Washington is the Disease – Trump is the Cure

I don’t usually criticize columnists like Peggy Noonan of the Wall Street Journal but her recent opinion piece “Crazy Won’t Beat Trump” once again showed her true colors. In this article, she talks about how the polls for Trump have given him excellent marks on the economy but when it comes to the reality that the house impeached him she quietly shoves a knife in his back. She says he has been judged in the court of public opinion by being impeached and that this will follow him to the grave in his obituaries in the future. She continues that Americans have heard serious credible testimony for months by officials of obvious stature who said the president abused his power. What she fails to say that there was not one iota of evidence presented that would stand up in a court of law. The best they could do was hearsay by Ambassador Sondland.

I’m not sure what hearings that Peggy was watching but they certainly weren’t the same ones that most Americans were tuned into. She mentions nothing about the kangaroo court that was held secretly in the basement by Adam Schiff or the rules laid out by him to hinder any defense for the president. How could she be so ignorant of the sham of a hearing run by a man who has been accusing Trump of colluding with the Russians for over 3 years without a shred of evidence? She says nothing about Jerry Nadler’s three-ring circus held by the house judiciary committee where the democrats continued under the same framework as Schiff. Introducing witnesses who were all elitists waiting to testify with disdain against President Trump because he was not a member of their club and was against everything they stood for.

Peggy believes that most Americans think Trump is guilty but how could that be when there hasn’t even been a trial in the senate. Nancy Pelosi hasn’t even transmitted the impeachment papers to the senate for disposition. Unfortunately, people like Ms. Noonan who are considered center-right are really center-left to very left. While we think of the Wall Street Journal as a center-right newspaper it is written for the wall-street crowd which I was a member of for some 40 years. I will tell you that the members of this group are not center anything when it comes to politics and in-fact they are leftists from the word go. All one needs to do is to go through the list of contributors to Hillary Clinton’s campaign and you can clearly see that they are not supporters of Donald Trump. Sure they used to take his money and help him do deals but they never really liked him.

I said goodbye to reading the Wall Street Journal many years ago and find that they are always a day late and a dollar short when it comes to timely information. If one of our readers had not sent me this article I would never have seen it so I thank that person for alerting me to this trashy piece of garbage. People like Peggy Noonan who have worked for the leftist media like NBC and ABC most of their lives never really change their stripes. Just like the Wall Street Journal will never regain the stature it once had as the gold standard in financial news Peggy will never be the journalist she once was. There are very few conservative newspapers left in this country and most of the real news has moved to the internet. If you want to get the real skinny about what is going on in this world you need to start doing your own homework. It may take some time to find the information you want but I guarantee that you will be more satisfied with the result than listening to pre-canned news from the major broadcasters or reading the garbage in most newspapers.

I will tell you that Donald Trump is a survivor and he has proved that over the past three years of being pummeled by the left and members of his own party each every day he has been in office. He might not have a silver tongue in his mouth but he also doesn’t have a silver spoon in it as so many of the elitists who detest him have. He is a guy who was fortunate enough to get a million-dollar grubstake from his father and built it into a multi-billion dollar dynasty through hard work and discipline. He has dealt with politicians on the left and right for most of his life plying them with campaign money to get building permits for his real estate projects. Trump knows how the political game works which is why he is always one step ahead of those clowns that now oppose him.

While Trump has been known as a playboy for many years it doesn’t bother me so much when I think about the slush fund for members of Congress to pay off women who file harassment and other charges against them. These elected officials use public taxpayer money to pay for their sins but none of the press ever seems to mention that fact. Donald did his playing around while he was a private citizen not an official of the United States Congress and he earned his money in the business world not in the political world doing political favors for campaign donations and other perks. As I have said many times before, money makes the world go round; you just need enough of it to stay out of trouble and still get what you want.

I believe Trump will get another four years to complete what he has started and it could well be devastating for the members of the deep state or, should we say, the swamp. Washington is so corrupt most people would be astonished as to what goes on behind the scenes and how much or our money finds its way into the pockets of crooked bureaucrats and politicians. Washington is the disease but Trump is the cure, these people know it and are deathly afraid of being exposed. The problem will be what happens when we don’t have Donald Trump. Can he turn things around and clean out enough of the swamp in four years more years to leave us in some semblance of order that a Mike Pence will be able to take the helm of our republic and keep us on the right path? Only God knows and only time will tell.

“We Get the Government We Deserve”

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