We have one year to change America’s future

The future of America will not be determined in the 2016 elections. It will be determined in the 2016 primaries. Conservative candidates cannot win a general election if they are not the party’s nominee. As such, we have one year to accomplish our goal … electing conservative nominees. It will take a concerted effort, but it’s a goal we can achieve.

We’ve already seen a few glimmers of hope. The widespread popularity of candidates like Scott Walker, coupled with anemic support for Jeb Bush, gives us a reason to be optimistic. But, don’t count your chickens just yet. As we’ve seen in the past, money can buy an election, and Jeb Bush has an abundance of big money donors. The mainstream media has all but awarded the nomination to Mr. Bush, and will continue to do so as the elections draw closer. Given the increasing conservative climate, they feel that Bush may be the only candidate Hillary could defeat. They also know that a Jeb Bush presidency would provide some degree of support for Common Core, and an eventual amnesty deal that would likely seal the fate of the Republican Party.

The key to getting a conservative candidate elected, at any level, lies in the ability to educate the uninformed voters. Most of you reading this article have a pretty good idea of which candidates you will vote for. You’ve been concerned enough, and diligent enough, to do your homework with regard to political issues. Given that information, you understand the likely consequences of electing a moderate candidate with a propensity for compromise. Look no further than our current Congress.

However, millions of voters lack even a basic understanding of the issues. They choose to remain blissfully ignorant while the country disintegrates around them. If they knew what you know, they would vote the way you vote. But, they’ve never listened to a Scott Walker or a Ted Cruz speech. They don’t watch conservative TV or listen to conservative radio. Perhaps they never will. But, they may listen to you. If people know you are well-informed, and your heart in is the right place, they will often trust your judgement. You, my friends, are the key to winning the next election. Your voice needs to be heard.

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It helps to have facts, lots of facts. How many people do you think would support a pro-choice candidate knowing the full extent of the health risks of abortion, including an increased risk of breast cancer? How many people would vote for a candidate who supports amnesty if they knew the full economic and social impact, including increased violent crime, re-emergence of infectious diseases, loss of jobs for American workers, and the overall cost to American taxpayers? Most people wouldn’t … if they knew. But, the only way most of these voters will ever know this information is if we, the people, educate them.

I wrote my book, Spin Game, for that exact purpose. I realized that the only way many uninformed voters will acknowledge and accept this information is if it comes directly from us. As such, I covered a number of political subjects in a manner that would be easy for the average person to read and understand. They will never get this information from the mainstream media.

However, books like mine, and the information they contain, are only useful if they are read and shared with others. You need to have a consistent, factual set of talking points on a variety of issues. Talking points are the weapon of choice in today’s political environment. Factual talking points, unlike those of the Left, will give you the power to change minds. We have a lot of minds to change in the next twelve months.

I sincerely hope that we, as a nation, understand the importance of the next election. Now is not the time to be complacent. Like it or not, we will forever be only one election away from losing many of the rights and freedoms that we currently take for granted. We are at the tipping point. If we choose to remain passive, we will only have ourselves to blame if things don’t go our way. We can’t let that happen. We don’t want another Clinton or Bush in the White House.

The recipe is simple … find the facts, learn the facts, teach the facts. You keep reading and I’ll keep writing. Find out more about my book at

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