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What Surprises will this year’s Legislative Session bring?

I’m sure most Idahoans will be curious to see just our legislators have in store for us in 2024. Maybe some tax cuts? Don’t count on it. One thing is for sure since it is an election year, we actually might see some kowtowing to the voters who elected our NOT-so-conservative Senate and Somewhat conservative House. If you read my last article then you know what I’m talking about and if you haven’t you should go back and review the link we published with a report from the Institute for Legislative Analysis.

This report states very clearly who runs our state and who gets to pick the legislators. I assure you it is not the people but the lobbyists who put up big money around election time to keep their lackey representatives in power so they can continue to pass legislation that benefits the elitist corporations. I would urge every Idahoan to start paying attention to what kind of legislation is coming out of our state Capital because our government is continuing its growth pattern.

We have more than doubled the original projected cost of Medicare expansion and School budgets have continued to grow by leaps and bounds over the last 5 years with Little as governor. This new report on our governor can be found here:

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Governor Brad Little sided with the Limited Government position 42.53% of the time which corresponds to a Democratic political philosophy.

We should all know by now that our governor leans to the left when it comes to increased spending, regulations, and sucking up Federal money which always comes with Memorandums of Understanding. After all, he was the former chairman of IACI which controls one of the mega political PACs. They have been active for years trying to turn our state Blue by getting candidates to run who put an R in front of their name but who in essence are democrats at heart. In actuality, these legislators they support are nothing but shills for IACI so they can get favorable legislation passed for the benefit of the large corporations who are their members.

Ask yourself the question of why President Trump didn’t endorse Governor Little in the last election but instead endorsed Janice McGeachin. The simple answer is he votes like a big spending democrat, not a conservative republican. Brad Little keeps saying we are the state with the least regulations but it appears that is not the whole truth as we have done some of our own homework. What we found out is the company that did the calculations for these regulations Mercatus, didn’t get this survey just right and, in fact, we found many of the regulations the Little administration bragged about eliminating, in truth, only have changes to the wording to make you think they’re gone.

We all heard that Bedke was going to be the candidate for governor in 24 and was being groomed for the position. I would rather have one of his steers as governor than this phony republican. He went so far as to write a “Fluff piece Op-Ed for our left-wing newspaper where he tries to compare the 100 days it took to write our U.S. constitution to Idaho’s legislative sessions.

After reading the report from the Institute for Legislative Analysis telling us how we are becoming more liberal with each passing election, I don’t know how he could even make such a comparison. In any case, if he ever gets elected as governor, it will be time to move to another state. It was touted he would run in 2026 but I bet that they will run Big Spending Brad for a third term as it is doubtful that Bedke could get elected with his lack of personality and long history of voting like a Democrat in the House.

Idaho is in big trouble and you can be sure that the current people who are running our state don’t want to lose their power so expect a lot of money to be spent in the upcoming 24 legislative elections and even larger sums in 2026. Once again, I’m asking Idahoans to do their homework before going to the polls as we don’t need any more democrats that run as republicans elected. I also urge you all to be activists. If you don’t like some of the legislation that is proposed this year don’t be afraid to voice your opinion by calling or emailing your representatives.

Remember, “We Get the Government We Deserve”.

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I would be very surprised when Idaho awakens to the globalization of our state and starts talking about it. I am however not surprised that people write so much about politics without even mentioning it. I hope I may offer a very clear statement, about what Bob said about us getting the government we deserve and he is right, if people only focus on voting “good candidates” without being able to define this, we lose unless we are informed with the widest periphery possible. Globalism is real and it will happen unless people know enough to stop it. I would love anyone to challenge me on why what I said wasn’t true. Have a good day all.

WHAT WON’T BE A SURPRISE – at least it shouldn’t be to those who claim to be subjects of the King of kings – is that what will take place in all legislative branches across the land (federal and state alike) in 2024 will be the same biblical sedition committed every year previous and to come, institutionalized by the constitutional framers when they gave fickle fine man the alleged authority to make law.

According to Isaiah 33:22 & James 4:12, there’s only One lawgiver, or legislator. All others are therefore usurpers of the one and only Lawgiver and His exclusive legislative authority.

Al law not originating with the Lawgiver is merely man making legal what the Lawgiver has determined to be unlawful (e.g., in utero infanticide, sodomite “marriages,” etc.) or making unlawful what the Lawgiver has mandated as lawful (e.g., mandatory biblical qualifications for civil leaders.”

For more, see Chapter 1 “Article 1: Legislative Usurpation” of free online book “Bible Law vs. the United States Constitution: The Christian Perspective” at

Find out how much you really know about the Constitution as compared to the Bible. Take our 10-question Constitution Survey in the sidebar and receive a free copy of the 85-page “Primer” of “BL vs. USC.”

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