Understanding Treason

How many words and terms have changed to work your world against you? What did Gay used to mean? How about a new cliché’; The new Normal? Some how does it not fit? Illegal Aliens, now undocumented workers? How about Illegal immigrants? Refuges are now Migrants.

The Syrian refugees called Migrants by Europe is now a pathway to Citizenship. Germany reports four out of five Syrian migrants are NOT from Syria. Why is it happening here? Our Congressmen say if we vet them we can separate the moderates from the extremist. They now know that the Koran encourages their believers to deceive and lie to the infidels. They know because we mention it in every Town Hall. In the constitution, it is Treason to do nothing, aiding the enemy. If the word, Treason, was used more often and understood, our representatives would have to speak up for us, those who they represent, as it is their job to ensure our Safety and Security.

In the case of Benghazi, What do you think would happen if the word “Treason” was starting to become common? If it was being said four or five times a day on the news, I think everyone involved or under suspicion, would have a lot of support to just dry up like Mice leaving a sinking ship. You see, doing nothing is just as treasonous as someone that gave away secrets or aid to the enemy. In Tripoli we lost lost 22,000 shoulder fired missiles to Al-Qaeda by not retrieving them. In Benghazi nothing was done, no help was sent during a seven hour battle, and three Solders and a USA Ambassador DIED.

Was the “US Military Assets Order to Stand Down” a Treasonous event? To do NOTHING to aid the enemy is TREASON. This was to stand down for a seven hour battle with AC-130’s within 15 minutes away. Two AC-130 Spectra’s could have “Roto Tilled” a quarter mile moat around the embassy. No! The Order was to Stand Down. Ambassador Chris Stevens, information officer Sean Smith and former Navy Seals Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty died. This was Treason. It aided the enemy. It just allowed them to just walk in. We Conservatives will be the chatter that goes Viral with the Cliché’ “TREASON” The “TROJAN HORSE”, or the “TROJAN HORSE INVASION”.

The Solution is to write your representatives. Attend their “Town Hall Meetings”. Ask them questions about, “What is Treason?”, “Can Treason Be Doing Nothing?” Remember “Silence Is Consent”. This simple task will ingrain what TREASON is in their heads. Vetting Muslims, for placement in the USA is a Treasonous Act, because The Koran “encourages, its followers to “Deceive and Lie to us for Islam.” Therefore vetting the followers of Islam is “Reckless Endangerment”.

I don’t believe the Supremacy Clause can be a reason to do “Nothing” when the Idaho State Constitution reads that a religion that teaches its followers to commit a crime is unlawful. I believe that over 30 passages in the Koran saying to Kill Infidels where ever you find them, is their Doctrine. The Idaho State Constitution also Guarantees us infidels Safety and Security. Our leaders and representatives are sworn to uphold both Constitutions and ensure our safety and security by rejecting the Trojan Horse Invasion by stopping their placement in our state, and in our Country. Not performing that Aids the enemy and is Treason. It’s in the Idaho State Constitution, too.

Dante Alighieri said, “The darkest places in hell are reserved for those who do maintain their neutrality in times of moral crisis.”

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