UN Pushes Plan to Force Americans to Pay Reparations for Slavery

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In a recent report, the United Nations criticized the United States for making “no real commitment to reparations and to truth and reconciliation for people of African descent” and laid out plans to access financial resources of the country to fix that purported failure.

Specifically, the Working Group of Experts on People of African Descent has been tasked with implementing a UN mandate aimed at “establishing a working group or other mechanism of the United Nations to study the problems of racial discrimination faced by people of African descent.” The group’s progress is to be reported to the United Nations Human Rights Council and the General Assembly.

This particular mandate of the global government-in-waiting is divided up into six activities that should be accomplished by 2017, the last year of the Working Group’s authority to investigate the plight of people of African descent.

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Bottom line: the United Nations created this group in 2002 to “gather all relevant information” from governments and non-governmental organizations that will help them in eliminating “racial discrimination against Africans and people of African descent in all parts of the world.”

As one would expect, while the theoretical target of these investigations is “the world,” the true target is the United States, the globocrats’ biggest and most insuperable obstacle in its path toward total world domination.

Lately, though, the stumbling block that is the United States is going out of its way to transform itself into a stepping stone.

On September 26, the U.S. Ambassador Keith Harper announced the results of a “dialogue” conducted by the UN and some American groups that should give every friend of liberty pause as it reveals the depth and width of the UN’s plot to infiltrate American government and law enforcement from the smallest town to the largest metropolis.

In a statement, Harper reports that the UN’s Working Group “met with federal, state, and local government officials, judges and lawyers, members of Congress, police officers, academics, members of civil society, and hundreds of African Americans, in Washington, D.C.; Baltimore, Maryland; Jackson, Mississippi; Chicago, Illinois; and New York City.”

Just because the UN met with these groups doesn’t mean that the United States approves of their plan and its principles. Except that the U.S. delegation released a statement announcing its take on the talks.

“We were happy to arrange this visit and take note of the Working Group’s conclusions and recommendations, which we will distribute to relevant stakeholders, including the state and local government officials who met with the Working Group, for appropriate consideration,” the U.S. representatives said.

Despite the emphasis on blacks and their plight, the American delegation declared in its summary of the summit that the United States — from Washington, D.C. to city governments nationwide — had made “great progress toward countering racial discrimination, xenophobia, and related forms of intolerance.”

There you have it. It’s not just slavery that the American people must make amends for, they should be forced by the UN, working through local and federal government agencies, to demonstrate their acceptance of everything and everyone.

Should Americans resist this forced acceptance of the UN’s anti-discrimination indoctrination, the Working Group has a plan to overcome that little setback.

Paragraph f(3) of the group’s mandate provides access to “financial and developmental institutional and operational programmes [sic].”

Having access to these financial institutions will make it much easier for the UN to force Americans to “contribute to the development programmes [sic] intended for people of African descent.”

The money siphoned from these sources will be used by the UN to exert control over “health systems, education, housing, electricity, drinking water and environmental control measures,” forcing them to employ an appropriate number of people of African descent.

Should this strategy prove insufficient, then the UN will enforce “other affirmative or positive measures and strategies within the human rights framework” to establish this racial equality that it claims is the purpose of the policy.

One need only imagine how devastating such a program could be to the middle class of the United States. People living from paycheck to paycheck because of the legal plunder perpetrated by their own governments (at all levels) will be subjected to increased income taxes levied to repair all the harm their ancestors ostensibly did to the ancestors of their neighbors.

Not just any neighbor, though. The money collected by American governments (at all levels) will be earmarked for reparations to be paid to African Americans.

Surely the plutocrats at the UN know very well how this program would only work to exacerbate the growing racial divide in the United States and would give otherwise open-minded people without any racial prejudice reason to resent black people, people they would now see as recipients of another government-managed welfare program to which they claim to be “entitled” for no other reason than the color of their skin.

At the heart of it, this is the United Nations’ purpose: to follow the well-worn path trod by every tyrant who wanted to rule over a multitude of formerly free men. This centuries-old despotic design is to divide up a population into smaller communities that can be manipulated into seeing each other as the reason for their respective socio-economic distress.

The last of the recommendations published in the Working Group’s plan is for the United States to implement Executive Order 12898.

That order, signed by Bill Clinton in 1994:

directs federal agencies to identify and address the disproportionately high and adverse human health or environmental effects of their actions on minority and low-income populations, to the greatest extent practicable and permitted by law. The order also directs each agency to develop a strategy for implementing environmental justice. The order is also intended to promote nondiscrimination in federal programs that affect human health and the environment, as well as provide minority and low-income communities access to public information and public participation.

In the 22-page report of its investigation into the plight of the African-American, the Working Group lays out a blueprint beyond Executive Order 12898, establishing how it could enforce a climate of acceptance and equality for the black population in America.

Should these plans be put into practice, the United Nations would insinuate itself into every aspect of life from the grocery store to the gas station. There is no part of human activity that would not fall under the purview of the globalists. None of these policies, however, would serve to reduce racial animosity in America.

In fact, should the United Nations, with the cooperation of all levels of American government, force one ethnic group to pay for past wrongs done to the ancestors of another ethnic group, the result will not be healing of wounds, but the pouring of the salt of socialism into those wounds, with the fleeced feeling greater anger at the beneficiaries.

The Working Group, the United Nations as a whole, and the government of the United States of America are prepared to implement all these programs over the next 10 years, culminating in the complete control of economic resources by 2024.

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