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We are Responsible for the Undermining of our Republic

When the American people lose interest in who they elect to govern them and who teaches their children, it is the beginning of the end of our republic as it was founded.

Most Americans are living in a bubble and are so involved in their own lives they don’t take the time necessary to discover that their government is no longer a government of the people by the people and for the people. The government we are currently living under now is one of the special interest lobbyists by the special interest lobbyists and for the special interest groups that pay for them.

I have been talking about this for several years, but it does not seem that anyone has been listening. The lobbyists and those who pay them give our elected officials the money to run their campaigns so they will do their bidding during the legislative session. Our elected officials are virtually extensions of these special interests and might just as well be on their payrolls.

Americans are going to wake up one morning and their fundamental rights will have disappeared because they have allowed the corporate establishment and special interests to put a virtual anchor in our political system through their political campaign contributions. It seems like no one really understands that we are in a fight for our very existence as a free country and that, one by one, our rights are being taken away by the very legislators we have elected to work in our interest.

This is like self-immolation. We vote every 2 years for our representatives here in Idaho, but we keep electing many of the same jerks year after year that never do what they have promised. Did I hear someone say repeal of the Grocery Tax?

The same thing has happened to our schools. Parents used to take an active part in the education of their children, but now they just send them off every day to what they perceive to be the best schools that turn out to be no more than indoctrination/re-education daycare centers. Let me ask you, when was the last time you as a parent took the time to go to a school board meeting or a PTA meeting? I doubt seriously if most of you have ever been to one and, if you haven’t, I urge you to go to a regular meeting of a local school board.

You will be very disappointed when you see the dismal public participation and it is very much the same if you would go to a local city council meeting. It is this disinterest and the attitude of leave it to the other guy that has left us in the sorry state of affairs we are currently in both politically and educationally.

We have allowed the progressives to run our education system and we have allowed the crony politicians to run our government, so what would you expect to happen when there is little or no participation by the people. You get what we have today—a school system that is not teaching our kids but indoctrinating them into progressive thinking and a political system that is turning our country into a socialistic society from the bottom up.

We have become a jaded people that have forgotten how to think for ourselves. We allow the media to shape our ideas and tell us what is good for us. We have gotten lazy and left our government in the hands of those we elect, which has given us the government we deserve. The only way to change this is if the people of this country wake up and start taking an interest in how this country is run and what our children are being taught.

“We Will Reap What We Sow”

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