What Good Would A Con-Con Do?

According to the Freedom Index, found in the New American magazine, our federal elected representatives have a long way to go toward voting for legislation, based on the Constitution.

The Freedom Index chooses the 40 most important pieces of legislation and determines how each congressman votes for or against the Constitution on each of those bills.

In the 113th Congress which went from 2013 thru 2014 the House of Representatives had 245 members out of 534 voting 50% or less, when comparing their votes to the constitutionality of the bill.

In the State of Idaho Rep. Labrador had a 92% rating and Rep. Simpson had a 52% rating. In comparison, of the ten representatives from the state of Washington 8 voted under 50% and Cathy McMorris Rodgers had a 59% rating. The best rating in the House was 100% shared by Rep. Broun of Georgia and Clawson of Florida. During those same two years, the Senate had 58 members out of 100 voting 50% or less, 46 members voting 10% or less, when comparing their votes to the constitutionality of the bill.

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From the state of Idaho Senator Crapo had an 85% rating and Senator Risch had an 87% rating. Over in Washington Senator Murray had a 3% rating and Senator Cantwell had a 5% rating. The best rating in the Senate was 95% by Senator Lee from Utah.

Please examine how your own Representative and Senator voted on these bills and commend them for their Constitutional votes and urge improvement where needed. Sending some of them a copy of the Constitution would probably be a good idea also. It is quite obvious from the Freedom Index that the great majority of these people don’t honor their oath of office now, to obey the Constitution, or the 27 amendments we have now.

So do we really need to call a Constitutional Convention or add any more Amendments to the Constitution?

Why would they obey a new Constitution or more new amendments any more than they are doing now? Of course they wouldn’t! The answer is we need to concentrate our efforts on studying and understanding the Constitution ourselves, so we can elect people who will support the Constitution we have now. Encourage people to study and share the Freedom Index and oppose any calls for a Constitutional Convention. An online version of the Freedom Index is available here.

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