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We Have Ourselves to Blame

I’ve now had five days to digest the Idaho primary election results. I must admit that in the statewide races except for Raul Labrador winning the Attorney General’s race, conservatives took a “whipping”. But we have a few things to learn and if we don’t admit to our shortcomings, we will continue to make the same mistakes.

I must admit to myself that I am jealous of the system the establishment wing of the party has created and maintained for over forty years. The Idaho Association of Commerce and Industry is at the center of “the system”. Great teachers have a system, and it is not rooted in curriculum but in pedagogy. The way they teach what they teach is what separates great teachers from average teachers… Great businessmen have a system for how they run their businesses—the systems may be different, but the systems work if you stay true to the process. And IACI/IMA/IHA and the teachers’ unions have formed a coalition around which “the system” functions. I was privileged to play football in college and high school under coaches who had great systems. In both cases, the roots of that system could be traced back to one person—the great Paul Brown. At all levels of the sport the system became more important than the individual talent. The team operating within the system could accomplish greatness, even against stronger faster teams. Talent was not as important as the process of the system.

In my humble opinion, the conservative candidates lost against “the system” Tues night. Neither Brad Little nor Scott Bedke are great political talents. The system that controlled their campaigns and has controlled the political narrative in Idaho for 40 years won their elections. Neither Mike Crapo nor Mike Simpson are talented politicians, but they have been part of a system that has allowed them to thrive. Raul is a great talent and was able to in this one instance overcome the system.

Conservatives in Idaho are like the Native American Sioux warriors of the mid-nineteenth century. We are great warriors who like to skirmish and fight asymmetric battles, but we have no strategy or organization that can guide a specific process. WE need a great chief—like Sitting Bull to bring all the conservative factions together and form a cohesive battle plan. This is what was done by the corporate leaders in Idaho—Simplot, Albertson, Morrison Knutson, Ore Ida, and Boise Cascade when they formed what was to become IACI in the early nineteen seventies. We have many factions within the conservative community that could join and become a single political force and become a system with a process. IACI working within and without the Idaho Republican Party is today more important in determining the political direction of our State than individual legislators or even the Governor. Do you think either Brad or Scott could have become what they are today if it weren’t for IACI, and the corporate interests and lobbyists that support them? No IACI— no Governor Little. Unfortunately, the politicians have become supplicant to the benefactors. The people charged with regulating businesses and making laws in our State are beholding to the people who put them in their positions of governance. Look what happened to Ron Nate—the Melaleuca anti-Christ.

Conservatives have two choices going forward. We can try to root out the corruption that happens when such a system is allowed to operate unopposed for such a long time. Or we can have a meeting of all the “tribes” in the conservative nation and come to an understanding of who our opponents truly are—not RINOs or establishment Republicans, but the people and organizations that they are beholding to. We need to form a political army that will match their army. Fighting individual skirmishes and every now and then winning with a great talent like Raul Labrador won’t win the strategic battle. We should get organized now. We have forty years of catching up with an incredibly efficient system

I remain jealous of our opponents. They deserve our respect. So much so that we should strive to be like them. I hope the Idaho “Conservative Nation” is not only jealous of our opponents but upset enough to admit that we need to change our strategy and be courageous enough to fix the problem.

Otherwise, we will have to hope for the next great talented politician.

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Agreed. Campaigns run by the likes of Giddings and even McGeaghin were pathetic to say the least. The airwaves were inundated by lies and misleading ads by Bedke, Little and the establishment corrupt frauds, claiming to be “Constitutional Conservatives” without a single ad by their competition calling them out on it and exposing the lies. Labrador was a perfect example of the result of a well-run campaign.
Sadly for the rest of us, the others DESERVED to lose! Unfortunately, the average Idaho voter is ignorant and apathetic and either didn’t vote(but bitched about the state of affairs) or simply bought the propaganda and voted for those “conservatives” because they claimed to be. I am sick and tired of the ignorance and apathy on behalf of “Republicans” in this state.

You are 100% correct as to why the likes of Little and Bedke were supported – ignorance and apathy on behalf of “Republicans”.

Conservatives are at a disadvantage to begin with. We are introverted by nature- concerned with our daily lives and the success of our family above all else. When a conservative pops his head up it is immediately lopped off by the local media which are exclusively liberal.
Without a widespread conservative voice we will remain in the wilderness.
The internet is too splintered to be effective. There are hundreds of conservative voices, such as Gem State Patriot, but they are not unified.
A daily or weekly newpaper would be a good start. It would, however, rely on advertising revenue to be successful. Advertisers want to know their money spent is reaching their intended audience- without readership a conservative paper will fail. I have been considering a start-up but haven’t put in the time yet to form a business plan. Perhaps it’s time to start the Kuna Free Press to counter the endless propaganda from the left.
Will keep you all posted.

Not to fret!

Round and round and round and round again (incessantly) goes the Constitutional Republic’s election merry-go-round, providing both species of Crocodiles (disguised as Donkeys and Elephants) their turn at the helm, to undo whatever was accomplished by the previous administrations.

And, people, the only direction it travels is round and round and round and round again (incessantly). It never changes and yet, tragically, every two and four years Americans clamor for their alleged voting rights to elect another nincompoop, scoundrel, incompetent, immoral reprobate, or outright criminal to rule over them.

230-plus years of the Constitutional Republic’s elections has proven that regardless whether a Donkey or an Elephant gets elected, America has only advanced further down her suicidal trek to the precipice.

Time to get off the Constitutional Republic’s biblically egregious election carousel.

God has better plan!

The best the Constitutional Republic’s election system can ever produce is the lesser of two evils. Sometimes the worst of the worst, and always the evil of two lessers.

The Bible’s election system provides the best of the best of two or more biblically qualified candidates, every single time.

For more, see blog article “Constitutional Elections: Dining at the ‘Devil’s Table,'” at

For how the Bible’s election system operates, see blog article “Salvation by Election” at Don’t be fooled by the title.

In those communities that lack a “penny saver” type newspaper (traditionally left at convenience stores and outside of restaurants and other areas where the public gathers) The Gem State Patriot as a “hard copy” might be the ticket–provided, of course, the local businesses buy ads…and they will. It doesn’t have to be weekly; monthly is fine. As an added bonus, you already have a plethora of timeless essays by Bob and Dr. Livingston to choose from in the beginning.

As Jefferson opined: “The man who reads nothing at all is better educated than the man who reads nothing but newspapers.” Today, he would likely amend that to ” … who reads, listens to, and watches nothing but the main stream media.”

Regrettably, we are dealing with three-generations (starting in the 1960s) of college students who have been inculcated with Marxist Hate-America-First material. Moreover, IACI owes it soul to the PRC. We are confronting some of the worst demons humankind has had to battle.

John Adams said it out loud: Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate for the government of any other.”

Conservatives are not unlike Task Force Johnson shoved into the Pusan perimeter in the summer of 1950. Now, if we could only get someone to make a daring landing behind the enemy so we can breakout… That, fellow patriots, is the rub. To date, we don’t have anybody else.

Dr Livingston,

I read your article pertaining to the need for constitutional Republicans to form our own IACI. I am an unknown with no name recognition, and very little money. However, I can offer my passion for saving our State and Nation. I am retired military, USAF Master Sergeant, a previously certified HS teacher, a licensed journeyman electrician and a present member of the JBS. I may be wrong, but it is my opinion that uninformed, ignorant voters within our Christian churches are contributing to the present predicament. So called “Christians” are accepting a little lying, a little deceit, a little theft by our politicians is OK. My KJV Bible indicates that all lying, deceit and theft is NOT OK. I have no idea as to how we could start awakening the Churches, but I believe this would be a good place to start forming a Republican IACI. If you think my idea is a possibility, my writings on the Canyon County Republican website reflect some of who I am.


Gerald Harbel
208 407-6383

You will never get the “conservatives” together as long as there are factions within. When you have one group labeling another group as RINOs (even those with conservative values and voting records) nothing will change. When you have so-called “Christian conservatives” posting and writing LIES about candidates – and thereby violating Biblical standards of behavior – those that know the truth will refuse to work with the liars. When you have PACs dedicated to removing truly good conservative legislators because they won’t “do as they are told” by the local CC, those who do not bow at the feet of the local power brokers will make up their own minds. Until you can remove the factions within there will be no changes. Good luck removing the factions. Power corrupts even withing “conservative” ranks.

The comments explained exactly why we lose as conservatives. As far as the news, the statements are correct. The Idaho Dispatch is a thoughtful online newspaper but they need 350 paying subscribers. Personally I think Greg bends over backwards to be fair.
Do the teachers realize that Idaho Ed pays dweebs to swing at conservatives, especially women politicians.
How do we inform? There was on street interview person who was asking citizens about medicaid – cost, number of recipients, etc.. The didn’t know the answers! Do they vote?
Why do negative ads work? Perhaps we need a PAC that is dedicated to only swatting back at the negative ads. We don’t spend on anything else. It would take a talented person to oversee it. I can think of one.
Does anyone point out that the teacher’s salary pays for Idaho Ed News?? FYI You do. Do teachers know they don’t have to send dues to the union???
My last comment is this and I think we need to look at it long and hard; women in the state of Idaho are told to do as they are told in politics or they are attacked by the likes of Scottie, angry brad, IS editor Scott and the BSU contingent. Even pathetic Greg Chaney comes to mind and would the lawyers tell me how he kept his ability to practice law after felony?
Talk about morals and being a Christian but we have 25% who only support their own.

Thank you for all the comments. I have also received over 50 e-mails on this topic. Conservatives across the State are willing and able to start “fighting the system”.

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