UN Climate Accord Signed in Paris

The team on the ground in Paris from The New American reports that a climate accord has been reached at the conclusion of the global warming summit:

“After two weeks of negotiations at the United Nations COP21 global-warming summit, governments and dictatorships from around the world agreed to a massive deal to shackle the planet in the name of saving it. Among other goals, the pseudo-treaty aims to restructure the global economy, completely phase out cheap and abundant energy sources over the coming decades, redistribute the wealth of Western taxpayers to Third World regimes, and empower the UN to oversee a planetary ‘climate’ regime.”

Read the rest of the article.

It’s very unlikely that the accord will be submitted to the Senate for ratification as required by the Constitution regarding treaties (Article II, Section 2). If it is, we’ll be sure to have an article and action alert.

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To read more of The New American’s coverage of the UN conference, visit here. Don’t miss their potentially alarming confrontation with a Communist Chinese agent, also attending the conference.

Attending the conference, Foreign Correspondent for The New American Alex Newman was interviewed on The Alex Jones Show and the Kate Dalley Show on The Blaze Radio.

All of this coverage is also being placed into the next issue of The New American as a special, themed issue. Do you have a subscription? If not, subscribe today.


Alex Newman (left) and David Lewis pose at the UN Climate Change conference in Paris while covering the conference for The New American.

Here is website for the report mentioned by Alex Newman in his interview with Alex Jones from the Non-Governmental International Panel on Climate Change (NIPCC) that debunks all the lies of the UN Cop 21. The Report is named Climate Change Reconsidered II. Be sure to hear the interview by Kate Dalley 1st then watch the interview by Alex Jones.

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