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Welcome to the Greatest Show on Earth — The Rhino Brothers, Obama & Clinton Circus

Ladies and Gentlemen, children of all ages before your very eyes is the “Greatest Show on Earth”. In ring number 1 we have the jackasses. In ring number 2 the Elephants and in the center ring we have our candidates and the Ring Master for our show Donald J. Trump. Mr. Trump is a master at taming the wild beasts as he has proven over and over again by building a multi-billion dollar business dealing with bankers and crooked politicians who have been shown to be the most vicious mammals on earth.

As the show begins you will see the jackasses dancing in circles while attempting to kick ringmaster Trump in vital parts of his body. Next will be the marching elephants trying to trample Mr. Trump into the ground while the media takes pictures and cheers the pachyderms on. The final act for our show today will be a vitriol tongue lashing by Hillary the shrew until Mr. Trumps begs for a pair of Bill Clinton’s ear plugs.

I believe we are at a turning point in American history, and it is usually at a critical time like this that a white knight like Donald Trump steps forward and takes over as captain to right a ship that has been sinking for the past 28 years because of corporate and political corruption at the highest levels. It’s time the citizens of our country made their voices heard and that is what is happening with the candidacy of Trump for president with cries that will be heard in every state of our union at the polls on November 8th. We have allowed the jackals of our country to take control because of our complacency, and they have been laughing all the way to the bank with our tax money. Once again they have awakened the silent majority to do battle in the only way they have to fight back, at the polls. This is how the people of America can take control of who and how our country is led back to greatness.

If you don’t think God has been watching these past 28 years of progressive aggression, you will just have to see how he works his ways in this presidential election. He knows that our progressive government officials have been on a path to take God out of our lives and turn our children into politically correct zombies who can no longer think for themselves. He knows that they have been trying to corrupt every facet of our lives attempting to bring us to a one world government by opening our borders with an invitation for foreigners to enter legally with visas or illegally at our borders. I assure you that retribution is close at hand, and we can help it along by going to the polls in two weeks and giving a not so perfect person who at least tells the truth and wants to make America Great Again an opportunity to be our forty fifth president.

Our economy has been failing for nine years and will not improve until we get the socialists out of office and restore this country back to the republic is was meant to be. Trump is offering us all an opportunity to take back our lives and the future of our children. As imperfect as he may be, he is offering the best package we have seen in almost 30 years. He is Pro-life, Pro gun, Pro jobs, Pro lower taxes, Pro immigration control, Pro education choice, Pro law and Order, Pro free market insurance with protection for those who can’t afford it. So tell me how does this stack up to Hillary Clinton?

Well with Hillary you will get four more years of hardship, less jobs, higher taxes, higher insurance premiums with less care, more government money to fund abortions, more common core, less gun rights, more illegals coming across the border taking your jobs and going on welfare. More Black Lives Matter meetings in the White House, less high paying jobs and less God in all of our lives along with a continuation of unabated corruption. Now tell me you’re not going to vote for Donald Trump because of something he did 11 years ago. None of us are saints, but it’s not smart to cut off you nose to spite your face.

We can change this country, but it can only happen if we do it from the top down and that is what Trump is all about. He is talking about the issues and is on point with his message that we have been going in the wrong direction, and he is willing to take the wheel and turn this ship around. He has spent a lot his own money to get elected and owes nothing to the establishment which means he will be able to run this country as a business which hasn’t been done in years. He will close the candy store for the greedy corporate lobbyists and the thieving politicians and restore order, accountability and transparency to our government. Government will once again be a government of the people, by the people and for the people.

Only you can make this happen. Only you can change your own destiny, the destiny of your children and our country by going to the polls on November 8th and casting your vote for the 45th President of the United States of America, Donald J. Trump.

“We Get the Government We Deserve”