is slowly being transformed into a liberal bastion, much like Denver which led to the liberalization of Colorado. What is presently happening to Idaho is something that is happening throughout our country as we are slowly being overtaken by power-hungry corporate elitists who are the biggest threat to our country’s existence.

Never in our history have Americans been so divided since the Civil War. Victor Davis Hanson said it best: “America has been in a veritable cultural revolution since the 1960s. Nearly all our major institutions finally became woke—the administrative state, traditional and social media, universities, K-12, the corporate boardroom, entertainment, professional sports, and the foundations.”

Our citizens have become serfs and illegal aliens have become veritable citizens. While U.S. citizens need a passport to reenter our country illegals are ushered through at the southern border with no identification at all. We have not yet seen the calamity of these changes. You can be sure they will soon affect Idaho as all states are now considered border states. If you don’t think that illegals are being integrated into Idaho’s population, you had better take another look around. The elitists who run this state at IACI are not interested in seeing the average Idahoan get ahead financially or otherwise. They are only interested in accumulating more wealth and power at the expense of the working class who are dealing with high property taxes, woke educations for their children, and devastating inflation courtesy of President Biden. You may remember that in the past two legislative sessions, one of our Woke Senators has tried to pass a bill that would allow illegals to acquire driver’s licenses which is one step away from allowing them to vote.

We at the Gem State have been ringing the alarm bell for years with little attention being paid to what we say. If you don’t wake up soon the gavel will come down and Idahoans will wake up one day and wonder what happened to their state and their country. You can stop this transition by doing some homework on who you vote for, whether it be someone on a school board, an Idaho legislator, or even our governor. Make sure you know who these elected officials are and whether they are going to represent you, the people, or the elitists who gave them the campaign money to win their election. We have been lied to for so long that most of us can tell what the truth is anymore.

In the past couple of years, our state has been growing by leaps and bounds, being inundated with folks from more liberal states who are seeking sanctuary in Idaho from the oppressive governments in states they are leaving. The problem is that they have no idea of the hornet’s nest they are moving into, and they need to be educated about who they can trust and who works for the elitists at IACI.

This year our legislature passed a budget of $4.5 billion the largest state budget in Idaho’s history and you are going to be paying for this government atrocity that has been supported by our Rino legislators and a governor who claims to be conservative, We want every Idahoan to think about this massive budget as inflation continues to eat a hole in your wallet while real property tax relief is nowhere in sight real-estate values are plummeting and mortgage rates soar to new highs.

If you understand what is happening to our state please have the courage to step forward and give your fellow Idahoans, the wakeup call they need to become activists that will help rid our state of the phony conservatives who have been destroying Idaho for the last 2 decades.

“We Get the Government We Deserve”.

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8 replies on “Which Idaho Legislators are the True Conservatives?”

Good morning, Bob. I appreciate your articles with the exception of one thought. You say that if we don’t know that the problem is, we can’t find a solution, I totally agree but although we agree, I also disagree, in part of the direction you are going because I do not believe it properly exposes who and where the problem is. Sure, crooked politicians are bad and sure IACI may be bad, but it leaves the reader to believe that if we remove crooked legislators and remove IACI our problems are solved. These are inaccurate statements because removing those things won’t especially when they are fronts for something deeper that most people are not even aware of. Take the library issue for example, people want to fight the library and like IACI, they seem to refuse the simple fact that these are all part of the conspiracy that, still no one will openly admit exists! The ALA, for example openly supports UN Agenda 2030 and although IACI may not do so openly, it doesn’t mean they don’t because EVERYTHING is connected to globalism and empowering the UN. Americans, Idahoans indeed need to understand the problem and if we don’t, we will lose. Time is ticking and it’s time to call the truth what it is and focus on the root cause of the problem, not just the branches. If we really want to call ourselves patriots, we need to be unafraid of the truth. Besides, as far as “good candidates” are concerned, how good are they when they can’t connect the dots or won’t do it publicly? BTW< for anyone that doesn't know, Karen Schumacher is an expert on the topic, and I have only studied it for the last 10 years!

It’s a great article yet I completely agree with you ( Tom ) concerning the deeper conspiracy aspect. PS : Karen Schumacher is right on target ! Thank you for your insight and follow through !

I agree with Tom Munds…the legislatures need to be able to connect the dots and know the enemies when they encounter them. Usually they are in camo and are smooth talkers. For example the people that want to open up the constitution.

Remove “Branches” is important as we face the same issues here in Montana that idahoans do – but ours is worse. We have politicians that spread the ideology of the John Birch Society to the point that many in the state legislature are totally gaslighted negatively about the Article V and possibly getting the impossible to do – all the delegates to a convention of states gathering will vote to throw out the constitution, rewrite a new one and take away our gun rights and the Second Amendment. These are illogical, false claims by the Birchers but we don’t have the brightest chips in the tree as our legislators. More important is that we MUST get the article V going to take back the country. Voting the bastar** out of office hasn’t ever worked. What we need are Americans who do NOT follow an agenda, are truly conservative but NOT extreme in their “conservative” beliefs and those that will leave after two terms in office. Term limits on Congress would help, term limits on the judiciary will help, and punishment to fit the crime is sorely needed. And I commend Idahoans who meet the buses with illegals and have guns in their hands. They are being brought in to VOTE in the 2024 election – as anyone who claims they are citizens can vote. This is even when their citizenship is being checked. Oh my – punishment if they are caught lying/. Some liberal judge will release them. But their votes still stand! One of our “good” legislators tried to put this rule down at a state level to control voting by the many illegals here in the state and the DEMOCRATS in the legislature and the so called freedom caucus members voted against it. Our own state senator is one of those corrupt individuals who calls herself conservative when she should say EXTREMIST and tyrannical in thinking.

Dead-on target Thomas. “We” must speak out and name the enemy. Get personal or end up in a camp or worse.

Many of the protoplasm in Idaho dot gov are WOKE to the core and have an R after their name. And these scum continue to get re-elected by the uninfromed who also lean right.

What is WOKE someone may ask. The correct definition is: Marxist

IACI is a major problem and it’s about time we all got wise to it. They’re running the show, and not for our benefit — that’s for sure. Think they care about your skyrocketing property taxes or the state’s ridiculous budget? Nah, they’re in it for themselves.

Governor Little’s history with IACI is more than just a red flag; it’s a blazing signal flare that things are off the rails. The dude was Chairman of IACI for crying out loud! If you think he’s gonna buck his old buddies for the average Idahoan, I’ve got a bridge to sell you.

And let’s talk about the liberal Republicans. They claim to be conservatives but they’re backing budgets that would make a big-city liberal blush. The Idaho Freedom Foundation has the receipts, so go check ’em out. The numbers don’t lie.

Bottom line: we need to get real conservatives in there who’ve got the backbone to stand up to this nonsense. Leaders who will kick these corporate interests to the curb and actually fight for us, the people. And if we don’t? Well, kiss the Idaho you know and love goodbye.

Time to wake up, people. If we don’t shake things up, no one will. Get out there, vote for the real deal conservatives, and let’s take back Idaho.


Bob & Tom it appears that you & most sane Americans are in complete agreement that the majority of our local & state public servants have become political prostitutes’ for a nationwide cartel of leftist lobbyists who feed off trillions of dollars in taxpayer funded government contracts.
America’s founders’ knew from world history that our nation’s biggest threat would be political corruption.
America’s Founders clearly placed citizens with the lawful authority to enforce oath of office contracts & remove public servants who’s actions & records validate corruption or acts of treason.
Conflict of interest is illegal !
Over the past several decades have allowed approximately 76% of our elected lawmakers who are lawyers who have turned our nation’s laws, individual rights, freedoms & regulations & even our sexuality into a judicial quagmire & massive feeding ground for cash flow for the judicial system….
Public apathy is a self inflicted disease same as liberalism.
Results of the highly contested 2020 election revealed that the majority of people who are in control of our local & state voting systems & machines are leftists & denied observation from conservatives.
If America’s voting & tabulating system is not legitimized by ‘Citizens’ for the 2024 elections, America will rapidly continue it’s path into becoming a Venezuelan styled dictatorship.
It’s very likely that the millions of military age illegal aliens that the Democrat Party & Rinos have welcomed for cheap labor will also be legalized to vote & enlisted as a national police force against American’s who resist this treasonous overthrow.
Time is very short for patriotic Americans to organize nationwide & assume their lawful & civic roles as Oath Enforcers.

NOT A SINGLE ONE OF THEM – at least not according to the Only One with the authority to determine what constitutes conservatism.

The same with every other state’s legislators, judges, and America’s presidents since the inception of the Constitutional Republic.

You cannot swear allegiance to the biblically seditious Constitution and claim to be be conservative – well, you can, but it’s only, at best, window dressing in the sight of our God and Creator.

For more, see blog article “Right, Left, and Center: Who Gets to Decide?” at

For evidence, see free online book “Bible Law vs. the United States Constitution: The Christian Perspective,” in which every Article and Amendment is examined by the Bible, at

Find out how much you really know about the Constitution as compared to the Bible. Take our 10-question Constitution Survey in the sidebar and receive a free copy of the 85-page “Primer” of “BL vs. USC.”

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