Welcome to the United Nations of Idaho Lobbyists – Part 2

It may be impolite to target UN affiliated lobbyists by assuming they are lobbying for UN interests. A more in-depth look is needed to review their activity and validate this accusation.

As previously noted the Sierra Club is a UN certified NGO. Loyal to the UN they promote environmental justice, sustainable development initiatives such as Global Population Environment which promotes access to family planning and reproductive health services (aka Planned Parenthood), and a special program, the National Monuments Campaign. Their lobbying efforts include legislative codes on Ecology, environment, …conservation, land and water use, Natural Resources, and Public land among others.

National Monument issues are a special headache for Idaho. Declared by presidential executive action using the Antiquities Act, large swaths of state land can be declared as National Monuments , restricting Idaho citizens the right to use and manage their own land. Craters of the Moon and Hagerman Fossil Beds are previously declared National Monuments in Idaho. But that isn’t enough for the Sierra Club. Idaho citizens have been fighting their agenda to have the Boulder-White Clouds declared a National Monument. Island Park is another proposed National Monument area which the residents oppose. The Western Greater Yellowstone Consortium (WGYC) uses HUD Sustainable Communities money for its agenda and first addressed a potential monument designation in Island Park. Sustainable development implies UN design through HUD.

At the federal level Representative Raul Labrador introduced legislation in 2013, H.R.1439 – Idaho Land Sovereignty Act, that would prohibit “any further extension or establishment of national parks and monuments in Idaho, except by express authorization of Congress.” The Sierra Club was right there to oppose this bill (Sierra Club – 2014-1). The Idaho Chapter of the Sierra Club holds the same position, take that Idaho land away from use by Idahoans!

The Sierra Club also supports expansion of the Roadless Rule which bans access in Idaho forests, and when Idaho did not comply they went to court. Here is the history on that issue.

Giving an extremely brief UN agenda overview, NGOs are used to lobby for an overall goal to prevent human access to land. In January 2015 the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP), once again under the guise of sustainable development, released the UNEP Environmental, Social, and Economic Sustainability Framework. Page 13 lists Safeguard Standard 1: Biodiversity Conservation, Natural Habitats, and Sustainable Management of Living Resources. Under 1.8 UNEP will “…consult with appropriate experts, potentially affected communities, local government, local and national NGOs…”. Another framework is “Minimization of habitat fragmentation, such as with biological corridors”.

Yellowstone to Yukon (Y2Y), a plan by a conglomerate of UN NGOs (including the Sierra Club) to literally obliterate land for human use extending from Wyoming to Canada, includes Island Park and Boulder-White Clouds. Y2Y supports the UN framework goal of biological corridors, National Monuments, and declared Wilderness Areas to accomplish their agenda and ban you from using your state land. The Sierra Club doesn’t want Idaho citizens to have control of land, they want it locked up for no human use.

Just one more example, the Fluor Corporation, UN NGO, is a global engineering and construction company. Fluor is listed as employer #7 on this monthly lobbyist report and legislative codes 7, 13, 21, and 23 were listed as their legislative activity. Using this report it shows code 7 is for “Ecology, environment, pollution, conservation, zoning, land and water use”, code 13 for “Government, federal”, code 21 for “Labor, salaries and wages, collective bargaining”, and code 23 for “License, permits”. Unfortunately they have already embedded themselves in Idaho Falls thanks to the US Department of Energy. Governor Butch Otter was thrilled. Thanks Butch for bringing in the UN full bore and not fighting the Department of Energy to keep them out.

Fluor is a UN Global Compact member while practicing sustainability ideology, uses LEED certification in their construction, is a member of the World Economic Forum (WEF) which is UN ideology on steroids and in 2005 Fluor participated in the 6th Global Forum on Reinventing Government They have already had their hands slapped by the Department of Justice for improper lobbying.

Only two examples of how Idaho has been infected by UN lobbyists and who have successfully embedded the UN and its ideology into our state. Are you convinced yet that we are truly the United Nations of Idaho?

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