UN Lavishes Praise on Brutal Mass Murderer

— Published with permission from The New —

The United Nations, its leaders, and more than a few UN agencies such as UNESCO and the UN “Human Rights Council” have been showering praise on one of the world’s most brutal mass murderers in recent weeks. The late Cuban dictator Fidel Castro and his Stalinist regime murdered tens of thousands of innocent people and imprisoned hundreds of thousands as they enslaved and destroyed what was once among the most prosperous nations in the world. At the dictator-dominated UN, though, even weeks after his death, Castro is still being glorified as some sort of hero, illustrating perfectly why the United States and other civilized nations must withdraw from the totalitarian-minded global outfit as soon as possible. Following several earlier UN “tributes” to “honor” the mass murderer, yet another UN “tribute” was held on December 20 at the General Assembly Hall.

The late butcher of Cuban people and liberty died on November 25 at age 90, setting off massive celebrations among his victims in the diaspora in Miami. At the UN General Assembly, however, which is dominated by the dictatorships and unfree regimes that make up well over half of its membership, the dead mass murderer was honored with a minute of silence (shown) to pay “tribute” to the monster and his murderous reign. After that, at the request of the imploding socialist regime ruling Venezuela, the UN “Human Rights Council,” also now dominated by a majority of unfree regimes (including the dictatorships in Cuba, Communist China, and Saudi Arabia) held a moment of silence on December 5 to “honor” the late dictator.

“On the 25th of November, late at night on Friday, we heard the news of the passing away of the historic leader of the Cuban revolution, the comandante and head leader of the revolution, Fidel Castro Ruz,” said the brutal Venezuelan regime’s ambassador, Jorge Valero, at the discredited UN “human rights” body. “My delegation would like respectfully to ask all delegations to, together, observe a minute’s silence in his honor.” The bizarre speech also praised the mass murderer for his “constant fight for the peoples of the third world.” With a few exceptions, one of whom blasted the farce as “despicable,” virtually everyone in attendance went along with the scheme to “honor” the brutal dictator. Castro’s propaganda organs used the UN praise to further demoralize the regime’s victims still trapped on the prison island.

Top UN leaders also showered praise on the tyrant. “At this time of national mourning, I offer the support of the United Nations to work alongside the people of the island,” exclaimed outgoing UN boss Ban Ki Moon, who now refers to the dictators club he leads as the “Parliament of Humanity.” The UN chief and the UN propaganda service absurdly referred to the dictator as Cuba’s “president from 1976 to 2008,” with Ban claiming, falsely, that, “under former President Castro, Cuba made advances in the fields of education literacy and health.” Through a spokesman, Ban, whose own nation of Korea was partially enslaved by a mass-murdering communist ally of Castro, also called Castro “a strong voice for social justice.” Seriously.

In a separate statement, the president of the UN General Assembly, Peter Thomson, expressed his “sincere condolences to former President Castro’s family, including his brother President Raul Castro, as well as the Government and People of Cuba.” “Fidel Castro was one of the iconic leaders of the 20th century,” gushed Thomson. “With a great love for his homeland and the Cuban people, he dedicated his life to their welfare and development. A tireless advocate for equity in the international arena, Fidel Castro was an inspirational figure for developing countries in particular.” Echoing Ban, Thompson claimed that Castro’s “dedication to their advancement, especially in the fields of education and health, would be long remembered.”

Unless globalists and communists succeed in enslaving the world and totally erasing real history, though, it is unlikely that Castro’s phony “advances” in health and education will be remembered — mostly because they are a giant lie. As author and analyst Nevin Gussack documented in a recent paper debunking the UN-parroted hoax, “the successes of Cuban health care and educational system was disinformation aimed at the American Left and population.” “Like their ideological counterparts in the communist world (and fascist countries), the Cuban intelligence services and foreign policy apparatus staged elaborate Potemkin village tours to demonstrate how Cuban Communism supposedly benefited average citizens,” he explained.

Indeed, defectors also made that clear. One high-level Cuban intelligence defector quoted by Gussack, Juan Menier Rodriguez, noted that “visiting foreigners, always under the eye of the DGICI [Cuban spy service], would be shown the new schools and hospitals and go away impressed. But they did not understand that many teachers were semi-literate and that even simple medicines were unattainable.” In essence, even the savage dictatorship’s one claim to fame — alleged “advances” in literacy and health — were totally fraudulent. Numerous other defectors have similarly confirmed Castro’s disinformation.

Beyond that, if there is any justice in the world, Castro will be remembered not for the regime’s crumbling “healthcare” system or its totalitarian indoctrination of children masquerading as “education,” but for being one of the most savage mass murderers in human history. The late University of Hawaii political science professor Rudolph J. Rummel, perhaps the world’s leading expert on democide, estimated that the Castro regime murdered as many as 33,000 political victims in just his first 30 years in power. Some 15,000 was the mid-range estimate.

For perspective, in per capita terms, that would be like murdering almost 700,0000 Americans based on the current U.S. population. Many victims were executed by firing squad for their “counter-revolutionary” views. Countless more have been savagely tortured. Even women and children have been machine-gunned by Castro’s terror squads for trying to escape the prison island on rafts and make-shift floats to the freer shores of Florida. And it has been widely reported that Castro imprisoned more people as a percentage of the population than even National Socialist mass murderer Adolf Hitler or International Socialist mass murderer Joseph Stalin.

Now, to add further insult and injury to the millions of victims of Castro’s terror around the world, another tribute to the communist tyrant was held at the UN General Assembly on December 20. The event was organized by the totalitarian Group of 77 plus (Communist) China, which actually includes 134 regimes and dictators. The alliance, which recently demanded a “New World Order” with the UN General Assembly it controls as the “emblem of global sovereignty,” is almost entirely made up of corrupt, brutal, illegitimate regimes that constantly demand more wealth from Western taxpayers as they brutalize and impoverish their own subjects. The very first G77 plus China meeting was held in Havana under the leadership of the Castro regime.

At the tribute to Castro event at the UN General Assembly in New York, speaker and Thai Ambassador Virachi Plasai praised the brutal mass murderer as an “extraordinary statesman.” “He was extraordinary for who he was, for what he defended; he was extraordinary for what he fought for during all his life; he was extraordinary for what he represents no[t] only for his people, but for all the international community, specially for the nations of the South,” Plasai was quoted as saying in Castro’s state-run propaganda organs, the only source of “news” available to enslaved Cubans. “He was extraordinary for what he left in the heart and mind of the people.”

Critics were left fuming, however. “It was bad enough that both the UN General Assembly and the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva already held a minute of silence to honor the human rights abuser’s memory,” complained Hillel Neuer, executive director of the watchdog group UN Watch. “It was obscene for the UN Human Rights Council to commemorate a brutal dictator, though not all that surprising given that the UN just reelected the Communist government of Cuba as a member of the council, and given that it also includes many other despotic regimes, including Burundi, China, Russia, Venezuela, Qatar and Saudi Arabia.”

Victims of Castro in the United States were also left outraged at the UN tributes for the madman who murdered and tortured so many of their countrymen. Frank De Varona, a Cuban-born American patriot who spent years in Castro’s gulags treated like an animal for joining with fellow freedom fighters to liberate Cuba in the Bay of Pigs invasion, was furious, but not surprised. “It is very shameful that the Club of Dictators that is the United Nations General Assembly is praising Fidel Castro, one of the worst bloody tyrants of the world,” said de Varona, a longtime advocate of liberty, director at the anti-communist group Bear Witness Central, and the author of several books.

Pointing out that Fidel and his brother Raúl almost brought about a nuclear war, de Varona called the Cuban regime the “mortal enemy of America.” Castro was also a monster to the victims he enslaved, many of whom, like de Varona, were fortunate enough to escape the prison island. “The brutal communist regime exerted oppressive and total control over the suffering Cuban people,” he said, adding that Castro maintained an “iron grip” over the people of Cuba while fostering close ties with the world’s most barbarous dictators and fomenting tyranny worldwide. “Fidel Castro presided over the longest and most brutal regime in the Western Hemisphere. Tens of thousands were killed and wounded in revolutions all over the world led by communist leaders who were trained in Cuba and given logistical and economic support by the Cuban oppressive regime.”

“In the small island of Cuba, during these years approximately 17,000 children, women, and men were executed; over 300,000 were incarcerated; 100,000 died at sea or were devoured by sharks when trying to escape; and over two million refugees left the island prison,” he added. “In the process, Fidel Castro became one of the richest individuals in the world while the standard of living in Cuba became one of the worst in the Americas. Fidel Castro’s legacy is one of separation of families, firing squads and extra-judicial assassinations, abject poverty, unimaginable horror and suffering, terror and brutality, and the denial of fundamental human and civil rights.”

De Varona, who helped organize Donald Trump’s victory in Florida, said that he hopes Trump will reverse “the series of illegal and shameful unilateral concessions” on Cuba engineered by Obama. “Our President-elect Trump has promised that his administration will do everything possible to ensure that the Cuban people can finally begin their journey toward prosperity and liberty. One can only hope that with God’s help one day soon Cuba will be a free, democratic, and sovereign nation,” he said. Beyond that, it is time to re-consider U.S. membership in the pro-Castro UN. “America’s future president needs to seriously look at the United Nations to consider United States withdrawal or serious cuts to the funding for this corrupt institution that would like to take America’s sovereignty, wealth, Constitution, Armed Forces, internet, and more,” De Varona explained.

By contrast, more than a few self-styled “world leaders” revealed their true colors by showering praise on the brutal dictator after his death. Among the Castro apologists honoring one of the world’s most ruthless killers were Russian strongman Vladimir Putin, former Soviet dictator Mikhail Gorbachev, the far-left extremist leader of Canada Justin Trudeau, Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto, the mass-murdering regime enslaving China, and communist and Islamist tyrants from around the world. Even former U.S. Attorney General Ramsey Clark disgraced himself and exposed himself as a friend of slavery and mass-murder with his comments. “We are going to miss Fidel,” Clark was quoted as saying by the Cuban regime’s propaganda service. “One of the greatest men of the 20th century and of all times has gone.”

The UN and globalist praise for the mass-murderer is hardly new, though. Indeed, the UN has been pushing the hoax regarding the Cuban regime’s crumbling “health care” system, masterfully exposed for the cruel affliction that it is in a report for City Journal, for years. Incredibly, in 2014 amid a concerted globalist push to legitimize the savage regime, the UN World Health Organization (WHO), controlled by a Communist Chinese agent, named the Cuban dictatorship’s “public health minister” as the new president for its decision-making body, the World Health Assembly (WHA). The regime has also spent most of the last decade, recently winning re-election, on the despot-dominated UN “Human Rights Council.”

Meanwhile, UNESCO, the UN’s “education” agency that is seeking to globalize school “standards” to indoctrinate children worldwide, recently honored and celebrated revolutionary mass-murderer Ernesto “Che” Guevara, a leading executioner for Castro. And now, if Havana’s propaganda service is to be believed, UNESCO is organizing a special tribute to “the life and work of Fidel Castro” for May of 2017. The bizarre celebrations of a barbarian mass murderer, though, are hardly surprising considering, among other facts, that UNESCO is currently led by corrupt Bulgarian Communist Party operative Irina Bokova.

Back in the real world, President-elect Donald Trump had a much more reality-based view of the mass-murdering Stalinist who enslaved Cuba. “Today, the world marks the passing of a brutal dictator who oppressed his own people for nearly six decades,” Trump said in a post on social media, celebrating Cuban freedom fighters and calling for liberty in Cuba. “Fidel Castro’s legacy is one of firing squads, theft, unimaginable suffering, poverty and the denial of fundamental human rights.”

Of course, no article on Castro would be complete without highlighting the role of pro-communist forces in the United States in bringing the mass murderer to power. The New York Times, a leading purveyor of fake news and misleading propaganda for the establishment, played a crucial part in the scheme by lying to Americans. Times “journalist” Herbert Matthews gushed about the “benevolent” Castro, painting him as a “freedom fighter” who was “definitely not a communist.” Not everybody was fooled, of course. At the communist-infested U.S. State Department, meanwhile, herculean efforts were made to arm, promote, and support the mass-murderer, as documented by then-U.S. Ambassador to Cuba Earl Smith in his book The Fourth Floor and by many other sources.

The UN’s non-stop praise and support for one of history’s most brutal mass murderers, a man who enslaved a nation and destroyed millions of lives, is beyond the pale. The fact that the Castro worship is happening at the expense of U.S. taxpayers, who pay more for the dictators club than any other people on the planet, makes it even more disgusting. It is past time for Congress to demand an American exit — or an Amexit — from the UN. Passing the American Sovereignty Restoration Act would do just that, getting the U.S. government out of the UN, and moving the UN off of U.S. soil. Considering the dictators club’s ongoing love affair with the savage regime enslaving Cuba, perhaps Havana would make a good future home for the discredited global outfit.

Photo: General Assembly attendees observe moment of silence in tribute to Fidel Castro, Dec. 20, 2016

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