UPCOMING EVENT: Idaho Victims of Pandemic Policy & Law

Monday September 26, 2022 9am-6pm

Nampa Civic Center
311 3rd St S Nampa, ID 83651

Come join us for a listening event, to learn about the effects of the past two years on people’s lives, their professions, their health, and their families.

Listen and communicate with national experts on medical related pandemic policy, biology, treatments, and misinformation.

Christ Troupis Book

Communicate and gather ideas on policy and law changes that you can make at the local level.

Discover why it’s past time to petition for a legislative Commission to study the pandemic response to identify and pursue SOLUTIONS.

Collaborate with others to find relief for injuries and find a path forward for healing.

We wish to unite in a space of love and healing to find a productive non-violent path forward for all victims, rejecting all racial, sexual, aristocratic, or religious supremacy to fix the system together.

It’s time to let the victims be heard. This is a safe space for those who are silenced out of fear of retribution and marginalization.

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