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When the Right goes Wrong

There has been a lot of talk and speculation about the cadence and tenor of the upcoming Idaho November General Elections. Specifically, the lack of engagement by establishment Republicans, affectionately known as THE DEMOCRATIC WING OF THE IDAHO REPUBLICAN PARTY (DWIRPs)—they feel RINO is disrespectful, it is in my most humble opinion an affront to WE THE PEOPLE. It speaks volumes about where the hearts of establishment Idaho Republicans ultimately rest—with corporatist lobbyists who they are ultimately given the responsibility of regulating, and who then turn around and fund their campaigns.

The situation in Idaho is just as symbiotic and incestuous as it is in Washington DC. The process of “crony corporatism” is alive and well in Idaho. For Governor Little the big question is very simple. Do I bring my case to the people—campaign and debate, or do I keep myself behind closed doors ala Joe Biden and ensure that I win? He will do whatever his handlers tell him to do. Just like the Obama’s are pulling the strings of the “titular” head of our Federal government, Alex “IACI” LaBeau is the puppet master pulling the strings on Idaho politicians especially (DWIRPs). When the “public servant” is more dependent on the financiers of his campaign and special interest corporatists than he is on the people—the voters, then bad things can happen. When unpopular politicians become powerful, the special interests behind the scenes become even more powerful. We then find ourselves in an even more dangerous place—In Boise, Idaho, or in Washington DC.

I have stated before that if an election were held in Idaho between Mitt Romney and Donald Trump, Mr. Trump would easily win with 60% of the vote—unless the vote was held in the Idaho legislature where the results would be flipped. I believe our legislature more reflects the will of special interests and not the will of the people. Conservatives in Idaho need to ask why we dropped the ball this election cycle. In my opinion we beat ourselves and let the establishment just stand back and watch the carnage. We have too many politicians who are following the advice of “expert” advisors who recommended that they not engage and debate their opponents. Last October—over a year ago we recommend early and many debates—they never happened. WE NEVER ENGAGED—our bad!

I am encouraged moving forward. Today Russ Fulcher endorsed Raul Labrador for Idaho Attorney General. Conservatives working together! We are by nature contrarians, but “many hands make light work”. Teamwork and organization are what need to be established early for Idaho conservative Republicans as we move forward to engage the likes of Take Back Idaho (TBI). Confrontation needs to be constructive with a specific goal. WE are about to see a desperate push by moderate Republicans that I fear will include “ad hominem” attacks on Raul Labrador. This is what debaters do when they don’t have case, but most importantly when they try to hide their own positions and motives. Jim Jones and Bob Kustra reflecting Idaho values on abortion, CRT, and LGBTQ—transgenderism!?

Dorothy Moon—Raul Labrador—Russ Fulcher will lead the charge. We need to team up and have the same vision that the founding fathers of IACI had 30 years ago. When organization becomes more important than principle, when those principles aren’t even brought before the people who vote, then we are in a very bad place. 2024 is just a moment in time away. TEAM UP!

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I think we must realize the root of our problems lies in dishonesty. The biggest dishonesty we can see every day destroying the fabric of our nation originated in 1944 at Bretton Woods when the gold backed US dollar was made the world reserve currency rather than what John Maynard Keynes wanted, a neutral reserve asset called Bancor.

Once America defaulted on the Bretton Woods agrement in 1971 by stopping the backing of the US dollar with gold, then a whole new reserve asset such as gold or Bancor should have been instituted. Giving the US government the ability to print money out of thin air give rise to every kind of rent seeking behavior imaginable which you call crony capitalism. I don’t like the use of the word capitalism as it is a Marxist term.

So much of American weakness and failure can be directed back to the dishonest default of the Bretton Woods system on 15 August 71 and that default can be seen as a direct result of the 19 March 68 decision by the fool LBJ not to back the US dollar with gold.

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